NON Glue/Bond Hair Extensions

NON Glue/Bond Hair Extensions

Donna Bella hair extensions: The I-Link system is applied using micro links. Donna Bella has two types of links that come in different sizes. Their most popular is the "non-slip" link that is threaded on the inside which secures the extension without damaging the client's hair.

Micro-cylinder hair extensions: This gentle attachment method does not involve glues, heat, or chemicals. Tiny tubes (micro-cylinders) are used to attach the strands with a special technique to your own hair. It’s easy to install and easy to remove by an expert. Applied in the correct way this is a strong and safe method that will not damage your own hair. This method can also be used for weft extensions. The cylinders come in different sizes and colors but also in different qualities. This method can be used with the highest hair quality and with hair of a lesser quality, it depends on the salon.

Microchet hair extensions: One of the latest inventions in the field of hair extensions is a very gentle thread technique that is virtually undetectable. The process is quick and easy with no pulling or stress and no damage to your own hair. It is very comfortable and light, you can hardly feel it yourself. The attachment is so small that it can be applied on very thin hair and on areas of the head (temples, mid scalp, fore head) where most other systems can not. High quality human hair is used.

Invisible Strands: The extension hair is applied to a strand of your own hair using dental floss; the floss is then removed leaving an invisible strand. A sealant is applied to each extension to ensure that it lasts the duration of the process. The technician said that this method lasts from 8 months to a year. It could take 3 to 8 days to complete with 2 specialists working on your hair. The process does not cause damage to your hair. You care for your hair like normal.

ProHair Extensions: A gentle method of attaching synthetic hair extensions without the use glues or chemicals. The ProHair is braided into the hair using a 3 stem braid close to the root area; some of the extension fiber is wrapped around the braid and then heated with the ProStyles Heat Clamp. The ProHair shrinks around the braid locking it in place and preventing it from unravelling. Removal is easy as well, simply twist the heat seal until it fractures then the extension slides out without any damage to the client’s hair. Gentle because it does not rely on tension or chemicals for application or removal. It is also suitable for all hair types European, Asian or Afro. ProStyles are the inventers of this method.

FLhair™ Xtensions Strand by Sstrand: This method utilizes a custom designed micro-cylinder shell. Small, weightless and strong each shell’s interior is coated with a Silicone compound to protect the hair from any compression stress. The outer shell is colored co-ordinate to match the hair color for truly sightless, gentle dependable connections. The uniqueness of this method is all the Remy Hair Strands come fully prepared with a shell and threader attached. It can be used for length or volume on all hair types, excluding medical hair loss. FLhair™ Xtensions Strand by Strand method makes it affordable and dependable for the stylist and client.

TemBond™ Hair Extension System: This gentle, non-adhesive bonding method is a process in which you dip and attach strands of extension hair to your own. The patent-pending TemBond™ is uniquely designed to create a secure hold for the extension strands without actually binding to the natural hair, giving the wearer a temporary bond that can be worn for months and applied themselves. Working with all hair types, and allowing reuse of the extension hair, the natural and non-toxic TemBond™ can be removed without chemicals or tools.

HairXtend hair extensions: Attachment is done with skilful manual application using a soft silicon pad that does not stress your hair. They supply only 100% cuticle hair.

Hairlocs hair extensions: This method is based on the same principle as micro-cylinder. No heat, no glue or polymer is used. The tubes are larger and have a different shape than the micro-cylinder but both are tightened to create the attachment.

Individual braiding: In this time consuming method extension hair is braided into your own hair.

Hair Extensions: The Hair Extension Guide is the most used hair extension resource on the Internet today. For the largest salon directory and everything you need to know about hair extensions.

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