Braiding the Back of Your Own Hair

Braiding the Back of Your Own Hair

Step 1:

Style the front of your hair, including bangs, wisps and tendrils, before you begin your hair braid. Divide tangle-free hair into three even sections.

Step 2:

Lift your left elbow to shoulder height and make a thumbs-down fist around the left portion of hair. Do the same on the right side, letting the middle portion lie against your spine.

Step 3:

Extend your left index finger and hook the right section of hair. Pull it in front of the middle section, letting it slip completely out of the right hand. Grab the middle section of hair with your right hand, pull it to the right side, then resume the thumbs-down fist position with both hands.

Step 4:

Extend your right index finger, hook the far left portion of hair and let it slip completely out of the left hand. Shift the portion of hair in your left hand into a thumbs-down fist, then free up the left index finger. Make a thumbs-down fist with your right hand, and then use your left index finger to hook the far right portion. Try and keep the tension on each section of your hair braid as even as possible for best results.

Step 5:

Continue the process until the braid is complete. To braid very long hair, you may have to free a hand to pull the portions through. Secure the developing braid by pressing your knuckles into it as you shift your hands for the next cross.

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