Sedu Hair Styles

You can achieve that same sleek Sedu Hair Style that Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce and Sarah Jessica Parker have by using their secret weapon: the Sedu hair style flat iron.

Straightening frizzy, curly or wavy hair has never been as safe as it is now with the new technology of using the new Sedu hair style iron that projects negative ions that keep your hair frizz-free and makes damaged hair look healthy. The Sedu hair style irons have been rated the best flat iron because of their ceramic/tourmaline plates that produce six times more negative ions than regular ceramic irons. Negative ions are important because they keep the hair smooth, eliminate frizz and keep damage at bay. The Sedu Hair Style iron has consistent heat and several heat temperatures, which allows you to adjust the iron to your hair type.

It's important to use your flat iron for your new Sedu hair style only after your hair is completely dry. Damp or wet hair is fragile and can break off when heat is applied. First apply a heat safe leave-in spray to help protect the hair shaft and bring out the most shine. Always use the flat iron on clean hair. Never use the iron over hair that has product on it like hairsprays, gels, mousse or thickeners. These products leave a sticky coating on your Sedu Hair Style iron that make it less effective and not slide through your hair as easily causing damage both to your hair and the iron.

Flat iron small sections of hair and keep the iron moving down the hair shaft. Don't let the Sedu flat iron sit on one spot of your hair or you will burn it. The important thing to remember is to keep the consistent heat of the iron moving through your hair in a slow and steady pace. This will keep your hair evenly straightened and ultra smooth. Your new Sedu hair style will look great.

Once your hair is straightened you can decide what Sedu hair style you want whether to wear it down or create a stylish updo with it. If you decide to wear it loose consider making a side part on the hair and add a little hair jewel or small flat barrette to the heavy side for interest. If you decide to make an updo here is an easy to do bun. Take all or half a head of hair and twist it onto the top your head, secure the ponytail with a snag-free elastic band. Wind the length of the hair around the band and tuck the very ends into the band underneath. Secure the easy to do bun with one or two short hair sticks. You can also use mini claws or fancy hair springs to bring attention to the cute bun.

When looking for the perfect Sedu hair style for straightened hair thinks about what look you want to achieve. Sophisticated Sedu hair styles would include Audrey Hepburn classic French Twists and buns. Gothic or Victorian Sedu hair styles would include sleek updos in back with long pieces of hair brought forward and curled into two sleek ringlets on each side of the face. Celebrities like Jennifer Aniston and Beyonce are best known for their casual loose Sedu hair styles.

Remember too that the right hair cut is important for making the most of your Sedu hair style. Hair should be trimmed and even on the bottom whether you opt for layers or not. Have your ends trimmed by a stylist to best suit your needs. This will bring out the best look for your new Sedu hair style.

Long Hair Styles

Many women today think that long hair means long hours spent putting it into a pretty Hair Style. This is not true once you know the secrets of on the go long hair styles. Long hair requires better hair care but less time fixing it. Short hair is cute but to make it work into a trendy style many times means blow drying it and using hair care products to make the hair style look its best. Long hair is best left to dry on its own and not over worked with hair products. You also do not need to wash your long hair as often as shorter hair and most long hair styles will work better on hair that is not freshly washed.

Long hair styles are simple and easy to achieve once you know what to do. Bra strap length hair is probably the easiest to take care of and put into a simple hair style. Waist length long hair can put ones creative side to use for achieving more elaborate hair styles. Hair jewelry and simple hair accessories can be a long hair lady's best friend when it comes to creating fancy styles or easy and on the go hair styles.

Whether your hair is short or long the hair band accessory is an easy fix to keeping long hair in the front swept off the face for a clean and simple look. Hair bands come in many different styles and also work well for those growing out bangs or shorter layers. Some hair bands have gorgeous hair jewelry on them which dresses up an easy and simple long time favorite hair style. Ribbons and scarves can also be used to make a quick hair band at home. Simple elastic hair bands can be decorated hair jewelry as well. Try using magnetic snaps on a plain fabric hair band for a stunning look.

If your hair is long enough a simple pony tail works every time. Pony tails are not just for little girls. Long hair looks great in a simple ponytail using a silk scarf, fancy pony tail holder or colorful scrunchie. You can make a more unique hair style by following our instruction for a pony tail flip. This makes a more sophisticated long hair style out of a basic pony tail.

French barrettes have long been used as a means for holding long hair away from the face. A classic and two second style requires only that you sweep your hair back and secure with a simple or fancy barrette. If you are looking for a pretty long hair style with a unique version of using a barrette try out the folded barrette hair style.

Long hair can also be put into many different hair styles once you know how to make a simple three strand braid. You can even braid in shorter pieces of hair once you know how to French Braid. A simple ponytail can be braided for a classic look. Lara Croft from Tomb Raider looks very grown up with her classic French braid for long hair. You can adorn a braided hair style with flowers, hair springs or hair snaps for a stunning look too.

Hair sticks have always been around as an excellent choice for long hair styles. Buns, twists, chignons and many other hair styles can be held in place with these pretty hair accessories. You can use them as hair jewelry for adorning your hair style or use them to hold a pretty classic bun in place.

Picking the Right Hair Color

Here are a few Tips to pick the Right Hair Color:

Coloring newbie?

Start with a semi-permanent color. Semi-permanent colors wash out after a few washes, whereas permanent colors never wash out. If you are new to coloring your hair, you might start with a semi-permanent hue unless you want to cover gray hair or go two or more shades lighter or darker.

Don’t go by the Picture on the Box.

Pictures on hair color boxes can be deceiving. You are better off going by the color swatches on the box and the descriptions.

Is your Skin Color Warm or Cool?

Most hair colors fall into either ‘categories’. You’re likely a ‘warm’ tone if you have golden, olive or dark skin and brown or dark eyes (most Latinas, Asians and African Americans fall into this category). You tan easily and the veins in your inner wrists are green. You’re a ‘cool’ if you have fair skin and blue or green eyes. You burn before you tan and the veins in your wrists run blue.

Choose the Correct Shade

If you have warm skin, opt for golden shades such as caramel and bronze in a darker shade than your skin. Avoid jet-black hair which will give you a washed out look and if you do opt for a golden shade, don’t go too light or your hair could turn orange. If you have cool shade, avoid colors that will highlight the ruddiness of your skin tone: Gold, auburn and copper. Ash blondes and cool browns work best.

How to tell if you’d make a Great Blonde

A basic thumb rule is that people who had blonde hair as children have the right skin tone to be blonde adults.
The right shade of blonde
Brassy blonde color or highlights on someone with a warm skin tone can be harsh. Opt for warmer shades instead. If you have brown hair and want to go blonde, you don’t want to go too light. Opt for contrast.

When to Go Red

Almost everyone can go red, what’s most important is finding the right shade to complement your skin color. Women with a cool or pink skin tone pull off red best, according to Jennifer J, a stylist quoted in the February 2006 issue of Marie Claire.

How to hide that Gray

Gray hair can be hard to color because of its coarse texture. If your hair is less than one-thirds gray, opt for a semi-permanent color that’s a shade lighter than your natural color (or matches your color). The gray will blend right in. Semi-permanent color is less damaging than permanent color.

Uh-oh, the Color’s all Wrong

It is strongly suggested you seek out professional help if your dye job went wrong. Coloring over color can be tricky and you don’t want to over-process your hair. Don’t go extreme

At home Hair Coloring is best for people looking to go a couple shades lighter or darker or to cover gray. If you have light brown hair, a dark blonde will look beautiful on you. For extreme changes, it’s best to seek out professional help.

Hair Styles to Suit your Face

Beautiful hair is the crowning glory of an attractive woman. So hair care is an extremely important aspect of beauty. But you should make sure that you have a style that suits your face and your hair type. Of course, it should be in fashion too. However, sometimes simple styles are the best.

Based on Type of Hair

Let us see which styles go well with your type of hair. Thin and fine: If your hair is thin and fine, keep it short and fluffy, Medium or coarse: This hair can handle most styles heavy or thick: If your hair is heavy or thick, keep it at a medium length or it will not hang well. What kind of hairstyle makes you look glamorous? Well, would you believe it that it actually depends on the shape of your face. Faces are of different shapes. You must figure out the shape of your face is? So that you can decide which are the best hairstyles that will make you look like a model?

What is the shape of your face?

In order to determine the shape of your face, you will need to measure it. Measure your face from top to bottom and from side to side. If your face is oval shaped, then the length will equal to one and a half times the width. When the length of your face equals the width, then you have a round face. Triangular shaped faces have wide chins and narrow foreheads. Lastly, square shaped faces have a jaw line, cheekbone and forehead almost equal in width.

Heart-Shaped Face

In order to express your features, you must try to diminish the width of your forehead and make your jaw wider. If you want bangs, wear them full and curly. Wear your hair fuller at the top than near your jaw line. Your hair should be either short or of medium length and point your hair towards your face, since this will help to widen your chin. If you love short cut bobs up to your chin, then you should definitely get one, since your heart-shaped face will make you look like you just walked out of a magazine.

Oval Faces

Since, you are blessed with an oval face; mostly any hairstyle will look good on you. You can wear your hair short, medium or long. A wonderful hairstyle would be one in which you do a side or a center parting and let your hair rest on your shoulders. In addition, you may also wear your hair slicked back or pulled back. However, it is advisable to have your hair away from your face and not to have too full bangs. Your face shape is adaptable to almost any hairstyle and that is why you should experiment and see which one you like the best.

Round Faces

If you have found out that you have a round face, remember either to have short hair or chin length hair. You should consider layering your hair right from the top and keep your hair close to your face. Do not cut your hair very, very short and have a haircut that is rounded and ends at your chin. This will exaggerate your face shape even more. Straight bangs are not recommended, but if you love bangs, you should curl them and wear them to the side. These types of hairstyles will make your face look longer, which is what you want to strive for. Do not keep a lot of hair near the sides of your face and near your ears. However, wispy curls curled towards your face are recommendable. The point of all these hairstyles is to make your face look longer and less round and to accentuate your beautiful features.

Square Face

A square face has a very sharp angled jaw line and has square shaped eyebrows. In order to lessen these features, you should strive for hairstyles that emphasize the cheekbones. Hairstyles worn in curls and waves will give shape to your square face. The length of hair that is perfect for you is about 1-1/2� below the chin or to have shoulder length hair. Your hair at these lengths will help to alleviate the square ness of your jaw line. It is advisable not to let your hair hang and better to wear a side part than a center part. Any free flowing hairstyle for this shape will look wonderful.

Triangular Shaped Face

Since you have a triangular shaped face, you want to narrow the chin and widen the forehead. Keep your hair away from your face and ear to widen your forehead. In addition, you should angle your hair towards the chin. You should keep your hair length at least up to your chin and cut your hair in lots of layers. Also if you let your hair loose tuck it behind your ears so that it will help to highlight your eyes and increase the width around this area. In addition, instead of parting your hair in the center, try parting it off-center and see the model look you have always loved! Keep your hair away from your face and ear to widen your forehead. You should keep your hair length at least up to your chin. Also if you let your hair loose tuck it behind your ears so that it will help to highlight your eyes. In addition, instead of parting your hair in the center, try parting it off-center and see the model look you have always loved. Another trick is to have your hair cut into a v-shape so the length is mainly at the back, whilst the sides and front of your hair are shorter and will fall around your face.

An Oblong Face or Slender Face

People with oblong faces have high forehead and long chins; therefore they require haircuts that add width and volume to their hair. Too much hair length will make an oblong face long. Suitable short style includes the Wedge design, while long manes in full styles that falls at, or above the shoulder.

Your hair type will also determine the best style. Look for the texture of the hair before you cut it into shape. Best hairstyles for this shape often have width through the jaw line.

Diamond Shaped Face

Most hairstyles suit people with a diamond shaped face. Avoid all hair styles that leave your forehead completely exposed. Your best look is a rounded shape where there is no hair on your neck and with fullness at the bottom.

Wide wispy bangs help to create a oval look for the diamond shaped faces. The classic look for diamond shaped faces is a graduated bob that falls to the chin. Try a wispy design to soften the edges.

Benefits of Hair Straighteners

Beauty Benefits of Hair Straighteners, Flat Irons, Curling Irons, Hair Dryers, and Hair Relaxers

From turning frizzy hair into a sleek and natural-looking style, millions of women around the world invest in quality hair straighteners, hair dryers, curling irons, and hair relaxers. Premium brands and companies are also investing in creating new products; the line of Sedu flat irons, Sedu hair straighteners, and ceramic hair straighteners are a popular choice for women interested in a basic style that stays in line with today's hairstyling trends. When the Solia flat iron was introduced, many women found this to be a better option than other flat irons on the market.

The process of drying hair, then curling, relaxing, or straightening it is one that takes time and the use of quality tools and products. If you are using the wrong hairstyling products, hair can easily become frizzy, damaged, and even break. This can lead to poor moisture and "dead" hair that is difficult or impossible to style. Finding the right hair dryer for the task at hand is just as important as finding the best styling tools, such as hair straighteners and curling irons. Hair relaxers are most commonly used for women with excessively curly, thick, or African American hair.

Americans spend approximately 7 billion dollars per year on hair styling equipment, salon visits, and general hair maintenance. Although there are many beauty benefits of staying ahead of the season's trends, changing the condition of the hair on a regular basis can cause hair damage.

Hair straighteners are one of the most popular ways to achieve a sleek and chic look, and many different methods have been tried. Still, one of the best ways to achieve this look is by using Sedu hair straighteners. These are combination of ceramic hair straighteners and ionic tourmalilne technology that make use of infra red heat. When a woman decides to use one of these tools, their hair becomes flat and free of curls without damage, because the heat they output is much less damaging than steam and standard flat iron hair straighteners in general.

Ceramic hair straighteners are becoming a popular choice because they are lightweight, can heat up quickly, and leave little damage to the particles of the hair. Women who do decide to straighten their hair at home need to find the best hair straighteners for their hair type, along with the best hair dryers for a complete routine. Many choose Sedu flat irons, simply for their ease of use and even heat distribution. The Solia flat iron is another popular choice and is constructed in a similar fashion as the Sedu flat iron.

Chi hair straighteners are another option for women looking to remove frizz and create a flat and sleek look. Chi hair straighteners first became popular with the Chi ceramic hairstyling iron. These hair straighteners and flat irons offer removable plates that also help protect the hair cuticle. Chi hair straighteners are designed in such a way that they help seal in color and moisture. Farouk Systems, Inc. is the only authorized manufacturer of the Chi hair products; finding an authentic model is an important part of the shopping process. Chi flat irons offer an adjustable temperature dial in addition to a flat heating option that provides intermittent heat for specific parts of the hair. Chi hair straighteners heat up very quickly, offering convenience and ease of use. The line of Chi hair straighteners is also available in three different sizes: Mini, Chi Turbo, and Big Chi Turbo.

When purchasing ceramic hair straighteners, especially Sedu hair straighteners or Sedu flat irons, it's important to set a budget. Most of the highlighted hair straighteners range in price from $100 to $150, and occasionally will be more expensive.

In order to make sure that the hair follicles and strands do not become damaged, the best hair straighteners are made with high quality ceramic plates. These units are designed to maintain steady temperatures and will prevent excessive heat damage from occurring. Hair straighteners made exclusively with metal plates, for example, will have uneven distribution and may lead to overheating of the hair. Sedu hair straighteners, as another example, have become famous for their steady heat regulation. This is why the ceramic hair straighteners are becoming the standard of choice for hair salons all over the civilized world.

The width of the ceramic hair straightener is important, since coarse hair types require the additional width. The size of the ceramic plates is also an important consideration when dealing with long hair, because once again, the larger plates can help provide a more even and consistent straightening of the hair. Many top quality hair straighteners and flat irons come with attachments for different sized plates. For women who are trying to be more creative with their hair, the different attachments can help with successfully creating these different hairstyles.

We recommend that you spend the extra time to discover which hairstyling equipment will best suit your everyday needs and your desires to be creative. Once you have purchased your hairstyling equipment, be sure to read the documentation that is shipped with it, so that you will have a full measure of the capabilities of your new hairstyling tools. Once you have received your new hairstyling tools, you will find that all of your "bad hair days" are a thing of the past.

Best Hair Straighteners

Straight hair is as fashionable as ever, with the likes of Jennifer Anniston, Kate Moss and Posh Spice boasting beautifully sleek & shiny locks. The market is flooded with products promising super straight hair, but which cut it (or indeed smooth it!) when it comes to getting luscious locks?

After the sleek, smooth look is achieved for the first time, it is hard to go back to any other look. And, in achieving this desired look, the type of hair straightener used is of utmost importance. Each type- ceramic, thermal, metal, or ionic- utilize different features and work differently for each person. If you are undecided on which hair straightener will serve you best, the following information will provide you with details on the most popular choices to help in determining which hair straightener to choose.

Our highest recommendation is the PHI Ionic Pro Ceramic Flat Iron. In our eyes, it is the best hair straightener on the market with its smooth ceramic tourmaline plates that will never pull or snag the hair. The unique Tourmaline plates eliminate static electricity and seal the cuticle layer through generation of ions. This process makes for the most smooth, shiny, and silky hair imaginable! Plus, PHI’s unique process with infra-red heat actually protects the hair by sealing in the natural oils and moisture. The retention of these essential natural elements including hair color guarantees beautifully straight hair with an attractive healthy shine. Ergonomically designed, it is easy to press, flip, twirl and curl the hair. PHI offers a one-year guarantee from the date of purchase against any defects caused by faulty material or workmanship. Steel parts, plastic parts, flex cord and damages caused by improper handling are not covered under this warranty.

The Farouk Chi Flat Iron, another choice for hair straightening, is reviewed many times on the web. Manufactured by Farouk Systems, Inc., this company designs and manufactures high quality professional hair care and spa products. Owned by a team of hairdressers, Farouk Systems, Inc. is unique in their approach. The CHI 1 Ceramic Flat Iron is our favored choice of all Farouk models. The use of moist ceramic heat with ceramic plates and coils allows for quick heat-up of this hair straightener. Most importantly, the hair straightener maintains an even temperature at all times providing uniform straightness. This CHI 1 hair straightener will straighten or curl and flip the hair. The product comes with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty. This product is comparable to the PHI ceramic flat iron in every way except costs about $60 more!

The Sedu Flat Iron is one of the most talked about hair straightening products on the market today. This product is known for creating hair styles only celebrities have! For example, as Jennifer Aniston is famous for her beautiful hair, the Sedu Flat Iron provides a way for anyone to easily recreate her style. Along with styling ease and effortlessness, the Sedu Professional Ceramic Tourmaline Irons will never pull or snag the hair. The end result is touchable, slip-through hair. This product is ultra-light in design which allows for supreme control during styling. With a price tag of $130, the product is geared more towards hair-care professionals who love them rather than an average user.

Featuring unique technology, the GHD Ceramic Flat Iron is salon-approved as it conducts heat quickly and effectively retains it. This feature allows for straightening and smoothing hair or creating luscious curls and twirls. As a result, the hair straightener optimizes long-lasting heat for your optimum styling control. Because of the helpful universal voltage control feature, the GHD allows for perfect hair anywhere on the globe your travels may take you! Left unattended for thirty minutes, the GHD also has a sleep mode that will turn the hair straightener off when not in use.

Top 5 Hair Straighteners

Here are 5 of the best hair straighteners as recommended by our recent surveys:

GHD Professional Ceramic Hair Straighteners

Visitors to this blog have overwhelmingly endorsed GHD for providing superb value for money compared to other hair straighteners on the market. Based on over 250 reviews GHD is the number one hair and beauty product at our blog. It receives an overall 76 per cent worth of recommendations. Based on averages of ratings submitted by customers, GHD Professional Ceramic Hair Straighteners are recommended as the best value hair and beauty product from a choice of over a hundred hair straighteners listed for review. The only straightener that really makes my hair poker straight & I love it!! Says one fan. I have tried many straighteners in the past but there is nothing that comes anywhere close, says another. As well as gaining a high 8.1 out of 10 rating for value for money, GHD hair straighteners have also rated very highly among reviewers for factors such as style (8.7/10) durability (7.5/10) and ease of use (9.2/10). Launched in 2001 UK firm GHD has made a massive impact on the hair and beauty industry with many of its products now a number one choice. GHD has also been helped by its celebrity fan base including the likes of Victoria Beckham and Jennifer Aniston. GHD is now the global leader in heat styling products and now offers a wide range of ceramic stylers & products, including its thermodynamics range which promises hair cleansing and nourishing results as well as styling. The company also recently launched its pink cancer aware straighteners with 10 from every purchase going to charity.

Remington Wet 2 Straight

The Wet 2 Straight has certainly proved popular among our blog contributors. 72 per cent of reviewers recommend the Remington Wet 2 Straight, based on over 50 reviews submitted. The Remington Wet 2 Straight is also endorsed by super model Cindy Crawford. The main selling point of the Wet 2 Straight is that it reduces styling time by styling when wet. It was the first hair straightener to also dry wet hair. This saves time because you don’t need to blow dry your hair because it will dry and straighten all in one. The system uses special steam vents which allow the product to be used on wet and dry hair. Some believe Wet 2 Straight products also cause less harm to your hair because moisture is locked in during the wet dry process. Because hair is more naturally straight when it is wet, by styling when wet you also get a crisp straight look. Reviewers do testify to a very effective product which is also very stylish looking. Described as a Wonder product by one, other reviewers regularly describe achieving results they have only previously enjoyed after a lengthy pampering in the salon! The Remington Wet 2 Straight achieves an overall rating of 7/10 for value for money and 7.5/10 for ease of use. Another advantage is that the Remington Wet 2 Straight hair straightener benefits from being available at bargain prices compared to some other leading manufacturers. Also you can trust in the reliability of purchasing from one of the major hair and grooming product companies worldwide. Have you used one or a similar product? Why not write a review in comments section?

Babyliss Pro 230

This hair straightener is recommended by 100 per cent of users. It’s well priced and scores a perfect score of 10 out of 10 for value for money, based on all reviews submitted; as well as high average ratings for ease of use (9.9/10) style (9.6/10) and durability (9.8/10). Using advanced ceramic technology the Pro 230 rises in temperature very quickly reaching 215C in one minute and promises super straight hair in a single attempt. The temperature is maintained at 190C during the session, to the exact salon style degree, says Babyliss who guarantee a very professional quality session without frizzing plus good protection for your hair! Reviewers at Review Centre do enthusiastically confirm this is a very professional product achieving a high standard of results. One reviewer describes it as good value for money, working very well and easily while other users testify that it is very quick to maintain good results. It only takes about ten minutes several times a week to maintain healthy looking straight hair, according to one fan. After about ten minutes to heat up you can then use it. An absolute bargain, according to Review Centre users and when you consider the superb prices these are available for it’s hard to disagree. What do you think? If you own, use or are about to buy a Babyliss Pro 230 hair straightener why not share your thoughts on it by writing a review in comments section?

T3 Tourmaline Straighteners

T3 Tourmaline Straighteners are recommended by 86 per cent of users, based on more than 70 reviews. This specialist salon product is available as a wet or dry straightener in different colors, including groovy pink. Although it’s not the cheapest brand but it is testify as a high quality product. T3 Tourmaline Straighteners score very high ratings, based on the large number of reviews submitted by users. The product is highly effective across all criteria, according to our contributors, scoring 9.2/10 for ease of use, 8.7/10 for durability and 8.3/10 for value for money, based on all reviews submitted, suggesting that in this case you do get what you pay for. I have had so many straighteners in my life and they have got to be the best so far says one owner who is typically impressed. T3 uses Tourmaline, a material pioneered by T3 for use in hair straighteners. Tourmaline is a gemstone naturally producing huge amounts of infra-red heat and negative ions which protect the hair from burning during the straightening. According to users they are highly effective products which leave your hair in great condition - smooth and soft without static, frizz or heat damage. Tourmaline also works by closing the cuticle adding extra protection to your hair from heat damage. The company sells to salons and private customers via their website and offer free next day delivery. The T3 Tourmaline Wet to Dry Straightener is especially recommended. It’s designed to dry and straighten the hair in one step utilizing a special channel and vent system that evaporates excess water, leaving the hair very shiny and smooth. These work by locking in moisture and long lasting glossiness while drying hair to a pristine finish. T3 products are also finished to a high exclusive standard and are offered with two year manufacturer's warranty. The company also prides itself on excellent customer care. What do you think? Have you used T3? If it’s worth the money? Let us know!!

Nicky Clarke Ncs15 Frizz Control Ceramic Straightener

100 per cent recommended by reviewers at Review Centre Nicky Clarke’s Ncs15 Frizz Control Ceramic Straightener is a good budget choice. The Ceramic straightener from the very popular Frizz Control range is available at one of the lowest prices for a well known hair straightener brand and users here confirm the devices offer great value for money. Ncs15 Frizz Control Ceramic Straightener is the most popular straightener at Review Centre from celebrity hairdresser Nicky Clarke’s range. Users say it is very effective, long lasting and does not cause damage to your hair. It’s also very versatile, ideal for holidays and traveling. The product provides a variable heat option to maintain the condition of your hair and is quick and easy to use. It’s recommended for both everyday use and holidays on account of its easily storable shape and worldwide voltage. Nicky Clarke’s Frizz Control Straightener has also recently been re-designed for a more professional impact with a higher temperature - 230C, extra long cable and auto shut off amongst the new features. It scores especially high ratings at Review Centre for value for money (9.4/10), ease of use (9/10) and durability (9.3/10). They are described as very resilient, bringing squeals of delight to one user once she had seen the results. Have you used one or any other hair and beauty products from Nicky Clarke’s range? If so write a review and let others know about the best beauty products to be found !

Types of Hair Straighteners

Types of Hair Straighteners

People with straight hair usually prefer curly hair and the opposite is also true; people with natural curls often wish their hair was smooth and straight. Now, they can make their wishes come true using an assortment of products and tools designed to straighten hair. With quality hair straighteners, anyone can achieve professional results in the comfort of his or her own home without harmful chemical agents.

Some hair straighteners even claim to make hair silkier and shinier. There are various brands and types of hair straighteners to choose from, available with many different features. One example is hair straighteners with a steam function. Much like with a steam iron used for pressing clothing, you can add water to get a puff of steam from time to time as you work on your hair.

The steam option may not be the best choice for people with extremely curly hair or hair that tends to frizz under humid conditions. The steam may cause more frizz and keep the hair from being properly straightened. The steam option works best for people whose hair is already fairly straight.

Ceramic hair straighteners are favored by most people because they get hot quicker, stay hotter longer and leave hair smooth and shiny. Ceramic hair straighteners work well on even the most difficult to manage hair. They stop frizz and flatten even the tightest curls, often in about half the time required by other hair straighteners. While ceramic hair straighteners are often thought to be the most expensive, there are plenty of reasonably priced, high quality ceramic models available.

Hair straighteners are also sometimes called "flat irons" and they offer adjustable options. There are styles to treat short hair, long hair, fine hair and thick hair. Most of the popular styles of hair straighteners are lightweight yet sturdy, scratch resistant and easy to clean, and many offer an ergonomic design. They are usually made to prevent pulling the hair, tangling and breakage.

The main drawback of hair straighteners is that all varieties can damage hair. It is best not to straighten hair on a daily basis. People who use hair straighteners should also use heat treatment products and condition their hair regularly.

With the large amount of hair straighteners available on the market at the moment how do you know which one would suit you. The prices seem to vary from around the £40 mark up to £90 and beyond. Are all the cheap ones rubbish or are the expensive ones over priced?. Well the answer is it all depends. It all depends on your hair. If your hair is thick and in good condition then you do not need to pay for an expensive straightener, YET! Budget straighteners usually come with metal plates. The trouble with metal plates is that microscopically they are like sandpaper. This surface will eventually damage your hair with repeated use. If, however, you do not intend to use the straightener on a regular basis and only on special occasions AND you have healthy hair already then these budget straighteners can be ideal for you and at price that will make you smile. Ceramic plates however are microscopically smooth and do a much better job of flattening the hair. Ceramic plates also have a more even heat distribution across the plates surface which means that the whole plate is an even temperature. Imagine the disaster if most of the plate was 190ºC and part of it was 210ºC. If your hair was fine then the excess temperature would frazzle your hair! Ceramic plates also heat up and cool down quickly which means that the temperature can be controlled better. If your hair is fine then this will be important to you since temperature is more crucial. Cheap elements have poor control and may not cool quickly enough if the desired temperature is exceeded.

Another problem to consider then is the temperature required. Most high street store straighteners do not reach sufficient temperature to actually work. Unless the straightener reaches temperatures around the 180ºC mark then the styles produced will fall out in a very short time. High temperature straighteners which reach 180ºC will produce a style that will last all day. Along with high temperatures come other problems however. You do not really want to dry your hair our which is what will happen with repeated use of high temperature appliances. If you intend to use your straightener on a regular basis then you need to think about protecting your hair. Ceramic hair oils etc can help protect your hair and should be used with any straightener anyway to help replace the oils that can be lost from your hair when use high temperatures. There are, however, technologies available in the more expensive straighteners that can help. Infra Red radiation produced from some high temperature ceramic plates can help seal the moisture in your hair so that you hair does not loose its condition. Ionic technology breaks down the size of the water molecules on the hairs surface making them smaller and easier for the hair to absorb. This can actually improve the condition of you hair! A combination of both technologies would add moisture to your hair and then seal that moisture in. This will actually improve the condition of dry hair. If you intend to use your straightener on a regular basis then you should look for straighteners that employ some of these technologies.

Normal Hair needs temperatures from 160ºC - 180ºC to straighten it but again protective technologies can increase the temperature that your hair can withstand and therefore a longer lasting effect can be achieved.

If your hair is thick then you will need temperatures higher than 180ºC. This greatly reduces your choice of straightener as cheaper models will not achieve such high temperatures. When using such high temperatures it is important for your hair's condition to use Ceramic plates, preferably with ionic and/or infra red protection. A temperature control will also add to the usability of your straightener giving you more control and peace of mind. You can then increase the temperature up to your required temperature rather than finding out too late that your straightener is too hot for your hair.

Type of Hair Extensions

The type of Hair Extensions you choose will depend on both your needs and your budget. In general, there are 4 major factors to consider when choosing your product.

  1. Price
  2. Purpose
  3. Appearance
  4. Longevity & Maintenance

Here's a bit of detail on each type.

Synthetic Hair Extensions are the least expensive. As a trade-off, they don't look as "high-end" as those made with real hair. However, they can be a good starting point if you don't have a huge budget or if you're just after some temporary length and won't be keeping the extensions in long-term.

Natural Hair Extensions made with human hair are more expensive. They will last a long time and should be considered an investment. Natural hair extensions are made from a few different types of hair.

Asian Hair Extensions can be hard to style and does not receive coloring well. If you're looking for a very straight dark look, then extensions made from Asian hair may be right for you.

European Hair Extensions is generally grown in Italy or Spain and it's very dark and thick to begin with. The hair is dyed with harsh chemicals so that the extensions come in many different colors. These extensions shouldn't be colored once they are attached to your hair. The chemical processes they've undergone make them very sensitive to breakage. Make sure to find a good color match before having them applied.

Virgin Hair Extensions: The best type of hair extensions are made with virgin hair. These are extensions that are all natural - the specific colors are natural and the hairs receive minimal, if any, chemical treatment. Because of this, the hair is still strong and in good condition. Virgin hair is the most expensive. However, if you plan to wear your extensions for a long time, these are the choice for you since they generally last for several years. Natural hair extensions are also hard to come by, so you'll have to look around to get them.

Blends: For an economical but durable option, consider extensions made with a blend of human and synthetic hair. It's a "middle of the road" approach that will give you a more natural look without the huge expense.

Hair Texture

Hair extensions come in a wide variety of textures (particularly the synthetic varieties). You can get everything from poker straight to a curl. Matching the texture to your existing hair is critical for having your extensions look natural.

Application Methods

Clip-in: Temporary strips of hair are clipped onto the base of your natural hair for a quick, often dramatic boost in both length and color. These hair extensions can be easily applied at home. They're generally used for one-time purposes like a night out, or a special event like a wedding.

Wefts: Thin curtains of hair are sewn onto "tracks" (tiny corn-row braids across the back/underneath sections of your hair). After the wefts are attached, the top hair completely covers the handiwork underneath. Wefts can either be machine-made or hand-made. Hand-made is, of course, more expensive, but it's the better option as your extensions will last longer and looks more natural. Your extension artist may even be able to create the wefts for you. The hair used for wefts can be either human or synthetic. This will also play a role in price. Make sure to do some research before you buy and be sure of what you're getting.

Bonded: Small bunches of hair are attached near the root of your natural hair by some sort of adhesive bonding technique (most often by heat fusing with either glue or wax). The intense heat and chemicals used in bonding can cause weakening of your natural hair strands. As your hair grows, the bonds or wefts move down and the extensions must be removed and re-attached by your stylist. So you're looking at maintenance every 2-4 months.

Find a method that is suitable for your hair texture. Some hair extensions are more suited to thicker hair, while some are recommended for fine hair (Invisible brand).

Care and Maintenance of Hair Extensions

Care: Think of your new extensions as your own hair. They should be washed and conditioned every two to three days. Deep condition them occasionally as well, to keep them shiny. Before wetting your hair, make sure that you brush out any knots using a paddle brush. When washing weft extensions, make sure to wash the tracks too. Use a gentle shampoo and cooler water than usual, especially if your extensions have synthetic fibers.

Maintenance: Return to the salon for some maintenance every 2 to 4 months, once your hair has grown about 2 inches. Since the tracks have also grown, they must be redone and the extensions re-attached.

Getting hair extensions is a process that will require some up keeping. Although buying the extensions may be expensive, opt for the best ones you will find since they will last you for a long time. Make sure that your extension artist is experienced. You will want your hair to look natural.

Chemical and heat (i.e., flat irons, bleaching) processes on synthetic hair extensions are NOT a good idea. If you're unsure of the materials your extensions are made of, snip off a few strands and do a test to ensure they can withstand what you have planned.

Removing Hair Extensions

Hair wefts need to be trimmed out by snipping the threads by which they're sewn in. I recall a particularly bad case where a woman had left her weft in WAY too long and it had formed huge mats. It was impossible to remove without taking out some of her hair and she ended up with a big empty space through the back of her hair.

Bonded hair extensions should be removed by the artist who applied them. She'll have a special adhesive remover for the specific product used to bond your extensions.

Prom Hair Style 2008

Advice and Tips for Choosing A Hair Style for Prom

Choosing a prom hair style ranks right up there with choosing a dress. In fact, these two elements work together to create your entire look. There are a few considerations to ensure that your hair style is flattering and compliments your features and your dress.

Consider the following elements when choosing your prom hair style: Just like your day to day hair style, your prom hairstyle should compliment your face shape. It's all about proportion. Here are a few thumb rules.

Long Face Shape - opt for a style with a sweeping bang from a side part and more volume on the sides than on top. Too much height on top will accentuate the length of your face.

Short Face Shape - try a swept back style with some height on top. Leaving some of the hair down in the back and sides will help elongate your face.

Wide Face Shape - leave some hair down at the sides to create length and a narrowing effect.

Heart Shaped Face - wear bangs to cover a wide forehead and allow some hair to pool at the shoulders to create width in the narrowest area of the face.

Dress Style - Proportion is the key here too. If you're wearing a slender dress, choose a hair style in keeping with that silhouette. If your dress is wide on the bottom, make sure you've got a bit of volume to your hairstyle to balance the entire look.

Dress Neckline - The neckline of your dress is critical to consider when choosing your prom hair style. If your dress has an open neckline in the front and back, wearing the bulk of your hair down would look great. However, if the back is covered or the front and back are both closed in, consider wearing most or all of your hair up off the neck. An elegant updo would suit that type of dress very well.

Accessories - Use accessories sparingly in your prom hair style. A few rhinestone hair pins, small flowers, a string of pearls, even a tiara can add character to your style and compliment your dress. Overuse of accessories can look a bit garish, so keep it minimal; just enough for impact.

Hair Texture - Curls are a prom hair style staple and can be done in several shapes and sizes. But they're not the only way to texturize your style. Small braids woven throughout the hair add a unique element. Bone straight hair can look great in an updo, so long as there's a bit of height to it and heaps of shine. Finger waves add a glamorous feel and are great for dressing up shorter hair styles.

Updo or Not - Just because it's a prom hair style doesn't mean it has to be an updo. Hair left down and styled in voluptuous waves can be every bit as glamorous as an updo hair style. Especially with a few select accessories; the larger consideration should be if a style suits your dress, your face shape and your overall theme.

Theme - Your dress will have a certain "feel" to it. Glamorous, funky, classic, etc...Make sure your prom hair style is in keeping with the feel of your dress. You're creating a head to toe look and if an element is off, the look becomes awkward.

Put some thought into how you'd describe your look and design a hair style around that theme. Or relate your theme to your stylist if you're having your hair professionally done. If you are having your hair done by a stylist, bring in a photo of you in your dress. This will help the stylist envision your entire look and make more accurate suggestions.

Consultation - If you're having your hair done at a salon it's a good idea to visit the stylist beforehand for a consultation and/or a trial. Consultations are generally free; the stylist will sit with you, look at photos, discuss your ideas, and share their thoughts on what would look good and be workable on your hair type and face shape.

Trial - A trial is an appointment where the stylist actually does your hair to see if your plans work out to match your vision. The trial appointment is not free, but well worth it to avoid any potential prom day hair disasters. If you have a trial appointment and like the results, take a photo of the finished style. This will help the stylist recall what he/she did to your hair so you end up with the style you want on that important day. Also, double check that the prom hair style booking is with the same stylist that did your trial. Mix-ups happen sometimes and it would be unfortunate to end up with a completely different hair stylist on your prom day.

A final word of advice; avoid anything too trendy for your prom hair style. Trendy is great for every day wear, but your prom is a memorable event that you'll be looking at photos of forever. If you go too trendy, you could be looking back in 5 years saying "What was I thinking?!" Besides, this is a rare opportunity to explore your glamorous side and feel positively stunning in your ensemble. Have a Great Prom!


Summer Hair Care

Your hair needs care!

Sunlight can be as damaging as a hot blow dryer. Here are tips to help your hair bathe in the sun and shine.

Summer is here and with it come all sorts of outdoor, fun activities to do. It is also that time of the year when girls gear up to face hair problems thanks to the heat and humidity – some of which result in hair damage beyond repair. It’s not just your skin that sweats, but also your scalp. With hair sticking together in clumps, heat also dries your hair to make it look like hay. However, don’t panic as hair-care experts have identified all these problems and are ready with hair-care tips to beat the heat and help your hair bathe in the sun and still keep oozing health and fitness.

Summers are meant for vacationing and rejoicing in the sun. But sunlight can be as damaging as a hot blow dryer. Summer sun and humidity can damage your hair cuticles and result in dry, drab, split, brittle or frizzy hair and ends. Therefore, it becomes important to wear a hat when out in the hot sun as hair can get sunburns and so can the scalp. The only way to deal with severely burnt hair is by trimming the damaged sections off. But of course, prevention is the safest plan for sure.

Use shampoos and conditioners which are gentle and have UV protection to prevent your hair from the harmful rays of the sun. It is but natural that when the body sweats due to heat so will the sweat tissues in the scalp. Shampoo your hair on a regular basis – at least 3-4 times a week, but make sure you wash it with lukewarm water because hot water will strip the moisture and proteins leaving your hair dry and fragile. Hair needs to be treated more gently during the summers. Consider switching to an overall gentle shampoo that will cleanse your hair.

Don’t forget to condition your hair each time you shampoo. Shampoos take away the natural moisture from the hair in the bargain; therefore, conditioner is a must as it coats your hair strands, and nourishes, softens and smoothens it. It also helps reduce hair breakage. There are conditioners available in the market which reduce hair fall, and make your hair thick and long, and repair damage.

There cannot be anything better than using natural ingredients like henna and egg, but these are time-consuming and messy. There are a few shampoos and conditioners available in the market that contain natural ingredients and are safe. Curd and egg, no doubt, have been known to be natural conditioners. If your hair is fine or thin, you may wish to skip the rinse out conditioning step and apply a leave-on instead. Just as conditioners nourish your hair, leave-on detangles your hair, making it manageable. There are leave-ons available in the market, which add shine and repair damage. So, whenever you need to style, leave-ons are the best. Apply leave-on before you go out in the sun as it helps give style and also protects your hair from the sun. It also helps reduce frizz in your hair. If you normally use hot hair tools (blow dryers, hot irons, electric curlers) every day, try and give your hair a break during the summer months. Consider air drying your hair.

Take a break from hot curling. For this summer season, get a more manageable hairstyle, something that can be left open or tied up. May be two lengths very short or long, but into layers, as it adds bounce to a style. Keep the strands off your face this summer. As hair strands become greasy and make your face oily by falling on your face. Accessories with clips and you are ready to go. Fringes/bands make you touch your hair often that will result in dandruff and oily skin.

Hair Braid Weaves Extensions

Braid Weaving are the oldest and most popular form of Hair Extensions. This process involves making a small cornrow base and sews the weft hair to the base. The process requires an experienced braider technician, which is a very important part of this process. Without the base is done correctly the Extensions will not last for a standard three month period.

Hair Care Problems

Hair Parts

Did you know that changing your hair part can actually alter the entire look of a hairstyle? For example, middle parts divide the face into two equal portions and create the illusion of length. A side-part will do the opposite: by dividing the face into unequal portions the eye is forced to focus on the larger side, creating the illusion of width. Zigzag parts give a hairstyle more height, hide bad re-growth, and take some focus away from the forehead area/bridge of the nose. Why not change your hair part and check out the difference!

Don't Blow it All Away

To create a better hold use a blow dryer first to get rid of some moisture, and then apply styling products to your slightly damp hair.

Turn Up the Volume

There's a trick to remember about volumising products: always apply them to the roots of your hair. Why? Applying them to the ends will weigh your hair down-and that means no volume.

Hair Color Hold

To maximize the hold your new hair color has on your hair, try not to wash your hair for at least 48 hours after having it colored.

Natural Curls

For a natural finish when creating curls, curl your hair in different directions.

Blow Away Your Styling Time

Ask your stylist to show you the right way to blow-dry your hair. Learning how to blow-dry correctly will cut down on your styling time.

Tangle Troubles

Avoid tangles by using a detangler or leave in conditioner after washing and gently take the knots out with a wide toothed comb, working in small sections and from the ends up.

Keep Hold Of Your Curls

The best time to curl your hair is several hours before any big event so that your hair can settle and give you a great result. A medium to strong hold product will also help to keep your look luscious and to keep the curl in your hair.

Remember To Rinse

It's very important to rinse your shampoo and conditioner extremely well so that your hair isn't left with a dull residue, which will make it harder to style.

Time Saving Color

A hair color which will enhance your natural shade or one that isn't too high maintenance is the perfect way to keep your locks looking fabulous without too much time and effort.

Fuss-Free Styling

To save time and to avoid stressing yourself out, work with your natural hair type, not against it.

Bridal Hair

When having the trial for your wedding hairstyle, be sure to take photos of your hair from every angle possible to ensure that the style is right for you and that it suits your dress.

Product Overload

Overloading your hair with too much product is one of the fastest ways to ruin a newly created hairstyle. For a simple, basic style, a small amount of product is all that is needed and it does go a long way. To avoid adding too much, apply small amounts of product until you have achieved the look and hold that you want and then stop.

Curling Tools

• Use a curling iron for formal styles and defined curls
• Scrunch your hair with mousse for casual curls
• Use heated rollers for big, loose curls

Worried About Going From Long To Short?

Work through the problem by:
• Making the change gradual by having more and more cut off each time your visit your hairdresser
• Visit a hairstylist who knows about short hair and what will work for you
• Find pictures of at least three short styles that you like and have a consultation with your hairdresser beforehand

Wedding Hair

To avoid a "what was I thinking?" moment when looking at your wedding photos in the years to come, choose a hairstyle which is timeless and looks soft, touchable, glossy, healthy and feminine.


When curling your hair, remember to use a curling balm to help reduce frizz and add nourishment to your hair as you style. Curling balm will also ensure that your curls sit better. If you find that your style comes up too curly, try smoothing your hair with a paddle brush to help tame the curls.

Eye Catching Color

Adding panels of contrasting color to your hair is a great way to create interest and an eye catching look. Ask your stylist to show you which color combos will liven up your locks today!

Fly-away Control

Use a paddle brush when blow-drying short hair because the flat design will give you better control over those tiny fly-away pieces.

Styling Brushes

To straighten your hair use a large round brush.
To add body and curl use a small round brush.
For a super sleek look use a flat paddle brush.

Outstanding Up-dos

An up-do will hold better if you style with day old hair. Clean hair is too soft and will stop your style from staying in place.

Flirty Bob's

Bob's are one of the most popular hairstyles and can be given a summery feel by adding a soft and textured finish.

Heat Styling Break

To give your hair a break from heat styling, experiment with up-dos!

Great Cut

The most important factor in hairstyling is a great cut. A good haircut will allow your style to fall into shape naturally and will save you time with styling and product use.


To avoid tangles and strand damage caused by elastic hair bands,
twist your hair up and secure it with pins instead.

Tired and Dried Out Hair

Revitalize your hair in an instant by treating yourself to a professional treatment and blow-dry. Not only will the treatment make you feel better, it will also moisturize and recondition the hair!

Try it today and feel the difference!

Love Your Hair!

Changing your hair can sometimes be a very strenuous task, and as some woman may know, a very interesting learning experience.

But, instead of changing your hair, why not try to maintain your tresses to suit you?

Trimming your hair on a regular basis will help to keep your hair healthy and less frizzy, while using the right products can also help by maintaining the shape and color of your style. Try it today and see the results tomorrow!

Making That Color Last

So, you've just had your hair colored and 2 weeks later it has faded down to a dull shade. This can normally happen when you color your hair with a very vibrant color like red, copper or blonde. To combat color fade, try these simple tips:

1. Use a special color shampoo and conditioner to assist in keeping your color sharper.
2. Try a color treatment once a week to stop your hair drying out.
3. Limit blow-drying to once a week to stop color from fading out.

Feel Good About Your Hair

Is your hair tired? Do you need a new a hairdo? Maybe some color to spice your hair up?

Your hair plays a vital part in your life, and if you are having a bad day, chances are so is your hair. 80% of people say that their hair makes them feel fresh, beautiful and ready for each day. So, to feel good about your hair, try something new today!

Great Gifts

You can never go wrong with a nice shampoo, condition and treatment pack. Most salons stock them year round and some come already wrapped! Remember, everyone needs shampoo!

Blow Drying vs. Chemical Straightening

If you don't like your waves or curls, you can say goodbye in an instant with chemical straighteners.

Creating that perfect look isn't always cheap, however, and you can pay up to $1000 to have flawless straight hair for up to 4 to 6 months. But do you really want to keep spending that amount of money every time?

If you can afford it, great! But if you can't then you can easily find different ways to have perfectly straight hair.

1. Try the large range of different straightening lotions available.
2. Blow-dry your hair. It's great and easy to do.
3. Try a straightening iron.
4. Hot rollers are great if you like a slight, soft curl.

You can try the above ideas, as they are temporary and less costly, but if you really don't like your natural curl, a chemical straightener might be the way to go.

Choosing The Right Shampoo and Conditioner

When choosing a shampoo and conditioner, you need to make sure that you are clear on what your requirements are. Do you have colored hair? Oily roots? Dry scalp or dandruff? Or perhaps sun bleached ends? If you use the incorrect product the results can be disastrous! Be sure to ask your stylist for advice.

Choose The Perfect Straightener

Most straightening irons are stainless steel, which do not protect the hair as well as it should and can lead to breakage, frizz and fly-away. If you are unsure on the right straightening iron for you, here are some tips on how to choose the perfect straighteners.

1. Make sure the plates are ceramic plated (the plates look either gold or white) as this will reduce static and is less drying on your hair.
2. If you don't have a lot of arm strength, buy a thin, light weight straighteners. They may not look like they work, but they are awesome. Because they are weightless you can straighten your hair a lot quicker, and you can use them to get many different styling effects.
3. Cheap is not always best with straightening irons. They will range very differently in price, but be assured that the cheaper it is, the less use you will have for it. So, shop around.

Consultation. Is It Important?

When looking for a new hairstyle, having a consultation with your hairstylist is important. Your hairstylist will look at features such as hair texture, face shape, hair type and condition.

Your hairstylist will also want to know a little about yourself, including details about your lifestyle, family, work, time available for home hair styling and your hairstyle history. It has been estimated that up to 90% of hairstyles go wrong as a result of poor planning and bad communication. So, be as specific as possible!

Razor Cutting

Ask for the latest hairstyle update by using a razor cutting technique. This technique can be applied to any length of hair.

Regular Trims

Keep your mane in great shape with regular six-weekly trims.

Volume Hair

The best time to apply a volumising product is when your hair is towel dried. If you apply a product to wet hair it will dilute it.


Most hair-dryers on the market have a cool shot button which blows a blast of cold air. This will help fix your style into place.

Hair Protection

Always use a heat protection spray before you blow-dry to retain the moisture in your hair.

Straight Hair

When blow-drying hair straight, always use a concentrated nozzle in a downwards direction to keep the hair flat.


Create volume and lift by drying your hair upside down on a low/cool heat setting.

Get Practical

Soften your style by asking your hairdresser for a few layers around the perimeter of your hairline.

Maximize Natural Waves

Create lots of texture by applying gel spray at your roots to achieve lift and volume.

Chemical Hair Straightening

Chemical hair straightening has soared in popularity over the past decade. Although now, a move toward more natural texture in hair is taking place. But the process of chemically straightening hair has improved remarkably during its spell in the limelight.

This page brings to light some important issues to consider before having your hair chemically straightened. Once you've had it done, there's no going back... So get as much info as possible before taking the plunge!

Why Chemicals?

The frizzy nature of curly hair has people everywhere using flat irons on a daily basis to straighten their locks and add some shine. That's a lot of time invested. So, naturally, the notion of permanently straight hair (well, until it grows out) holds appeal. The question is, does chemical hair straightening live up to the ideal?

Unfortunately, many times the answer is "No!"

Probably the most effective chemical hair straightening process is Thermal Reconditioning, which can be a great long-term solution that will cut down (or possibly eliminate) the time required for straightening the hair.

Many other straightening processes leave the hair in a not-curly, not-straight, but plenty frizzy state. From this point, it's easier to smooth out than a tight curl is, but it's also not an option anymore.

With curly hair, on the days when you just don't have the energy for all the styling, you can opt to just wear it curly. Chemically straightened hair generally looks fuzzy and unfinished unless it is styled in some way. So, although chemically straightened hair takes less time to style, it's also somewhat limiting.

A Look at the Chemical Hair Straightening Process:

The Sedu flat iron has revolutionized the world of hair straighteners and is now considered far and away, the best of the best. It is made with Tourmaline technology which produces a huge amount of negative ions, straightening your hair record fast, but without the damage of traditional heat styling.

That's what you're paying for with this iron. Not a brand name or fancy's all about the transformative power the Sedu flat iron has on troublesome hair. The plates glide through the hair, straightening quickly and effectively while boosting shine in a BIG way! There are hoards of user reviews (over 2000) and before/after photos at See what others have to say about this tremendous new tool.

Sedu Ionic Ceramic Tourmaline Flat Iron

First, a Warning: The procedure for permanent hair straightening uses harsh chemicals. It should always be done by a professional hair stylist familiar with the process. You can buy hair relaxing kits to use at home, but it's not recommended. Hair relaxing formulas use harsher chemicals than hair coloring formulas or perms. Straightening hair at home is not as easy as DIY hair coloring. The task should be left to experienced professionals.

Determining Hair Condition

At the salon, the hair professional should begin with a strand test to understand your hair type. The chemical procedure is received better on virgin hair that's had very little damage in the past. Thin hair will require a shorter time to be relaxed while coarse hair may require a longer procedure or harsher chemicals. Your stylist will need to determine this before beginning the process on your hair.

Damaged hair can become dry, brittle and prone to breakage. It will definitely look worse after being chemically straightened. You're better off to grow the unhealthy hair out and wait for new hair to receive the chemical procedure on. Go in with your hair in the best condition possible.

If your hair is damaged and you're determined to have it chemically straightened anyways, take a month or two beforehand to prepare your hair using intense hair reconstructing treatments.

Application: Strong chemicals are applied to the hair, directly on the hair shaft. There are generally two solutions... one to break down the keratin protein bonds in the hair, the other to reset the bonds after the hair has been straightened.

The first solution is applied on dry hair. Then carefully combed through the hair, taking care of not to stretch it. The hair is extremely fragile during this time and should not be disturbed too much.

The solution is generally left on for about 5 to 8 minutes, depending on the hair type and the type of chemical hair straightening solution used.

Once the stylist determines that the keratin bonds are free from their curly nature, s/he will remove the first solution and apply the second, to reset the bonds in the new, straight formation.

Maintenance: After the procedure, it's important to follow your stylist's instructions about after-care. The hair will be fragile and prone to excess breakage. A protein rich shampoo will help maintain the hair's elasticity and shine and increase its strength. Replace moisture by conditioning after each shampoo and weekly reconstructing treatments. Use a quality leave-in conditioner for detangling if necessary.

Depending on your hair growth, touch up applications should be done about twice a year. Avoid further chemical treatments, like bleach or permanent hair coloring. If you need to color your hair, use a semi-permanent. They're much gentler on the hair and may actually help to improve the appearance of damaged hair by adding shine and evening out color.

Although chemical hair straightening can dramatically reduce your styling time, there's still a lot of effort required to keep your hair looking good and minimize damage.

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