What are Hair Extensions?

What are Hair Extensions?

Hair extensions are a creation of several innovative techniques that may be used separately or in combination with each other to add length and fullness to your existing hair. I use methods that insure no or minimal damage to the client’s own hair. Quality and care of the hair extension and the client’s hair is a number one priority.

Quality of Hair

Quality of hair is an extremely important factor as to how “real” your hair extension will look. While many places claim to use only “100% human hair”, they fail to realize or tell you that 90% of the human hair available is from China or Korea which is very poor quality because of the processing methods. During processing the hair is heavily stripped and the cuticle layer is inverted which damages the hairs' natural protective coating. It is further processed to imitate the colors, curl, and texture of Caucasian hair since a lot of people don't have straight, black, course hair. This damages the hair so much that by the time you wear it, the hair is dull, lifeless, and will not last a long time. This hair also has a tendency to tangle and matte extensively.

The latest trend in the type of hair being used for extensions is Indian Remy hair. Remy hair is used for most bonding and interlock systems today. While this type of hair is better than the typical manufactured human hair, it still goes through an extensive process and does not meet my top quality standards.

I use only 100% European, Italian and/or Russian blended hair. This premium quality hair can be custom-blended to match texture, color, and wave pattern desired. It is virgin, healthy hair that will remain glossy and full of life for an average of 6-14 months with proper maintenance. As all hair tends to dry out, it is an absolute must that the Maintenance Care Instructions be followed, which include using the proper products and tools.

Methods of Attachment

Hair weaving is a traditional method of attaching hair extensions. I prefer to use my own version of this method because there is virtually no damage to the client’s own hair when done properly. The hair comes in a “weft” form and can be made into as many pieces as necessary. Each piece is blended as thick or thin as needed to match the client’s existing hair. A “track” is formed by weaving a bond of small sections of your natural hair inter-twining with numerical combinations of thread to form a locked base system at the roots of your hair. The hair wefts are attached to the track. My technique is flat, not bulky, and not easily detectable like traditional weaves. It also has enough support so your own hair is not weakened. Most clients require only 1 or 2 tracks to achieve their desired result. The weaving process is usually completed in 2-4 hours depending on the amount of hair attached. Hair weaving generally lasts 4-8 weeks before a retightening is needed.

For clients who prefer not to have wefted hair, I use a pre-bonded protein-keratin bonding system. With this system, small pieces of hair are individually bonded onto the client’s own hair at the root. The bonding system lasts up to 3 months. This system is great for adding streaks, funky colors, or color blocks or in "certain" situations. Generally, I dissuade clients from using this to add volume and length or grow their own hair out. In my 17+ years of experience with hair extensions, I have seen too many clients come from other places with substantial breakage and damage from this method. I have thoroughly researched 99% of the systems out there and find the quality of hair is just not up to the standard I demand. Along with the high incidence of damage to the clients' own hair, I feel that this is not the answer in most cases.

I also make removable hair extensions using wefted hair with clips or an invisible wire. This is also visually undetectable and is great for client’s who travel extensively, live out-of-town, or just don’t want to be bothered with maintenance. Wefted hair extensions can be alternated between weaving and a removable system at any time.


Pricing depends on what I need to do, how much hair is needed, method of attachment, etc. Every hair extension is custom designed and blended for your specific situation. It's very difficult to determine price when I haven't seen you and your hair. This is why I offer free consultations with no obligation.

Shopping for extensions by price alone can end up causing a lot of frustration and disappointment. It may end up costing more money in the long run too. You should also consider quality of the hair, the person's experience, and several other factors which are listed in my article posted under the Articles button on my website. Cheapest is not the best and usually gives an unrealistic look and feel - and at worst, damages your hair. I'm not saying the most expensive hair extensions are the best. There are also people who charge a lot of money that don't deliver high quality. My point is, if you're going to shop around, it is in your best interest to see for yourself what is being offered and to consider and compare all the factors along with the price.

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