Afro American Hair Style

Afro - American Hair Style

Forget the fairy tales. Neither cutting hair by the full moon nor the touch of magic hands nor applying a "miracle product" will make hair grow faster or longer than God intended. In fact, much about your hair--length, density and texture--is predetermined by DNA, the nucleic-acid formulas in cells that form the molecular basis of heredity. But with proper care and maintenance your hair can reach its lengthiest potential.

Why long hair? A sister with long hair is bound to turn heads. Joanne Cornwell, Ph.D., chair of Africana Studies at San Diego State University in California, our desire for length is probably influenced by messages we receive from the predominant European-based standards of beauty. "American culture has always associated beauty and femininity with long hair," says Cornwell. But in many African cultures hair denotes much more. "It tells your personal story--whether you are single or married, just had a child or is in mourning," she adds. Before you embark on the lengthy journey of growing long hair, examine your motives. What does it represent to you? "Hair should complement a woman's beauty," says Bill Lawrence of the Bill Lawrence Salon in Washington, D.C. "It shouldn't be what defines it."

How it grows Hair grows about a third to a half inch per month, in three stages--anagen (growth), catagen (resting) and tilogen (shedding). Dread-locks appear to grow longer and faster, but the growth cycle is not altered by the locking process. It "grows" long because the lock retains hair that would normally be shed.

Stunted Growth: The health of hair and scalp reflects the body producing it. Brian Thompson, a trichologist and director of product development at Philip Kingsley Trichological Centre, says opt for a good diet over megadoses of vitamins. "Hair needs energy and building materials--proteins and complex carbohydrates."

There may be far more than 100,000 hairs on your head, and you may lose between 50 and 100 a day, says Nashville dermatologist Dr. Denise M. Buntin. If you are losing more than that, or your hair doesn't grow at all, there may be a serious problem. Oral contraceptives, hormone-replacement therapy and medications for high blood pressure, depression, ulcers and cancer have been known to affect the growth of hair. So do systemic disorders, like lupus and hypo- and hyperthyroidism, and even crash diets. "When we are suspicious about clients' hair loss, we send them to their physician for a full check-up," says Thompson. "With their results we can pinpoint conditions, such as low iron, that affect the hair's health."

Breaking bad habits: Before assistant prosecutor Andrea Carter began making the biweekly journey from her New Jersey office to Lila's beauty salon in Harlem five years ago, her hair kept breaking off. She says, "I used to use a curling iron daily and have my relaxer touch-up every four weeks." Carter, like many sisters, couldn't understand why her hair wasn't getting longer. She didn't realize she was destroying her hair with thermal, mechanical and chemical abuse. Our hair comes in various textures, but it tends to be porous, as well as curly and elliptical, and is more vulnerable to damage than Caucasian or Asian hair.

Olive Benson of Olive's Solon in Boston believes stylists help perpetuate the cycle of destruction by using too-strong relaxers. Then they often follow up by using a curling iron from an uncontrollable heat source that literally burns off the ends. Another offense, says John Atchinson, owner of eponymous salons in New York and L.A., comes from stylists who, trying to give hair a straight, silky-smooth finish, stretch it with a round brush and a blow-dryer. Through healthier hair-grooming techniques--regular trims, relaxing less and opting for wet sets over blow-drying--Carter achieved more length. "My hair is much healthier now, and it hasn't been this long since before college," she says. Now I only use a curling iron in an emergency."

"Although hair products cannot grow hair [except minoxidil, a prescription solution that stimulates growth], they can create an environment that promotes the growth of healthy hair by minimizing breakage, optimizing moisturization and shine and strengthening hair," says Barry Williams, Soft Sheen Products' senior research chemist. Tress-saving tactics keep hair at its optimal best by working these hair-care practices into your grooming routine:

Keep the scalp clean. You don't need to "grease" it with heavy pomades or coat it with lacquer sprays that can clog pores.

Wash hair as needed, once every week or two, depending on your lifestyle.

Use a pressing cream instead of an oil to avoid frying hair.

Stimulate your scalp nightly: Use a large paddle brush or knead it with your fingertips.
Breakage minimizes to protect hair ends:

Always shampoo in the shower for easier detangling.

Choose a detangling comb to accommodate your hair's thickness. The thicker it is, the wider the teeth should be. When detangling hair, always start from the ends and work to the root.

Best Hair Tips

Best Hair Tips

Here are some great hair tips:

One of this falls more flattering hairstyle is the asymmetry bob. With its extremely angled sides and full front this style looks good on lots of face shapes. After washing, simply use some volumizer at the roots and blow dry with a round brush and lift as you dry.

Beauty Tip: What hair product was used on Lisa Kudrow's lightened hair to keep it healthy-looking during her “Friends” days? It is Potion 9 by Sebastian, and it is in our opinion, the ultimate product for silky, shiny hair. This product contains highly concentrated conditioners and makes even damaged hair look healthy and shiny. Since it is on the cutting edge of salon technology, it doubles as a leave-in conditioner and styling product, so you can have the best of both worlds. It is found in salons nationwide and now is available in select drug and discount department stores.

Beauty Tip: Want the latest technology in your hair care for healthy, shiny hair? Try Ojon Hair Styling Cream ($25,

Beauty Tip: Be careful when using styling products. Read the instructions first and use the smallest amount called for as a test. You may need more or less, but applying too much will make your hair look oily, unwashed and even dirty. If you do apply too much and have no time for a fresh wash, pull it all back and pretend you were going for the slicked back look. Don’t try using dry shampoo, it will just clump up and look even worse. Remember, more of a “good thing” isn’t always best.

Beauty Tip: What's hot in hair color right now? Brunette hair is back, but this time around, caramel highlights are all the rage.

Beauty Tip: For hot-right-now hairstyles, you might want to try a side part. Hairstylists say that this hair style flatters any face shape. Try a diagonal side part, by parting the hair at the front of the head at the side and then dragging the comb toward the center of your head at the back. Also hot right now is a half-up-do. Part your hair in the middle of your head from side to side so that your bangs hang flat in the front. Side swept bangs look best with this look. Then tease the hair at the back of your head to give it a Bardot-esque lift. Pin the teased hair up and then let the hair in the back and the sides hang down. Curl the ends for extra retro drama and be sure to don a few coats of mascara to complete the mod-romantic effect.

Beauty Tip: If your hair is normal to course, thick, color-treated, permed or damaged, select styling aids with silicone, oils, resins, plant mucilage (often in styling lotions, shine sprays and pomades) and the words gentle or moisturizing. Use sparingly.

Beauty Tip: Here's a great beauty tip - To be rid of fly-aways, rub a wire coat hanger across your hair, gently, or for more serious cases, rub a fabric softening sheet on your brush bristles. Use moisturizing products.

Beauty Tip: To be rid of hat hair, make finger curls with the long hair on top of your head, which the hat will be sitting on, by coiling hair around the fingers and clipping. When you get to your destination, take off the hat and uncoil the curls. Your hair will not be flat but will have soft waves instead.

Beauty Tip: If you forgot to wash your hair, but have to go somewhere, and it feels oily, sprinkle a little talcum powder on the scalp and then brush through the hair, being sure that it is no longer visible on the head. This is referred to as a dry-shampoo and should be used only in emergency situations. The talcum powder will absorb the oil. Wash your hair when you come home that day. A great trick for last minute invitations!

Beauty Tip: If your hair is oily or feels oily, after shampooing give it a vinegar or lemon rinse (lemon will smell better). Combine one part vinegar or lemon juice to 4 parts warm water and pour on the scalp. Rinse it out well. If your hair is chronically oily, do this once a week

Beauty Tip: Make your last rinse a cool one. This will help seal the cuticle, so that the hair will absorb more light and will shine more.

Beauty Tip: When your hair is in rollers, before taking the rollers out, blast them with cool air from your blow-dryer. This will help the curl hold longer.

Beauty Tip: Do not brush hair that has just been curled with rollers. Instead, use a pick. Pick from underneath to make curls springier and to give hair more body.

Beauty Tip: If you run out of conditioner you may use your facial moisturizer until you get a new one (basic moisturizers only, not ones with harsh "treatment ingredients" like AHAs, retinoids or anti acne ingredients). Do not, however, use your conditioner as a facial moisturizer; it may irritate your skin. You may also use conditioner if you run out of shaving cream.

Beauty Tip: To make your hair glisten beyond what shine enhancers can do, ask your salon if they give cellophane treatments. A gloss is applied to the hair which remains on the hair shaft for up to 6 weeks, before a new treatment is needed.

Beauty Tip: If you need to apply hair color to only certain sections of the hair, there are tools available at Sally’s Beauty Supply that resemble paintbrushes, but are used to apply hair color. Visit for a store near you or to get more information.

Caring Hair Weave

Caring Hair Weave

Wash the hair before application. This will remove any residue from processing. Wash the hair in the shower taking care to keep the hair hanging loose.

Avoid using cheap shampoos and hair products when you care for a hair weave, because these tend to dry out the weave. Also they contain more detergent than conditioners.

Avoid cheap conditioners as the conditioners tend to be watered down giving less than the needed amount of conditioning to keep the hair from drying out. Remember that this hair is not growing out of the scalp and is not being replenished with natural oils.

Apply shampoo and condioners evenly throughout the hair. Squeeze the product through the hair. Avoid scrubbing, rubbing or bunching the hair together. Condition the hair well with a good cream based conditioner. Care weaved hair by always being gentle with products and handling. Use a quality spray on conditioner that is meant to be left in. This will help keep the hair weave soft.

Pat excess water from the hair and allow the hair to dry completely before going to bed. Never sleep with the hair wet or damp. Let the hair air dry whenever possible. If you use a blow dryer, dry out the wefted part of the hairpiece first. Then finish drying the hair from the ends up. Avoid pulling the hair while wet. Avoid using excess heat.

Loosen hair every morning and before going to bed. Most tightly curled styles should never be combed. Shake out curly styles, comb through straight styles and use a wide tooth comb or fingers to loosen wavy hair.

Avoid applying direct heat to the bonded area.

Salt from perspiration, if allowed to buildup on the hair will strip the hair making it hard `and brittle. If you exercise, make a practice of rinsing and conditioning the hair after each workout. Shampooing after a workout is not always necessary.

Use a mild stringent on the scalp in between washings. Witch hazel works well.

If you use a blow dryer use one with a diffusing tool to better circulate the heat.

If you have bonded extensions, avoid applying heat to the bonded areas.

Most hair extensions have been processed. For this reason, we don't recommend you color hair extensions. If you find you must color to get a better color match, try coloring your natural hair to match the hair piece. Additional chemical treatment on hair extensions can make the hair frizzy dull and difficult to manage.

More about Braids and Weaves

Braids and weaves look great, and give you many styling and color options.

Care Tips for Braids

You don’t let your hair be pulled too tight during braiding. This can result in hair loss. When you have braids, you will have to shampoo less often than with other styles. Frequently shampooing may lead to frizzing and loosening. Moisturize your scalp daily. Cover your hair with a silk-like scarf or bonnet when you sleep. Never use cholesterol-based conditioners. Avoid human hair extensions if you swim frequently.

Care Tips for Weaves

Treat your weave like your own hair.
Comb and style your weave daily.
Avoid using gels.
Avoid weaves with glue and adhesives.

Brazilian Hair Weaving

Brazilian Hair Weaving

Brazilian hair is real human having a nice soft texture. It's not as like other ordinary human hair weaving available in retail hair shops. Actually ordinary hair weaving can’t be treated as natural human hairs and thus sometimes they get out of control. But this is not the case in Brazilian Hair Weaving.

You can dryer them, straight them, style them any way or color them and even swim with them on. Then also they will remain as natural and as soft as ever before. And that’s why they can be used many times then other types of weaves.

Now some Information on the Procedure:

Person’s hair is braided on his own scalp either horizontally or vertically. Weave-pieces are sewed over the cornrow with thick thread. And because of thick thread, Brazilian hair weaving stays firmly for a longer period. Number of weave pieces and braided cornrows depends on how heavy hairstyle one wants to have. Brazilian Hair Weaving takes about 4 to 5 hours to put them on.

Next, your whole head is weaved by braiding all hairs and then sewing the Brazilian Weave on top of the braids. There is no need to mix your own hair with the weave hair. Rather you will only able to see the weaves and not the braids. Now, with this weaves, you can make either bangs, a parted bang on the side or layers in front and anything you wants.

Some Benefits of Brazilian Hair Weaving:

  • You can comb hair with the Brazilian weave in.
  • You can leave a piece of your own hair in front.
  • You can weave your whole head.
  • You can also weave your curly, frizzy and or straight hairs. Anything is possible.
  • You can make a natural parting in the middle but if your own hair matches the Brazilian Hair Weave. But for this weaving you will need two packages of Brazilian Hair.
  • It stays longer than any other type of Weaves, normally for three months, can be up to four months but after three months the cornrows may loosen up because of your hair kept growing underneath the Brazilian hair weave.
  • It doesn’t damage your own hairs unless you comb your hair brutally. You should comb your Brazilian hair calmly.
  • Your hair will grows faster and healthy by this weaving.
  • You can use the Brazilian Hair Weaving on all types of hair.
  • You can also weave your full head because you not have to take care of 2 types of hair s (your natural Hair and the weaved Hair).

Taking care of Brazilian Hairdo:

Use a good shampoo and conditioner that you use for your own natural hairs. But wash your hair only once in a week or two. Massage gently with the top of your fingers with shampoo between the rows of the Brazilian weave hair. Rinse it out with a lot of water and repeat twice. After doing shampoo, most important thing is to BLOW Dry your hair as it can smell a lot, if remains moist or wet.


The average retail cost of the Brazilian Hair Weave for extensions is around $150 for a 4-ounce package. But other hair weaving processes have a cost ranging from around $500 to over $2000 depending on the type of hair used, and the amount of extension applied. Prices also vary based on the area in which you live. I can tell you that fusion extension hair is generally much more expensive than hair used for braid extensions or other types of extensions. It will generally take several packages to add extensions to the entire head.

Human Hairs for Braiding

Types of Human Hairs for Braiding

French Refined Bulk Braiding

This texture appears straight, Wet & Wavy, natural, versatile. Spray with water to achieve a wavy natural look. French Refined Bulk is ideal for Box Braids, Micro-Braids, Cornrows, Tree Braids, & Extensions. Perfect for braiding and leaving ends loose.

Super Deluxe Bulk Braiding
Super Deluxe Bulk is a fine texture of Beautiful quality. Relaxed Texture. smoother, flowing, high grade hair. Especially processed for extra soft relaxed or thermally treated hair (hot combed). This texture of hair is a perfect choice if you are braiding some and leaving the balance loose. It is also an excellent choice for Latch Hook Braiding, French Lacing, Fusion, and Wig Making.
Premium Wavy Bulk Braiding

Premium Wavy Bulk measures approx. 22". The only loose hair that is wavy on both sides; no straight ends when hair is folded over, just soft flowing waves. Arrives straight. Spray with water to wave or set in your favorite style. It's finest quality hair for braiding.
Afro Weave Texture Braiding

These textures hair for the "Natural Look". Wefted for weaving - add to your natural hair for a fuller Afro or create your own hairpiece. Also In bulk form (loose) for braiding etc. For natural hair designs. Length 8-10".

Lindsay Lohan Hair Style

Lindsay Lohan Hair Style:

Lindsay Lohan has access to some of the best hair extension experts that may have supplemented her with some finest clip-in on fusion hair extensions. If you have is naturally thin or fine, you may want to consider working with clip-in temporary extensions to achieve additional fullness and length. Check out the Jessica Simpson & Ken Paves Hair Do Line.

If you want to try Lindsay's latest hairstyle follow these steps:

1. Shampoo your hair with normal shampoo in lukewarm water. If your hair is bleached, colored or highlighted like Lindsay's you may wish to opt for a moisture enhancing shampoo or one that is designed specifically for colored or bleached strands.

2. Depending on your hair texture, type and condition use a rinse out conditioner. If your hair is thin or tends to be flat you may wish to avoid this step.

3. Finish with a cool/cold water rinse to close cuticles and add natural shine.

4. Towel blots hair to remove excess moisture.

To Add Lindsay's Waves To Stick Straight Strands:

1. If your hair is naturally straight, after you have towel blotted your strands apply a firm holding mousse or similar styling formula to your hair from the top of your ears to the ends. Use your fingers to distribute well or comb through.

2. To achieve extra lift, apply a volume enhancing spray to the roots of your hair. It is important to concentrate the bulk of the product on or near the roots of your hair. Comb the product from the roots to the ends to give your hair lift. Separate hair into individual strands that are approximately 2 inches in thickness.

3. When hair is completely dry, separate into individual sections that are 2-3" in thickness. Prepare each section with a spritz of styling spray. Roll hair in preheated large diameter hot curlers. Let the curlers completely cool and then remove them carefully maintaining the new curled shape. Use your fingers and pin the curl intact against the head with bobby pins. Spray lightly with hair spray.

4. Continue to work around the head from side to side hot rolling or curling individual sections. As they cool off, remove each individual curl and pin in place. As a last step before you leave the house, spray all the pinned curls with a light hairspray. Let the spray dry. Working from side to side, carefully unpin all the curls one at a time.

5. Use a boar's bristle paddle brush to smooth the curls. Create a half up-half down style by separating an equal section of hair, approximately 1-2" thick that is equally spaced from the middle of each eyebrow.

6. Merge the two sections with the top of crown hair to form a seamless section of hair. For extra fullness, lightly back comb the newly created half-up section of hair along with the new quiff area. Use fingers to lightly push hair up. Smooth lightly with your fingers and then enclose with a hair clip, barrette or a series of hair pins.

7. Use your fingers to carefully arrange the remaining waves along the sides of the head into soft cascade patterns. Finish with a spritz of hairspray for more hold or apply a tiny dab of shine serum into the palms massaging well. Lightly brush the serum enhanced palms over the top of your strands for a quick shimmer.

Follow the initial shampoo and conditioning steps above:

1. For hair that has natural wave or curl, apply a cocktail of defrisant and straightening gel or a dab of leave-in conditioner with a straightening balm. If additional lift is desired, apply a volumizing product.

2. Finger pick through your damp tresses and then use a round brush while you blow-dry strands straight.

3. Direct the individual sections of hair over to one side as you blow dry to add volume at the roots. Aim the air from the dryer "down" the hair shaft from the roots to the ends.

4. When hair is completely dry, separate into individual sections that are 2-3" in thickness. Prepare each section with a spritz of stylinfg spray. Roll hair in preheated large diameter hot curlers.

5. Let the curlers completely cool and then remove them carefully maintaining the new curled shape. Use your fingers and pin the curl intact against the head with bobby pins. Spray lightly with hair spray.

6. Continue to work around the head from side to side hot rolling or curling individual sections. As they cool off, remove each individual curl and pin in place.

7. As a last step before you leave the house, spray all the pinned curls with a firm holding hairspray. Let the spray dry. Working from side to side, carefully unpin all the curls one at a time.

8. Use a boar's bristle paddle style brush to smooth the curls. Create a half up-half down style by separating an equal section of hair, approximately 1-2" thick that is equally spaced from the middle of each eyebrow. Use your brush to smooth the section up and off the face connecting the two hair sections at the back of the head right at the back of the crown.

9. Merge the two sections with the top of crown hair to form a seamless section of hair. For extra fullness, lightly back comb the newly created half-up section of hair along with the new quiff area. Use fingers to lightly push hair up. Smooth lightly with your fingers and then enclose with a hair clip, barrette or a series of hair pins.

Finish the Look:

10. Use your fingers to carefully arrange the remaining waves along the sides of the head into soft cascade patterns. Finish with a spritz of hairspray for more hold or apply a tiny dab of shine serum into the palms massaging well. Lightly brush the serum enhanced palms over the top of your strands for a quick shimmer.


Lindsay Lohan is a Superstar with lots of hairstyles and beauty savvy and has access to some of Hollywood's biggest stars; anyone can achieve a similar look with some time and practice.

Hair Thinning

Hair Thinning

Your hair could be thinning for many reasons, and exact reason can only be tell after a thorough medical examination. We are aiming to address the most common reasons on the known causes of hair loss, hair thinning and its treatment.

Most common reasons for hair loss or thinning are:

1. Genetics.
2. Illness.
3. Poor Diet.
4. Stress.
5. Medications.
6. Post-partum Alopecia.

Hair Thinning can be more or less caused by above mentioned reasons, but the most common reason in men and women is hereditary male and female pattern baldness. This accounts for 99% of all prematurely thinning or balding scalps.

According to an estimate, hair loss affects over 60 million people in American, in which 2/3rd are men. So, if you are getting a little 'thin on top,' you are not alone! Approximately 50% of men after the age of fifty experience this type of hair loss. Thankfully, medical science has got some dynamic breakthroughs that can help you to maintain your hair you've got left and possibly restore some of your lost ones also.

There are also some myths about causes of hair loss. Scientists have now determined that genetic male and female pattern hair loss is not caused by poor scalp circulation, 'clogged' hair follicles, microscopic scalp mites, the wrong shampoo or wearing hats or helmets, despite what the late-night infomercials may say. In addition, different hair-care products can affect the manageability and styling of your hair, and even hair breakage, but have no effect on the hair loss process.

Although itself hair seems simple, think of the incredible number of combinations of hair on different parts of his body. For example, your eye lashes are different from your eyebrows, the hairs on their arms, apart from the hair on his head. This genetic code in each and every one of his hair follicles (the small organ in the skin, hair products) requires that each hair color, length, curl, diameter of the shaft, etc. It is also genetic code; the hairs on various parts of the head react differently to the presence of certain hormones, as these two types of hair to start "looking exactly the same thing.

It is your DNA inherited from both parents at some point to see that your hair loss. For purposes of this article, you just have to know that with current technology, your genetic code evade your control, even if it can change in ten to fifteen years. However, you should be aware that even today, more than any other time in the history of medicine is in a position, the safe and effective management of treatment of alopecia.

The Hair Loss Process:

For men, hair loss may cause at any time after puberty, which, in general, adolescents, in the late 20 until early. Male Baldness begins as a typical recession in the hair of some depletion of the crown. This may finally progress over the years or decades, until confidence 'Mönch's Ring "of the hair.

Broadly speaking, women tend to see something else, and other models time of the outbreak of alopecia. Model female alopecia began in the late 40's to 50's, which typically without a recession in the hair. Some women are currently going through a shortage of density upwards, and the other rather thin from all major regions or on the entire scalp. Scientists are uncertain about the exact causes of female role models in the hair loss, but the feeling is it in relation to the hormonal changes.

As we have already mentioned, the process of hair loss in men is better understood. As an old man, "genetically susceptible" follicles on the scalp begin to miniaturization, in the presence of normal levels of hormones. These follicles in the frontal part of the hair and renewal of the head of the crown and head, and produce less become a hair, thinner and less progressive pigmented.

DHT also has an impact on the growth of follicles of these cycles, what they produce, their hair shorter and shorter, until finally follicles "die". It is the location of production are no longer always in the hair follicles and microscopic will heal. The hair on the sides and back, head is relative, because follicles standing in this area are not susceptible to the effects of DHT, and that is why almost all men alopecia ends in the same "model" to enable the `model of male pattern baldness. Given that the genetic code odd hair growth rates may vary with age and hair loss usually occur not on other parts of his body. That's why a man might still strong and full beard, when he lost hair on his head.

Hair Restoration Options For Men and Women

Though in history, artificial hair replacement in the form of a hairpiece might have been a balding person's only option. But now a myriad of cosmetic creams, sprays and powders are also currently available to those who would like to camouflage their hair loss. However, men and women who once might have chosen to cover their hair loss with attached artificial "systems" of wigs, hair weaving, toupees or hair extensions, now have truly viable medical and surgical options available to restore and maintain their hair.

Expertly done transplants is a simple method but exacting process, it requires an expert surgeon who has the expertise to perform the process, and the level of sincerity and attention to detail that is necessary for successful results.

Bikini Line Hair Removal

Bikini Line Hair Removal:

You can remove unwanted hair from Bikini Area using different methods. But when it comes to bikini area, it becomes little tricky for many reasons. The site is sensitive. Self-shaving becomes difficult. Waxing may be very painful. Electrolysis may be time consuming? Laser may be costly. What should a girl do? Let us discuss.


With shaving, there are possibilities of bikini bumps. Shaving has to be repeated frequently and the stubble that grows after shaving may be irritating. There are also chances of cutting yourself with shaving.


With electrolysis the removal is practically permanent. But some people find it painful. It is also quite time taking. You have to expose yourself unlike shaving but that also applies to waxing and laser.

Bikini hair removal can be achieved in a variety of ways. Some of the more popular ways of removing unwanted hair on the bikini line are wet shaving with a regular razor blade, shaving with an electric shaver, waxing and laser hair removal. Each of these methods has their pros and cons.

Shaving the bikini line with a razor blade can be cheap, quick and generally painless. However, the effects are usually short term, meaning you would have to shave once every day or every second day. This depends on the individual’s hair growth rate. Some of the downfalls in regards to shaving your bikini line with a regular razor blade can include; ingrown hairs, nicks and razor burns.

Waxing the bikini line is one of the more popular methods. The reason for this is because the unwanted hair stays away for weeks instead of days and you are less prone to ingrown hairs. One other important factor is that waxing is by far less expensive than laser hair removal. The downside using waxing as a method of bikini hair removal is that it can be quite a painful experience.

Laser hair removal is by far the best method if you are looking for a painless and semi permanent to permanent removal of unwanted hair along your bikini line. If done correctly, unwanted hair can stay way for as long as 6 months to a year. In some cases it never grows back again. Unfortunately this type of treatment can be very expensive. An average session of laser treatment can cost around $300 - $500. In addition to this you would generally need to go for multiple sessions in order for the treatment to be successful.

So as you can see, it really depends on what you are willing to put up with when it comes to bikini hair removal. If your pocket is deep, laser hair removal is probably the best way to go. However, if you don’t mind the pain but mind the money, waxing would be the next best method. If all else fails, there is always the trustee old razor.

Skin around the pubic area is very sensitive and bikini line hair removal can be a quick route to all sorts of skin problems if it's not done properly. Ingrown hairs, razor bumps, blood spots and red and sore skin are just some of them. Here's a list of what you shouldn't do if you want not only a hairless bikini line but a smooth one too. Shaving doesn’t use a throwaway, switchblade or man's razor for a pubic hair shave. Use a good quality female safety razor. Make sure the blade is sharp. Using a blunt blade to shave pubic hair will make skin irritations even more likely.

Don't shave pubic hair too close to the skin, or shave the same area more than twice. You'll increase your risk of getting ingrown hairs and skin problems if you do. Don't shave bare skin during a pubic hair shave. You'll get razor burns. And don't use a shaving cream for men or soap as a lubricant. Use a gel or cream for bikini line hair removal. Apply liberally.

Don't shave inflamed or bleeding skin. You'll make matters much worse and lastly don't shave while you're cold. The razor or shaver will catch your goose bumps.

Waxing doesn’t get a bikini wax just before heading for the beach. You're skin will be red and sore for at least 24 hours after a bikini wax.

If you you've never had your bikini wax before, don't try to do it yourself and never attempt a Brazilian wax yourself. Go to a professional salon or spa.

Depilatory creams doesn’t use depilatory creams on the pubic area other than on the bikini line. They'll burn your skin. Creams meant for the face should never be used on the bikini line.

If you avoid all of these common mistakes, your experiences of bikini line hair removal should be much better and you'll be able to head for the beach with confidence.

Shaving pubic areas with an electric razor:

Electric shavers for women have come a long way since they were first introduced after the war. Many will shave pubic hair quickly and, more importantly, safely, as nicks and cuts are impossible.

All shavers shave pubic hair that is soft best. Take a hot shower of bath before shaving pubic areas to soften hair. A lot of bacteria lives in the bikini area, and this will help prevent them getting into the hair follicles after you’ve shaved. Some electric shavers are good for wet shaving and if yours is, you may even be able to shave in the shower. Obviously, only battery-operated shavers should be used in the shower and always read the product manual to make sure yours is suitable for shower use. Some women say that shaving pubic areas wet with an electric shaver gives them a closer shave.

If your shaver can’t be used wet, make sure you dry the pubic hair and skin thoroughly before beginning to shave pubic hair. Almost all electric shavers work best without shaving cream so don’t use it unless the instructions tell you to. The shaving part couldn’t be easier. A gentle back and forth motions is usually recommended but try not to go over the same skin too much, as this will increase skin irritations. When women first start shaving pubic areas, red bumps and other skin irritations are common but these should diminish as your skin gets used to being shaved and it’s worth persevering.

Another downside of shaving pubic areas is itching between shaves. As you are cutting the hairs at skin level, this could begin within 24 hours or as soon as the now-sharp hairs start to appear. If your skin is up to it, shaving daily should prevent this, but never shave bumpy or red and inflamed skin. You could get end up with an infection.

Eyebrow Threading

Eyebrow Threading
What is Eyebrow Threading?

Term Eyebrow Threading is known as shaping up of a person’s eyebrows. Most common methods of shaping or thinning eyebrows are the use of hot wax or tweezers. However, eyebrow threading is said to outcome impressive results, not matched by any other method of hair removal.

Eyebrow threading uses thread which is twisted around the hairs of the eyebrows. The thread is being pulled sharply, and it results every hair attached to it removed. The result is a very straight, clean and fine eyebrow line. The hairs that are removed are done follicle that the clean-looking results can last up to a few weeks.

An Ancient Tradition:

This method is for removing unwanted hair from the eyebrow area, and also making the shape of the eyebrow lines sharp and clean that has been around for years. It originated from India and has also has became popular in the many other countries for many years. It is a technique that is not yet well-known in the United States, but it is growing in popularity because of the results produce by this technique.

Threading is the Best Method:

Many beauticians agreed that eyebrow threading is better for a person’s skin then using hot wax to remove unwanted facial hair. The skin near the eyebrow region is very sensitive, and using wax there can lead to break outs, skin irritation, or even burned skin. Also, hot wax may cause the skin to peel or become wrinkled. This is why this method of removing unwanted brow hair doesn’t involve the application of any sort of heated substance or chemical is seen as beneficial.

Using tweezers on eyebrow hair is basically the same as threading the hair, but a pair of tweezers is only able to capture one or two hairs at a time. Also, when using a tweezers, there is no guarantee that the hair will be pulled out by its follicle. Tweezing eyebrow hair can be a time-consuming process, and cannot produce an even eyebrow line the way threading can.

Razor is not recommended to use for removing unwanted eyebrow hair. Razors do not remove hairs from their follicles, and they are often difficult to control. An eyebrow shaped with a razor will most likely look strange and full of stubble.

A New Beauty Phenomenon:

Eyebrow threading is not the most common way to get rid of unwanted eyebrow hair in the US, but it is quickly becoming the desired method by many, because it has not yet become commonplace in most US cities. The service is not available in all salons. However, as people are discovering that this is a proven, effective, cost-effective and quick way to shape and thin their eyebrows, threading is sure to become a more common practice across North America.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Eyebrow Threading:

One of the best aspects of threading, when compared to waxing or plucking, is that it is an inexpensive service to receive at a salon. It’s also a quick process and it produces superior hair removal results. Many also say that it is the least painful way to get rid of unwanted eyebrow hair.

The most negative point associated with threading are that it is not always easy to find an experienced person to perform the service. It’s usually possible to find salons that offer threading in most large, metropolitan cities. However, in small cities, it may be next to impossible to find a threading technician.

How to Get Glamorous Hair Styles

Beach-Like Waves Hair Styles:

Nothing says summer like a hairstyle with beach inspired waves. If you can't make it to the beach but want to look like you just came in from the surf try faking it with an at home version. This hairstyle will work best on long hair that is naturally straight or with slight wave to it.

Long Hair Party Hairstyles:

Long gone are the days of stiff, complicated up dos for long hair. This season’s party hair is soft yet sophisticated with an emphasis on big curls. To get those perfect waves start with the right cut. Hair should have long layers that build body and frame the face. A long side swept bang is also hot for this season’s holiday hairstyles.

Medium Length Party Hairstyles:

Mid-length hair doesn’t have to mean middle of the road boring when it comes to your Christmas party hairstyles. The bob is hot right now and can range from chin to shoulder length with layering at the bottom to add shape and movement. A long side bang is also recommended to keep this style looking up to date.

Short Party Hairstyles:

The key to smart and sassy short hairstyles for the prom or a party is lots of texture and movement. Try having your hair cut in a short shag style or go ultra short with a cropped pixie cut.

Videos for How to Apply Extensions

Videos for How to Apply Extensions

Raquel Welch clip in hair extensions:

The Raquel Welch clip in hair extensions are made from the finest quality, protein rich 100% human hair. Available in nine colors levels in 14" and 18" lengths. Raquel Welch clip on hair extensions have been specially processed so that they can be professionally colored or permed. Do you wish your thin and fine hair was thicker and fuller? Your short hair was longer and more luxurious? Wish no more with Raquel Welch clip on extensions you can have it all!

Easi-lites clip in hair extensions:

Easilites are produced with protein rich 100% human hair and are available in 11 colors. Rock star blue, rich red, luscious lavender & pink are complimented with natural hues of blondes & browns. These pieces may be professionally colored and/or highlighted as well as curled, permed or flat-ironed. Your new look is at your fingertips...

EasiXtend - Clip in Hair Extensions:

Produced with protein rich 100% human hair, these 16" clip on hair extensions are designed to naturally blend with your own hair.
· Can be flat ironed or curled.
· Affordable, lightweight and easy to attach without causing damage to your own hair.
· Unlike permanent extensions, easXtend can be removed & stored in minutes
· Use easiXtend to add volume, length and/or highlights
· With easiXtend 's exclusive color blends there's a color to match virtually every woman.

Pop Hair Extensions:

The Pop Hair Extensions are made from the finest quality, protein rich 100% human hair. Available in nine colors levels in 14" and 18" lengths. Pop clip on hair extensions have been specially processed so that they can be professionally colored or permed.

how to apply clip in extensions

How to Apply Clip in Hair Weave Extensions:

Practice opening and closing the clip: With the clip side of the piece facing you, put both thumbs on each side of the clip and the index fingers at the front side of the piece. Snap the clip open by applying pressure toward yourself with the index fingers. Similarly, close the clip by applying pressure away from yourself with the thumbs.

Practice snapping on hair: Using one of the 1 1/2" side pieces, practice attaching and removing the extension piece.

Separating the hair: Using a tail comb or your index fingers, practice parting the hair where you wish to attach the first extension.

Start the first part: Raquel Welch clip-in extensions should be attached from the bottom up. Starting at the lowest point on the hairline, and using a tail comb or your index fingers, creates a part where you wish to section off the hair.

Finishing the first part: Move the tail comb or your index fingers under the hair and along the scalp until the hair is separated from the right to the left hairline.

Clip up the hair above the part: Lift up all the hair above the part and clip it out of the way.

Prepare the first weft: Select one of the wider "back" wefts (if working with a complete kit, us the 6" width weft) and snap open all the clips.

Placement of the first weft: The clips should be placed on your own hair below the part so that the top of the weft is even with the part.

Placement of the first clip: The middle clip should be place first by locating at the middle of the nape. Place the clip on your hair just below the part. Moving the clip downward, catch your hair in the clip and snap it shut.

Placement of the second clip: The right clip is next. Holding the middle clip in place with your left hand, use your right hand to move the right edge of the weft as far as it will go around your head. As above, place the clip on your hair just below the part, and moving the clip downward, catch your hair in the clip and snap it shut.

Placement of the third clip: Finally, to attach the left clip, hold the middle clip in place with your right hand, and use your left hand to move the left edge of the weft as far as it will go around your head. As in the previous two steps, place the clip on your hair just below the part, and moving the clip downward, catch your hair in the clip and snap it shut.

Check for gaps: Now that all three clips are attached, run your fingers along the weft to make sure it lies flat against your head along the entire width. If there are any gaps, correct this by snapping the clip open, lifting it off hair and repositioning it so that the weft lies flat.

Preparing to place the second weft: This weft will be placed above the first weft. Release all the hair that was clipped out of the way in step six. Then, slightly above the weft that was just attached, make another part-as explained in steps 4 through 6.

Placing the second weft: Repeating steps 7-12, attach the next weft. To complete a style, follow steps 4-12 for each weft attached. (When working with a complete kit, start at the lowest point with the two 6" wefts, then attach the 7" weft, and finally the 8" weft.)

Placement of the side wefts: The four 1 1/2" wefts are meant to be attached to the sides of your head. Using two for each side, attach the first one just above the ear and the second one around the temple area.

Removing the wefts To remove a weft, snap open all the clips and gently lift up and away from your hair. Never try to remove a weft without first opening all the clips. Pulling or tugging to remove a weft can result in damage to your own hair.

Clips in Hair Extensions

Clips in Hair Extensions:

The most easiest and effective way to create a whole new look for you is to have a new hair style. If you want a fresh and good looks, try to have clip on hair extensions. They are perfect for those who have a short hair style and want to have long and luxurious style temporarily. If you have super fine or limp hair, then simply add some pieces of pre styled hair extensions, like a hair bun or our braided styles, so it’s only clip and go. Clip on Extensions are also a great way for some temporary modern looks before you for a permanent saloon in the salon. You can change your look every day, or simply for an elegant evening, create stylish up dos, swinging ponytails and create great hairstyles for prom from the help of clip in hair extensions.

Care of Clips in Hair Extensions:

After spending the time and money for searching the perfect hair extension for yourself, I am sure you must want to take good care of it, so it can last longer and you can use it over again and again. So, here are some tips on how to extend the life of your favorite clip in hair extensions:

Always store in a cool dry place and keep away from extreme heat.

Try not to flatten pre-styled pieces.

If piece gets pressed, try fluffing with fingers.

Always brush them lightly and carefully so they are not pulled out of place.

You must buy a hair care kit that helps you keep your pieces in pristine condition. Each kit comes with shampoo, conditioner and a brush made especially for synthetic hair. If it gets dirty, wash by hand in lukewarm water with a gentle shampoo.

Different Types of Clips in Hair Extensions:

Raquel Welch Clip On Extensions
Instant Hair Clip on extensions
Easilites Clip in Highlights
Easixtends Clip on Extensions
Pop by Hair U Wear Clip On Extensions
Circular Hair Extension
Pretipped / U Tip Hair
Fusion / Strand by Strand
Mini Links / I Tip

Some more Tips on Clips in Hair Extensions:

Color to choose:

While choosing a color, choose a shade which matches your own hair.

Straight or Wavy Hair:

Straight extensions are good for straight styles and Wave extensions are versatile because they can be worn straight or curled. They are much fuller due to the wave.

Are extensions easy to put in yourself?

Yes, it’s easy to apply extensions yourself. It’s not a Rocket Science at all. All you need is a little help but in no time you will be putting your hair in and out in minutes.

Extensions damage the hair?

No, they will not damage your hair at all. Clip in extensions are a great alternative to weaving, braiding and adhesive hair extensions.

Coloring my extensions:

Yes, but clip in extensions are already been color processed so if you decide to color the extensions use semi permanent colors or color conditioners and shampoos. Before coloring the entire set use the tester pieces that are included with your new hair.

Highlights and Lowlights with clip on extensions:

Yes, this is also a great way to save your hair from the damage coloring can do. Choose 1 set of clips to match your base color and choose 1 set in a shade lighter for highlights or darker for low lights. Clip them in alternating the colors.

Wedding Hair Styles

Wedding Hair Styles

Are you on what is the perfect hair style for you on your Wedding? A thumbing of numerous journals left dizzy, confused and overloaded ideas? If you opt for the top, bottom, in rolls or rights? Relax, here, this is the information you need to make decisions and inspired on your hair style of the bride.

An error that most women do is to lose their personal identity when it comes to selection of hair style and make up or fashion for their wedding day. Of course, you want to be the most beautiful and gorgeous lady on earth on your special day of the wedding, but will ensure that it is apparent that you are up to the street exchange, "I back". The most important factor of your wedding is your hair style.

There are no bad and good answers when it comes to choosing the right style of the bride's hair for you, here are some tips that remove some confusion at the wedding hair styles.

Sometimes the planning of a wedding can feel like an exercise in project management! There are so many people and delivery orders to coordinate and manage. Whether you are a wedding in the last couple celebrity rivals or whether they just ten of his closest friends and your family: You still need a plan for the wedding. The most effective way to do this is to use a checklist for planning the wedding. Make sure you discuss your wedding with your hair stylist to the list of your wedding. Do this a few months before the big day, in fact, the sooner the better. Many women need to increase their hair, work, or a new color for the hair style wedding of their dreams.

Treat yourself to excel. Simply because almost all wedding magazine you pick-up with characteristics of the marriage plaits not feel that you imitate. If you normally your hair short, you do not necessarily need your hair grow to your wedding? If you are still working under the false notion that the hair is not too short, a good marriage hair style then think Halle Berry and her femininity Halo loops. If you do not want to press your hair, while they evolve, but not to do something just because you think that you are the bride. Although this article gives some basic rules of customs, do not forget that a marriage with a knack for the spectacular and a strong personality can carry out almost nothing.

In most cases of wedding, stress can be a bad communication. The tensions between a woman and almost everyone who surrounds it is not rare that the big day. As a friend, you need to assert themselves and clear communication, from the outset, with those at the ceremony plans. Do the most important communication with your wedding part of their clothes, hair and make-up, as soon as possible. Discuss of styles and attitudes that you have, and make sure that is something that they feel comfortable to wear. It is also important to decide from the outset that pays what. If you want your wedding will be given a hairdresser's hair, then you have to draw stylized, to pay. If your bridesmaid’s hairstyles have this correspondence is a necessity.

Examination of the situation is entirety. Standing opposition to the desire for a woman to succeed in the foot, everything they are seductive. This approach is a curious mixture of styles, not necessarily frost. Instead, take a minute to consider what you want, theme or style of your wedding. Talk to your hairdresser as soon as you decided to take your whole issue so that you can be in a position to express your ideas on your hair style.

Bridal hair and Bridal Gowns: Think of the line, the density and texture of your dress, in the selection of your hair. It is better if the line of the dress, the line of the hair. For example, an elegant race behind the ear or a bouquet of flowers stacked loops on the head adds a long dress slim. The density of the blouse should also be carried out, your hair density. If you are wearing a dress made of tulle, which is flowing, then with traffic flowing slowly grinding hair is big.

For many people, their wedding day is the most important day in their lives. In order to a day of magic sweet memories, you need to be planned and also to communicate. The hairstyle you for the day of the wedding, you must feel trust and good, because you feel, which on this day is important. Feel beautiful and you are beautiful, After all it’s your Day!


Eyebrow Transplants

Eyebrow Transplants

Eyebrow Transplant Eyebrow Transplants:

If you are not satisfied with your Eyebrows shape or growth, and are looking for a complete solution for regaining confidence on your face, then an Eyebrow Transplant is a good choice to have. If the eyes are a window to the soul, then the eyebrow arched to the portal. Patchy thin eyebrows easily you feel less than in a beautiful world, in the beauty strong and well-defined arcs are revered. The first step on the road to eyebrow transplant, it is necessary to consider whether or not you are a good candidate for this type of operation. Here is a general assessment of what the doctors in an ideal candidate:


The procedure for transplant eyebrow has more than a hundred hairs involve, generally taken from your own hair, and the task of perfecting your eyebrows. The physicians have to note carefully the angle and direction of your natural hair, hair coveted spot. The procedure is normally painless, but if you are particularly sensitive to pain, a mild oral sedative.

Two to four days, in accordance with the procedure tiny crusts are formed around each transplanted hair. There is no reason to worry about these crusts are similar to what you see on a crust, and as a crust, they are not without pain. In addition, these crusts leave scars not get left behind. You can see some experiments "rose", but this should fade at the end of the first week. The transplanted hair fall themselves after about two weeks, and then again a growth of around three months, to continue to grow and for life.


The disadvantages are very less, but you should keep in mind that a one to two inch incision has to be made, and this incision heals and any scarring is concealed by the actual hair re-growth. The only other problem is that some times few wayward hairs grow in the wrong direction. This can easily be corrected by either plucking or using a brow gel to reshape the hair’s direction.

Eyebrows and Hair Color:

Light blonde hair: Use a blonde or brown pencil.

Naturally brown hair: Use a reddish brown brow pencil. Revlon Brow Fantasy in Brunette is a good choice.

Naturally black hair: Use a pencil that has a slight gray cast to it. The gray tone mimics the sheen of naturally glossy hair, and thereby lends a much more natural appearance.

Shaping and Drawing Eyebrows:

Once you’ve selected your color, remember to use a light hand and short feathery strokes. Always follow your natural eyebrow shape. Here’s a great trick. The arch or highest point of the eyebrow usually falls just above the outer point of the eye’s iris. You can also see where your brow would naturally end by extending your index finger from the tip of your nose to the outside or very end of your eye. Hold your finger at an angle when doing this. Wherever your fingernail ends is the extent of your eyebrow length. A combination of eyebrow length and arch, coupled with sturdy pencils and blending shadows, will allow you to achieve stunningly beautiful eyebrows.


The decision to have an eyebrow transplant is entirely yours. Consider the fact that any surgery, no matter how minimal, is still surgery. While you decide, practice filling in your Eyebrows, and take cues from the stunning movie icon beauties of the 1940s. Let them be your jumping off point in your search for the perfect eyebrow.

Fake Eyebrows

Choosing Fake Eyebrows

There are many reasons why men and women choose false eyebrows. In some cases, it can experiment with different forms of the head, grow, expand or a costume. Many people, who suffer from hair loss, get the effects on their eyebrows also.

Some reasons for eyebrow hair loss are:

1. Different hair loss medical conditions
2. Hormone imbalances or thyroid problems
3. Medical treatments such as chemotherapy or anesthesia
4. Infections or parasites that affect the follicles
5. Overly aggressive plucking that eventually damages follicles and inhibits hair growth
6. Naturally thin or patchy brows due to personal genetics

Whatever the cause, the loss of eyebrows can be psychologically devastating. Eyebrows are frames to the eyes and it places many expressions, and that the balance against other aesthetic features of the face, individuals, as heavy or embarrassing. Fake eyebrows may be the answer.

Makeup / Hair:

Eye-Brows can be drawn in with makeup.

The easiest way for false brewing is to create and become familiar with Eyeliner eyebrow or pens. This is an excellent way for the temporary loss of hair like a undesirable patch by plucking it. During the exchange with the eyebrows, makeup, always with the clearest possible, the pencil to create fine lines, a bit like the individual hairs, and for beauty products, resistance indelible.

For many people, but with makeup to create fronts, it is not only time, but the effects are far from being satisfactory, with the help of real hair. Make-up must often new and may be requested or soiling. For large eyebrows, makeup lack texture and depth of real hair, eyebrows even more evident bad that no eyebrows. In such cases, true Fake eyebrows, from human hair is a more desirable option.

Choose the Best Eye-Brows

When choosing false eyebrows, it is important to remember some points:

Eye-Brow Color: They are basically 1-2 shades lighter or darker than your scalp hair. Blondes and individuals with light-colored hair may have darker brows, while brunettes or individuals with dark hair may have lighter brows. For authenticity, the brow should use more than a single color – 1-2 different shades will add depth and texture to the hair.

Eye-Brow Shape: The eyebrow should frame the brow bone, with the arch positioned in proper alignment with the eyelid and nose. A brow shape that is too curvy or too sharp will only draws attention to it rather than enhance the whole face.

Skin Color: Most human hair fake eyebrows are corresponding to a thin, precisely to the carriers of the color of the skin. Free or translucent bases are also available, but make sure that they are not bright or otherwise identified.

Attachment Method: Some false eyebrows come with a peel-away sticky backing, while others require application of specialized glue. Individuals with sensitive skin or allergies should not use the chemicals which are used for the adhesive to avoid potentially dangerous reactions.

Eye-Brow Construction: The best brows will be manufactured with natural growth in mind; the individual hairs will be properly aligned to simulate true eyebrows rather than just attempting to cover space.

Caring for Fake Eyebrows:

False eyebrows, as well as physical eyebrows, must be well maintained, even in the future of their best. In the first application of eyebrows, make sure that in space and symmetrical in the face, to avoid trying to adapt or position, if possible. Depending on the glue, eyebrows should be allowed, with a minimum of movement (or extreme touching expressions) for 10-60 minutes.

Most false mixing can be reduced or before the application has been submitted for sizes and individual preferences, but not to pick, tweeze, threads, or otherwise making fronts, they were once on the skin. This may be inadvertently deleted more than hair and you want to damage to the front Fake is, in general, is not reversible.

Most fake eyebrows quality of care can be removed once and for reuse. With proper management, eyebrows, can last for several weeks, so people whose face hair loss, the confidence and security of the natural look with a minimum of effort.

Hair Weave Sewn

Hair Weave Sewn
Sewn in Hair Weave
Hair Weave Sewn

A woman's hair is often seen as a symbol of beauty and personality. For aeons, women were hair extensions (tissue), for the natural beauty of their hair and uniqueness. Hair weaves always enjoyed popularity among women of color. In recent years, more and more stars and celebrities to begin experimenting with new hairstyles, hair weaves are still pervasive. How hair coloring, a hair weave is relatively simple and non-invasive, nature and how to alter your appearance. However, if you consider a weaving your normal hair, it is very important that your opportunities to see and understand the effects of certain hairstyles on your natural barriers. It is also imperative that you precautions to take steps to reduce the risk of physical damage to your scalp and hair. There are several steps to build your hair:

Step 1: Choosing a Hair Type

Prior to weaving, it is important to know that the nature of hair to customize your own ideas likely to affect serious, realistic and attractive as extensions of your appearance. Extensions and weaves in both synthetic and natural forms, and you want well above the appearance of your choice and lifestyle prior to the election of a hair. Synthetic (plastic), has used her hair, especially for twisted or braided styles. However, synthetic hair is ideal for a more flowing freely because they did not want the physical appearance and counterfeiting is easily detected. It can also cause damage to your normal hair and irritate the skin. The human hair is more suitable for use with fluid forms free. There are many different types of human hair in the selection: Asia, Europe and Virgin / Raw hair. Your personal preference, the type of hair, the costs and limitations to determine what kind of extension you and your stylist wants?

Step 2: Choose a Hair Application Method

Then you need to decide whether you want your extensions in one way or in wefts. In one way straight methods, small groups of hairs, perhaps 20-50 strands, and then implementation of those sections to your own hair. The hair is the heat on concentrations, glue, clamping, or waxes. Most of different methods involve normal hair, coating with foreign substances, and extensions. These styles last only a few months before being removed, and be used again.

Instead strands of each application, you can choose whether your extensions in the form of cuts. A projectile is a group of hair is connected permanently to the head, like a curtain, and flowing freely at the bottom (you can hear often, people focus on runways cuts). Cups come in two forms: machinery and hand-product. As you might imagine, those who have hand and, of course, are more expensive than those acting on the machine produced. Machine cuts, colors and in all sizes and are cut off after they have your normal hair. Handmade, physics, they are haircuts your custom template and built-in your head and scalp. Cups can be reached about adhesives, heat fusion or sewing.

Step 3: Choose an Attachment/Bonding Method

After picking up a hair type and its application method, you have to decide how you want the weave to be attached to your hair. There are 3 types of basic hair weaving:

Braided Weaving:

In a braided fabric, your hair braided nature along the scalp in small letters horizontal cornrows. This plaits, in the middle of your scalp and may not be visible. The peak of the dry zone, known under the name of the Crown, he refers to the highest Plait what makes him invisible. Secondly, the hair that you have chosen, it is sewn with plaits, which led to serious weaving and your own hair combed extensions over the mixture, so that the number of po-braid is on the amount of hair that you want to add and stylists, how you think that the weaving is better simulate your hair. A braided fabric lasts about two months and, if properly handled, can actually the growth of hair on the assumption that it is not too heavy and shoot your hair naturally. Another advantage is the elimination of the whole chemical process, or heating, which can cause damage to the nature of the hair. However, it is important to ensure that this kind of spider accurate. When the braids are too tight or whether the extension too hard, there is a high risk of his own hair. They must also be careful, keep the areas around the braid to be dry and brittle. It is recommended that the application of the oil in the areas of the scalp around plaits, in order to avoid too early and broken, barren.

Bonded Weaving:

Bonded weaving is another popular method for the use of extensions. In the process, the hair is first divided into small sections and a collage glue used to the filling of the natural hair near the scalp. The adhesive should be used sparingly and your stylist should consist of the quantities on your scalp. This method can be tricky, and the risk of damage to your hair especially when it is removed. Do you want to be careful if you choose this method, because some are known to the reactions to the solution of collage? It is therefore recommended that the adhesive to test on a small piece of skin, do it on your entire head. Bonded spins normally last between one and two months before they begin to loosen their own leaders. However, it is recommended that you return to your stylists to remove from a specialist. The process of elimination is important that you do not want your hair from the natural course of the national.

Fusion Weaving:

Another possibility is a fusion weaving where your hair is natural in small sections; the extensions are attached with the help of natural hair hot wax. Fusion tends to take longer more, 2-3 months, and is also slightly more expensive. In this method, there is no way in the weaving to hide when the hair seems more and more of the scalp and it seems completely.


Although hair extensions are a very good opportunity to increase the fine, of course, hair, it can also lead to what the hair and scalp damage. In addition, many women do not know that for the duration can be beautiful, serious along extensions also provides additional pressure on the scalp. This pressure can pull hair, and can lead to what long-term damage in the form of pre - and depletion of mature baldness. That is why, when you try to long hair, you may think seriously potential obstacles could lead to extensions long hair dryer in your quest. However, if you simply want a new "look" for a few months, and who are willing to lose maybe some of your normal hair, with extensions, to forge a hair can be a great solution.

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