Steps for Braiding Hair

Steps for Braiding Someone Else's Hair or the Front Section of Your Own Hair

Step 1:

Begin by applying a styling gel, mousse or pomade to clean, damp hair and blow drying it as smooth as possible. Braiding hair that hasn’t been washed that day and already has hair products in it also works well.

Step 2:

Divide tangle-free hair into three even sections. Place the left section between your left index finger and thumb, let the middle section hang free and place the right section between your right index finger and thumb. This will begin to create the hair braids.

Step 3:

Grab the middle section with your right middle finger and pull it so it passes behind the right section. Extend your right thumb and index finger so the portion of hair therein becomes the middle section.

Step 4:

Use the left middle finger to pull the middle section behind the left section. Extend or straighten the left index finger and thumb to make the left section become the middle section. Pay careful attention to the smoothness and tension of your hair braid sections.

Step 5:

Shift the portion of hair hooked in the right middle finger so it sits between the right index finger and thumb. Repeat the process, then shift the portion of the hair hooked in the left middle finger so it sits between the left index finger and thumb.

Step 6:

Continue until you achieve the desired length of the hair braid. Make a tighter, more compact braid by pulling the middle section into a horizontal line as you pull it to the right or left. For a loose, elongated braid, simply shift the middle section to the right or left, letting it remain in a vertical line.

Step 7:

Tie off the ends of the hair braid with a covered rubber band. Add a bow or barrette when appropriate.

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