Hair Care Problems

Hair Parts

Did you know that changing your hair part can actually alter the entire look of a hairstyle? For example, middle parts divide the face into two equal portions and create the illusion of length. A side-part will do the opposite: by dividing the face into unequal portions the eye is forced to focus on the larger side, creating the illusion of width. Zigzag parts give a hairstyle more height, hide bad re-growth, and take some focus away from the forehead area/bridge of the nose. Why not change your hair part and check out the difference!

Don't Blow it All Away

To create a better hold use a blow dryer first to get rid of some moisture, and then apply styling products to your slightly damp hair.

Turn Up the Volume

There's a trick to remember about volumising products: always apply them to the roots of your hair. Why? Applying them to the ends will weigh your hair down-and that means no volume.

Hair Color Hold

To maximize the hold your new hair color has on your hair, try not to wash your hair for at least 48 hours after having it colored.

Natural Curls

For a natural finish when creating curls, curl your hair in different directions.

Blow Away Your Styling Time

Ask your stylist to show you the right way to blow-dry your hair. Learning how to blow-dry correctly will cut down on your styling time.

Tangle Troubles

Avoid tangles by using a detangler or leave in conditioner after washing and gently take the knots out with a wide toothed comb, working in small sections and from the ends up.

Keep Hold Of Your Curls

The best time to curl your hair is several hours before any big event so that your hair can settle and give you a great result. A medium to strong hold product will also help to keep your look luscious and to keep the curl in your hair.

Remember To Rinse

It's very important to rinse your shampoo and conditioner extremely well so that your hair isn't left with a dull residue, which will make it harder to style.

Time Saving Color

A hair color which will enhance your natural shade or one that isn't too high maintenance is the perfect way to keep your locks looking fabulous without too much time and effort.

Fuss-Free Styling

To save time and to avoid stressing yourself out, work with your natural hair type, not against it.

Bridal Hair

When having the trial for your wedding hairstyle, be sure to take photos of your hair from every angle possible to ensure that the style is right for you and that it suits your dress.

Product Overload

Overloading your hair with too much product is one of the fastest ways to ruin a newly created hairstyle. For a simple, basic style, a small amount of product is all that is needed and it does go a long way. To avoid adding too much, apply small amounts of product until you have achieved the look and hold that you want and then stop.

Curling Tools

• Use a curling iron for formal styles and defined curls
• Scrunch your hair with mousse for casual curls
• Use heated rollers for big, loose curls

Worried About Going From Long To Short?

Work through the problem by:
• Making the change gradual by having more and more cut off each time your visit your hairdresser
• Visit a hairstylist who knows about short hair and what will work for you
• Find pictures of at least three short styles that you like and have a consultation with your hairdresser beforehand

Wedding Hair

To avoid a "what was I thinking?" moment when looking at your wedding photos in the years to come, choose a hairstyle which is timeless and looks soft, touchable, glossy, healthy and feminine.


When curling your hair, remember to use a curling balm to help reduce frizz and add nourishment to your hair as you style. Curling balm will also ensure that your curls sit better. If you find that your style comes up too curly, try smoothing your hair with a paddle brush to help tame the curls.

Eye Catching Color

Adding panels of contrasting color to your hair is a great way to create interest and an eye catching look. Ask your stylist to show you which color combos will liven up your locks today!

Fly-away Control

Use a paddle brush when blow-drying short hair because the flat design will give you better control over those tiny fly-away pieces.

Styling Brushes

To straighten your hair use a large round brush.
To add body and curl use a small round brush.
For a super sleek look use a flat paddle brush.

Outstanding Up-dos

An up-do will hold better if you style with day old hair. Clean hair is too soft and will stop your style from staying in place.

Flirty Bob's

Bob's are one of the most popular hairstyles and can be given a summery feel by adding a soft and textured finish.

Heat Styling Break

To give your hair a break from heat styling, experiment with up-dos!

Great Cut

The most important factor in hairstyling is a great cut. A good haircut will allow your style to fall into shape naturally and will save you time with styling and product use.


To avoid tangles and strand damage caused by elastic hair bands,
twist your hair up and secure it with pins instead.

Tired and Dried Out Hair

Revitalize your hair in an instant by treating yourself to a professional treatment and blow-dry. Not only will the treatment make you feel better, it will also moisturize and recondition the hair!

Try it today and feel the difference!

Love Your Hair!

Changing your hair can sometimes be a very strenuous task, and as some woman may know, a very interesting learning experience.

But, instead of changing your hair, why not try to maintain your tresses to suit you?

Trimming your hair on a regular basis will help to keep your hair healthy and less frizzy, while using the right products can also help by maintaining the shape and color of your style. Try it today and see the results tomorrow!

Making That Color Last

So, you've just had your hair colored and 2 weeks later it has faded down to a dull shade. This can normally happen when you color your hair with a very vibrant color like red, copper or blonde. To combat color fade, try these simple tips:

1. Use a special color shampoo and conditioner to assist in keeping your color sharper.
2. Try a color treatment once a week to stop your hair drying out.
3. Limit blow-drying to once a week to stop color from fading out.

Feel Good About Your Hair

Is your hair tired? Do you need a new a hairdo? Maybe some color to spice your hair up?

Your hair plays a vital part in your life, and if you are having a bad day, chances are so is your hair. 80% of people say that their hair makes them feel fresh, beautiful and ready for each day. So, to feel good about your hair, try something new today!

Great Gifts

You can never go wrong with a nice shampoo, condition and treatment pack. Most salons stock them year round and some come already wrapped! Remember, everyone needs shampoo!

Blow Drying vs. Chemical Straightening

If you don't like your waves or curls, you can say goodbye in an instant with chemical straighteners.

Creating that perfect look isn't always cheap, however, and you can pay up to $1000 to have flawless straight hair for up to 4 to 6 months. But do you really want to keep spending that amount of money every time?

If you can afford it, great! But if you can't then you can easily find different ways to have perfectly straight hair.

1. Try the large range of different straightening lotions available.
2. Blow-dry your hair. It's great and easy to do.
3. Try a straightening iron.
4. Hot rollers are great if you like a slight, soft curl.

You can try the above ideas, as they are temporary and less costly, but if you really don't like your natural curl, a chemical straightener might be the way to go.

Choosing The Right Shampoo and Conditioner

When choosing a shampoo and conditioner, you need to make sure that you are clear on what your requirements are. Do you have colored hair? Oily roots? Dry scalp or dandruff? Or perhaps sun bleached ends? If you use the incorrect product the results can be disastrous! Be sure to ask your stylist for advice.

Choose The Perfect Straightener

Most straightening irons are stainless steel, which do not protect the hair as well as it should and can lead to breakage, frizz and fly-away. If you are unsure on the right straightening iron for you, here are some tips on how to choose the perfect straighteners.

1. Make sure the plates are ceramic plated (the plates look either gold or white) as this will reduce static and is less drying on your hair.
2. If you don't have a lot of arm strength, buy a thin, light weight straighteners. They may not look like they work, but they are awesome. Because they are weightless you can straighten your hair a lot quicker, and you can use them to get many different styling effects.
3. Cheap is not always best with straightening irons. They will range very differently in price, but be assured that the cheaper it is, the less use you will have for it. So, shop around.

Consultation. Is It Important?

When looking for a new hairstyle, having a consultation with your hairstylist is important. Your hairstylist will look at features such as hair texture, face shape, hair type and condition.

Your hairstylist will also want to know a little about yourself, including details about your lifestyle, family, work, time available for home hair styling and your hairstyle history. It has been estimated that up to 90% of hairstyles go wrong as a result of poor planning and bad communication. So, be as specific as possible!

Razor Cutting

Ask for the latest hairstyle update by using a razor cutting technique. This technique can be applied to any length of hair.

Regular Trims

Keep your mane in great shape with regular six-weekly trims.

Volume Hair

The best time to apply a volumising product is when your hair is towel dried. If you apply a product to wet hair it will dilute it.


Most hair-dryers on the market have a cool shot button which blows a blast of cold air. This will help fix your style into place.

Hair Protection

Always use a heat protection spray before you blow-dry to retain the moisture in your hair.

Straight Hair

When blow-drying hair straight, always use a concentrated nozzle in a downwards direction to keep the hair flat.


Create volume and lift by drying your hair upside down on a low/cool heat setting.

Get Practical

Soften your style by asking your hairdresser for a few layers around the perimeter of your hairline.

Maximize Natural Waves

Create lots of texture by applying gel spray at your roots to achieve lift and volume.


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