Glue in Hair Extensions or Sew in Hair Weave

Sew in Hair Weave on Natural Hair

This has been previously written but I want to take it a step further. I've never had sew-in weave but I like the idea of additional length without the wear and tear on my hair and without Micro Braids if possible. So with my hair being 100% natural now, can I have ALL of my hair sewn in and it still look 'right'? A lot of the directions I have read say to leave the edges out. And either flat iron them or micro braid them. How do you wash the hair? This is something that I always wondered even with micro braids. I would assume much diluted shampoo but what technique. I would be using human hair I suppose. Also how long does the sew-in last and how best to keep it so it does last.

I have natural hair, and I get sew in weaves from time to time. I always leave out my hair from crown to the base, and around the back of the hairline (for when I want to put it in a ponytail). I wash it using Biolage shampoo and conditioner (or you can use Cream of nature). When blow drying, I use an Aveda brush along with the blow dryer and go section by section. My weaves last for a while, and I wash them every week. I treat it like its mines, and everyone thinks it is even other stylists.

Do you want to get a straight hair weave, as opposed to an afro weave? If so then you definitely have to sew in all the hair. My hair is relaxed but I have done it before. I think it looks less natural and more like you are wearing a wig, but it’s not bad at all. Washing your hair with a weave in it is possible; you just have to be real gentle. Also you want to make sure that the hair is tangle free, because a lot of human hair tangles up bad, when you wash it often.

Well, I was a big fan of sewn in weave. My hair is natural curly ad I used the wavy or curly hair. I would only leave out enough hair around the edges to cover the track. I wore all sorts of styles, short and long. I would start with long hair so I could cut it in a few weeks ad wear a bob or something like that. Washing the hair is like washing your own only you don’t want to tangle it. You are basically washing your scalp unless you are using gels and lotions n the hair. Don’t forget to condition the hair if using human hair, which is the best for maintaining a natural look that’s lasting. Many hair stylists will wash and style the hair for you.

How long should I keep a sewn in hair weave in my hair?

I just got a sewn weave the beginning of September. I used Sensational bone straight yaki style and wanted to know how long I should keep the extensions in my hair. Also I usually get my hair relaxed, but I am trying not to do it as often because I was told that it becomes very weak after repeated use of hair relaxers. Is it best to alternate between hair extensions and hair relaxers?

I have kinky type hair and it gets very dry. I am trying to look for ways to make my hair more manageable and healthy. Is this possible for my hair type? What products should I use for my hair?

Depending on how well you take care of your weave, you should be able to keep it in for 6-8 weeks. If you feel like your weave needs to be refreshed, you can go to a stylist to have your weave tightened and washed/styled.

It is possible for your hair type to be manageable and healthy, but that depends on you, and how you take care of yourself and your hair. Start by eating healthily, drinking lots of water and getting some kind of exercise.

As far as your hair, wash and condition it once a week. Give yourself hot oil treatments and deep conditioning treatments- alternate these, with hot oil one week and deep conditioning the next week. Also use protein treatments either the week before or the week after you relax your hair. Your stylist may be able to do this for you for an extra $10-$20. Get your dead/split ends trimmed (about 1/8 of an inch) every time you get a relaxer. Use as little heat as possible because curling irons and blow-dryers can be damaging if used too much. Use products that have no alcohol (or little alcohol) because it is drying. This means staying away from spritz and hairspray. Oil sheen is okay though. Stay away from mineral oil as much as possible because this clogs the pores in the scalp. Other than that, use whatever products work for you. Elasta QP, Dudleys, Keracare, Mizani, Cream of Nature, Motions and Paul Mitchell are good product lines, but you don't have to limit yourself to these lines. These are just popular brands for African American hair.

You can alternate between relaxing and weaves. The weaves will give you a break from styling and manipulating your hair too much.

With regular maintenance you should be able to keep the weave in for six months. Providing that you get it washed and set regularly and your beautician tightens the tracks as needed. She will also relax your hair as needed. However you should take it out when you are ready and trust me you will know when it is time.

Nutrine Garlic Conditioner- Use the one in the jar it costs about $6.99. This will make your hair super soft. Two ways to use:

1. Wash your hair yourself before you going to the beauty parlour and put this in your hair. Cover with plastic cap. Reason being: I like to deep condition my hair for as long as possible

2. Let your beautician apply it in put you under the dryer for 15-20 minutes,

How do you close the top part of a Hair Weave when sewing in hair: I am trying a different way of sewing in hair weave and I am going to try the around the world brading and I am not sure how to close the top of the hair weave.

In order to achieve a full head weave without the use of a closure piece, you use the cornrow-based or "bee-hive" technique. Starting at the crown of the head, you cornrow the hair in a continuous circle around the head. Make sure the cornrows are small, and tightly together. When the entire head is braided, it will take the form of a bee-hive. Once this is done, starting in the very back of the head, sew the weave onto the braids. Follow along in the same direction on the braids (around the head) until you reach the very top (crown) of your head (where the braids end). At the crown of you head, there should be a very small circle with the track exposed. You sew that small area together to close up the weave, and hide the track.

Glue in hair extensions or Sew in weave: Right now I have clip-in extensions and I wear them daily and it’s getting to be a pain to take them in and out everyday and night. And since its summer, I’m going to be swimming quite a lot, so I am going to have to take them in and out more.

I've been looking into glue-in extensions and sew in weaves. But, I am not sure which one to choose.
Which one last longer?
Which one is less expensive?
Which one hurts less?
Which one would you choose?

Trust me that sew-ins are better. I've actually braided my hair and sewn in the tracks myself. I don't know what these people are talking about saying that getting a sew-in hurts. If it hurts, then that person doing your hair is not doing it right. The only thing that might hurt is if your hairstylist accidentally pokes you with the needle.

My tracks were only $7 and I took down my tracks after a month because I didn't want to wash my hair while it was braided or with the tracks in.

Depending on the quality of your tracks and your hair type (whether its nappy or straight), it will determine how long the tracks will last.

You don't have to have the same type of tracks as your hair. My hair is course and nappy, and the hair from the tracks are bone straight. None of my hair had to be left out in order to get the sew-in.

I never put glue in my hair. I wouldn't advise you to either. You stated that you were going to swim. If your hair gets wet, the glue might weaken and well, your tracks my come out. That's just total embarrassment right there. Don't get glue. It brings out your hair. Personally I think that sew-ins are less damaging to the scalp.

In my opinion, sew-ins is the best for the hair. It is much less damaging than glue. You still have to take care of your hair underneath a sew in by keeping it clean and moisturized. My experience with glue is that you cannot take care of your hair underneath or shampoo it because the weave will come out.

Sew-ins when done right, protect your hair and give your hair time from applying products and heat. Disadvantage is for it to look most natural you have to leave some of your natural hair out and if your weave is straight you have to straighten your natural hair more often to blend better. Sew-ins last longer then glue and are much more secure. Glue-ins sometimes are more damaging to your hair unless you glue the hair to a stocking cap (when if this isn’t done the right way is just as damaging as applying it directly to your hair). Definitely stay away from that black latex glue, go with LG. Glue-ins are quicker to do and are more ideal for when you are doing a tara cut weave. Plus with a glue in your can mold your hair down before you glue the hair on this will avoid the "lumpy weave bumps". Both have advantages and disadvantages you have to weight them out and see what works for you

Glued In:
-They last about a month or two, depending on how well you take care of your hair.
-They can cost between 100-400 dollars, and that depends on how long they are, how many tracks are used, what quality they are, whether you do them yourself or get them done professionally, etc.
-Glue in ones can rip out your hair, burn your scalp when you apply them with hot glue, etc.
-I would definitely say no to these.

Sewn In:
-These can last between 3-6 months, depending on how well you take care of them.
-These can cost between 500-1,000 dollars. Possibly less, but I'm not sure. Also, it depends on the things I mentioned about the Glue In ones.
-They hurt like all hell if you've never gotten a weave before.
-I wouldn't chose this either.

My opinion is to just stick with clip-ins. I have the clip in ones. I know how much of a pain it is to put them in and take them out every day. If for some reason though you should decide one day you don’t want to wear your extensions, you don't have to. Glue-Ins and Weaves you have no choice. If you know you're going to be swimming or something where you can't wear your extensions, just don't bother wearing them for the day.

Sewn in Hair Weave is best because like my head hurts right now but its like whatever it hurts for like 2 days and my weave last about 2-3 months like I wash it and oil it and swim and all that good stuff but like when u get a full head sew in they braid all your real hair then sew the fake hair so therefore you don’t hair to worry about anything except your edges. You should get some really good hair mine was 50bucks for a pack but that’s cheap to me they have hair from 7 bucks to 400 bucks but the cheap hair is synthetic and will melt if you put heat on it and like 40bucks and up is human hair. the inches for the hair start at 10 then it goes 12 14 16 18 24 and so on. You can die human hair press it flat iron it and etc. I just got my hair done yesterday and will keep it until school starts back. So yes, it’s easy to take out! So just make sure you get some body that does hair really good and who does their own weave; so you can judge it and see if you like it. Hope I helped you all!

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