Hair Weave Sewn

Hair Weave Sewn
Sewn in Hair Weave
Hair Weave Sewn

A woman's hair is often seen as a symbol of beauty and personality. For aeons, women were hair extensions (tissue), for the natural beauty of their hair and uniqueness. Hair weaves always enjoyed popularity among women of color. In recent years, more and more stars and celebrities to begin experimenting with new hairstyles, hair weaves are still pervasive. How hair coloring, a hair weave is relatively simple and non-invasive, nature and how to alter your appearance. However, if you consider a weaving your normal hair, it is very important that your opportunities to see and understand the effects of certain hairstyles on your natural barriers. It is also imperative that you precautions to take steps to reduce the risk of physical damage to your scalp and hair. There are several steps to build your hair:

Step 1: Choosing a Hair Type

Prior to weaving, it is important to know that the nature of hair to customize your own ideas likely to affect serious, realistic and attractive as extensions of your appearance. Extensions and weaves in both synthetic and natural forms, and you want well above the appearance of your choice and lifestyle prior to the election of a hair. Synthetic (plastic), has used her hair, especially for twisted or braided styles. However, synthetic hair is ideal for a more flowing freely because they did not want the physical appearance and counterfeiting is easily detected. It can also cause damage to your normal hair and irritate the skin. The human hair is more suitable for use with fluid forms free. There are many different types of human hair in the selection: Asia, Europe and Virgin / Raw hair. Your personal preference, the type of hair, the costs and limitations to determine what kind of extension you and your stylist wants?

Step 2: Choose a Hair Application Method

Then you need to decide whether you want your extensions in one way or in wefts. In one way straight methods, small groups of hairs, perhaps 20-50 strands, and then implementation of those sections to your own hair. The hair is the heat on concentrations, glue, clamping, or waxes. Most of different methods involve normal hair, coating with foreign substances, and extensions. These styles last only a few months before being removed, and be used again.

Instead strands of each application, you can choose whether your extensions in the form of cuts. A projectile is a group of hair is connected permanently to the head, like a curtain, and flowing freely at the bottom (you can hear often, people focus on runways cuts). Cups come in two forms: machinery and hand-product. As you might imagine, those who have hand and, of course, are more expensive than those acting on the machine produced. Machine cuts, colors and in all sizes and are cut off after they have your normal hair. Handmade, physics, they are haircuts your custom template and built-in your head and scalp. Cups can be reached about adhesives, heat fusion or sewing.

Step 3: Choose an Attachment/Bonding Method

After picking up a hair type and its application method, you have to decide how you want the weave to be attached to your hair. There are 3 types of basic hair weaving:

Braided Weaving:

In a braided fabric, your hair braided nature along the scalp in small letters horizontal cornrows. This plaits, in the middle of your scalp and may not be visible. The peak of the dry zone, known under the name of the Crown, he refers to the highest Plait what makes him invisible. Secondly, the hair that you have chosen, it is sewn with plaits, which led to serious weaving and your own hair combed extensions over the mixture, so that the number of po-braid is on the amount of hair that you want to add and stylists, how you think that the weaving is better simulate your hair. A braided fabric lasts about two months and, if properly handled, can actually the growth of hair on the assumption that it is not too heavy and shoot your hair naturally. Another advantage is the elimination of the whole chemical process, or heating, which can cause damage to the nature of the hair. However, it is important to ensure that this kind of spider accurate. When the braids are too tight or whether the extension too hard, there is a high risk of his own hair. They must also be careful, keep the areas around the braid to be dry and brittle. It is recommended that the application of the oil in the areas of the scalp around plaits, in order to avoid too early and broken, barren.

Bonded Weaving:

Bonded weaving is another popular method for the use of extensions. In the process, the hair is first divided into small sections and a collage glue used to the filling of the natural hair near the scalp. The adhesive should be used sparingly and your stylist should consist of the quantities on your scalp. This method can be tricky, and the risk of damage to your hair especially when it is removed. Do you want to be careful if you choose this method, because some are known to the reactions to the solution of collage? It is therefore recommended that the adhesive to test on a small piece of skin, do it on your entire head. Bonded spins normally last between one and two months before they begin to loosen their own leaders. However, it is recommended that you return to your stylists to remove from a specialist. The process of elimination is important that you do not want your hair from the natural course of the national.

Fusion Weaving:

Another possibility is a fusion weaving where your hair is natural in small sections; the extensions are attached with the help of natural hair hot wax. Fusion tends to take longer more, 2-3 months, and is also slightly more expensive. In this method, there is no way in the weaving to hide when the hair seems more and more of the scalp and it seems completely.


Although hair extensions are a very good opportunity to increase the fine, of course, hair, it can also lead to what the hair and scalp damage. In addition, many women do not know that for the duration can be beautiful, serious along extensions also provides additional pressure on the scalp. This pressure can pull hair, and can lead to what long-term damage in the form of pre - and depletion of mature baldness. That is why, when you try to long hair, you may think seriously potential obstacles could lead to extensions long hair dryer in your quest. However, if you simply want a new "look" for a few months, and who are willing to lose maybe some of your normal hair, with extensions, to forge a hair can be a great solution.

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