Glue/Bond based Hair Extensions

Glue / Bond based Attachments

D'Vine Lengths: is a hair extension system that matches to the contour of your head. This system is very flat. The inventor claims that this system is virtually undetectable even in fine, thin hair. The bonds are flexible what makes them comfortable as you sleep. The New innovative interlocking system eliminates slipping and shedding. With these hair extensions every strand can be reused.

So.Cap. USA hair extensions: This method introduces innovative and advanced equipment in the field of cold fusion, 'Flat Ice'. The hair extensions are attached using the highest standard of ultra sound technology combined with a very easy and practical use of the machine. It works by transforming the electrical signal sent by the main unit into waves that soften the keratin. So.Cap. USA hair is available in 81 colors which are available in straight, wavy and curly. Each strand of hair is 100% unprocessed human hair with no silicone coat.

Donna Bella hair extensions: Donna Bella Milan is known amongst hair professional's world wide for its certified remy human hair. Besides trading raw human hair for both wigs and extensions, Donna Bella also manufactures their own unique line of products. The Kera-Link system is applied using a flat-tipped heat tool that fuses the extension into the client's hair. The European formulated bond comes in a flat shape that can be cut into smaller pieces making it very difficult to see.

Great Lengths hair extensions: This method is based on a gentle principle, 'modulating'. The attachment of the hair strand to your own hair is composed of polymer chains whose molecular structure is very similar to that of human hair. A special applicator joins the strand with your hair. Easy to install and remove by an expert. Great lengths uses the highest quality hair available.

Invisible Hair extensions: The Extension is a skin replica. An air tight, water tight seal is created allowing 5-8 weeks of attachment. “Skin” base is adhered directly to your scalp by the use of an medical grade adhesive. Your hair will continue to grow out while the grafted hair addition remains attached to your scalp. It can be re-used and brushed in any direction. This method can be used if you have "baby fine" hair.

Cinderella hair extensions: These extensions are attached to your own hair at low temperature with a protein-moulded bond. The bonds are strong and flexible and made of protein that is not harmful for your hair. In general a high hair quality is used with these extensions.

Ultratress hair extensions: This application method can be used on areas on the head where ordinary extension can't. A polymer bond is used for the attachment.

Mega hair extensions: With this method a keratin based hi-tech adhesive is used for application. Because the bonds are slightly thicker this method is not recommended if you have very thin hair.

Ultra Strands hair extensions: This is a bond attachment like Great Lengths and Cinderella. The bond is made of a different material but can be small and long lasting.

Racoon hair extensions: This technique uses a 'hot bond' method. The bonding material has been specifically designed for hair extensions and provides a balance between strength, durability and, importantly, ease of removal. The bond is kind to the hair during application and equally gentle on removal.

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Sanya said...

Very nice n informative Blog.

Bobby said...

Very Good Information! Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

Great info, removing hair extension glue is a very serious issue, that so many women take lightly. Your hair can become more damaged or thin if your hair extensions are improperly removed.

Also for FYI...There is a product called Take Down Remover Cream that was specifically designed to get the hair glue out and SAVE your hair.

Also if you leave your extensions in tooo long and your hair gets a bit matted or tangled in the extensions-the Take Down Remover will detangle your hair safely as well.

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