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The success of any hair transplant surgery largely depends upon hair transplantation procedures adopted during the hair restoration surgery. With the emergence of single follicular hair transplant as the standard unit for hair transplant surgery, the hair transplant procedures have now become more or less standardized. A good hair restoration surgeon, irrespective of which hair restoration center he belongs to, now follows these standard hair transplant procedures in order to achieve aesthetically superior results.

A brief round up of these standard hair transplant procedures is given below to help you understand the nut and bolts of a hair restoration surgery.

A long string of hair transplant procedures for hair transplant surgery start with the harvesting of the donor hair. The procedure starts with the excision of a 1 cm wide and 20 cm long strip of hair from the donor site. The strip is tapering at ends to facilitate easy removal.

As soon as the fusi-form strip is excised from the donor site, it is handed over to surgical assistants who with the use of a stereoscopic microscope cut the strip into many fine strips, which are one follicular unit in width. The hair transplant procedure of dissecting the donor strip into many fine strips is technically known as silvering.

Cutting of the strip into silvers is an extremely difficult hair transplant procedure. Earlier, most of the hair restoration surgeons were using multi-blade knife for the job. But with the introduction of stereoscopic dissection microscope in 1987, the use of single blade has gained wider acceptance. Though the above said microscopic hair transplant procedure takes more time to perform or requires more assistants, it requires 20% less donor strip for obtaining the same number of well-trimmed follicular units. If donor tissue is in short supply, stereoscopic microscope dissection is the method of choice. There are reports, which have shown a positive correlation between the microscopic dissection procedures and the better and faster growth rate of the transplanted hair follicles.

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