Fusion Hair Extensions

Fusion Hair Extensions

Hair extensions can be attached to your head in many different ways, including gluing, tubing, sewing, and clipping on. Different methods have different advantages. The method you choose will depend on many factors: your hair, your lifestyle, your budget, and your needs, for starters. If you are looking for a long-lasting, natural-looking hair extension, though, consider one of the fusion methods.

Fusion is generally the preferred method as fused hair extensions can last up to three to six months with skilled application and proper care. With fusion hair extensions, the extensions should be indistinguishable from your natural hair. If properly applied, the attachment site should be virtually invisible.

Fusion hair extensions can be applied in different ways: hot or cold fusion. Hot fusion or bonding uses hot glue to attach extensions to your hair. This is the more traditional method. While it does have many happy followers, others say that the glue causes the extensions to feel stiff and unnatural. These extensions can last up to 4 months.

Cold fusion is a new method, and is meant to be gentle for the hair. This method uses a keratin-based polymer to attach extensions to the root. As this method uses no heat, it is good for fine or thin hair. The polymer offers more flexibility than hot-glue, and results in more natural-feeling hair. For cold fusion hair extensions, many hairdressers use SoCap extensions and a clear bond. These extensions can last up to six months.

Fusion hair extensions are more expensive than other methods. If you want long-lasting, natural-looking luscious hair, they just might be the extensions for you.

If clipping on swatches of readymade hair makes you uneasy, if you are always hassled by the gripping fear that one fine day, chunks of hair extensions will detach themselves and fall off your head while the crowd stares dumbfounded, and if you are looking for a solution which is relatively more permanent and looks natural at the same time, then here’s just the thing for you. Fusion hair extensions, as the name suggests are attached to ones hair by a process called ‘fusion bonding’

The basic concept behind fusion bonding is to fuse the extension with the keratin protein of the natural hair, strand by strand. In this process the weft is attached to the hair root using bonding glue with the help of heated adhesive sticks which are create specially for this purpose.

Such hair extensions are of different types such as hot and cold fusion according to slight detours from the elementary procedure outlined above. Wefts or single strands can be used for hair extension purposes.

Putting the processes aside, there are also different types of hair that can be used in hair extensions. Synthetic, Chinese, African, European, and Asian are some of the hair one is bound to come across while exploring.

In fact, Indian hair is widely used and is considered of fine quality for hair extensions. Some people even grow their hair solely for the purpose of making a quick buck by selling them for extensions!

In a nutshell, although fusion hair extensions maybe more expensive than other options, they are definitely worth their while if you can find yourself a good extensionist. A good extensionist could definitely use his or her experience to provide you with a cascade of lovely tresses for a price !

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