Fake Eyebrows

Choosing Fake Eyebrows

There are many reasons why men and women choose false eyebrows. In some cases, it can experiment with different forms of the head, grow, expand or a costume. Many people, who suffer from hair loss, get the effects on their eyebrows also.

Some reasons for eyebrow hair loss are:

1. Different hair loss medical conditions
2. Hormone imbalances or thyroid problems
3. Medical treatments such as chemotherapy or anesthesia
4. Infections or parasites that affect the follicles
5. Overly aggressive plucking that eventually damages follicles and inhibits hair growth
6. Naturally thin or patchy brows due to personal genetics

Whatever the cause, the loss of eyebrows can be psychologically devastating. Eyebrows are frames to the eyes and it places many expressions, and that the balance against other aesthetic features of the face, individuals, as heavy or embarrassing. Fake eyebrows may be the answer.

Makeup / Hair:

Eye-Brows can be drawn in with makeup.

The easiest way for false brewing is to create and become familiar with Eyeliner eyebrow or pens. This is an excellent way for the temporary loss of hair like a undesirable patch by plucking it. During the exchange with the eyebrows, makeup, always with the clearest possible, the pencil to create fine lines, a bit like the individual hairs, and for beauty products, resistance indelible.

For many people, but with makeup to create fronts, it is not only time, but the effects are far from being satisfactory, with the help of real hair. Make-up must often new and may be requested or soiling. For large eyebrows, makeup lack texture and depth of real hair, eyebrows even more evident bad that no eyebrows. In such cases, true Fake eyebrows, from human hair is a more desirable option.

Choose the Best Eye-Brows

When choosing false eyebrows, it is important to remember some points:

Eye-Brow Color: They are basically 1-2 shades lighter or darker than your scalp hair. Blondes and individuals with light-colored hair may have darker brows, while brunettes or individuals with dark hair may have lighter brows. For authenticity, the brow should use more than a single color – 1-2 different shades will add depth and texture to the hair.

Eye-Brow Shape: The eyebrow should frame the brow bone, with the arch positioned in proper alignment with the eyelid and nose. A brow shape that is too curvy or too sharp will only draws attention to it rather than enhance the whole face.

Skin Color: Most human hair fake eyebrows are corresponding to a thin, precisely to the carriers of the color of the skin. Free or translucent bases are also available, but make sure that they are not bright or otherwise identified.

Attachment Method: Some false eyebrows come with a peel-away sticky backing, while others require application of specialized glue. Individuals with sensitive skin or allergies should not use the chemicals which are used for the adhesive to avoid potentially dangerous reactions.

Eye-Brow Construction: The best brows will be manufactured with natural growth in mind; the individual hairs will be properly aligned to simulate true eyebrows rather than just attempting to cover space.

Caring for Fake Eyebrows:

False eyebrows, as well as physical eyebrows, must be well maintained, even in the future of their best. In the first application of eyebrows, make sure that in space and symmetrical in the face, to avoid trying to adapt or position, if possible. Depending on the glue, eyebrows should be allowed, with a minimum of movement (or extreme touching expressions) for 10-60 minutes.

Most false mixing can be reduced or before the application has been submitted for sizes and individual preferences, but not to pick, tweeze, threads, or otherwise making fronts, they were once on the skin. This may be inadvertently deleted more than hair and you want to damage to the front Fake is, in general, is not reversible.

Most fake eyebrows quality of care can be removed once and for reuse. With proper management, eyebrows, can last for several weeks, so people whose face hair loss, the confidence and security of the natural look with a minimum of effort.

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