Long Hair Styles

Many women today think that long hair means long hours spent putting it into a pretty Hair Style. This is not true once you know the secrets of on the go long hair styles. Long hair requires better hair care but less time fixing it. Short hair is cute but to make it work into a trendy style many times means blow drying it and using hair care products to make the hair style look its best. Long hair is best left to dry on its own and not over worked with hair products. You also do not need to wash your long hair as often as shorter hair and most long hair styles will work better on hair that is not freshly washed.

Long hair styles are simple and easy to achieve once you know what to do. Bra strap length hair is probably the easiest to take care of and put into a simple hair style. Waist length long hair can put ones creative side to use for achieving more elaborate hair styles. Hair jewelry and simple hair accessories can be a long hair lady's best friend when it comes to creating fancy styles or easy and on the go hair styles.

Whether your hair is short or long the hair band accessory is an easy fix to keeping long hair in the front swept off the face for a clean and simple look. Hair bands come in many different styles and also work well for those growing out bangs or shorter layers. Some hair bands have gorgeous hair jewelry on them which dresses up an easy and simple long time favorite hair style. Ribbons and scarves can also be used to make a quick hair band at home. Simple elastic hair bands can be decorated hair jewelry as well. Try using magnetic snaps on a plain fabric hair band for a stunning look.

If your hair is long enough a simple pony tail works every time. Pony tails are not just for little girls. Long hair looks great in a simple ponytail using a silk scarf, fancy pony tail holder or colorful scrunchie. You can make a more unique hair style by following our instruction for a pony tail flip. This makes a more sophisticated long hair style out of a basic pony tail.

French barrettes have long been used as a means for holding long hair away from the face. A classic and two second style requires only that you sweep your hair back and secure with a simple or fancy barrette. If you are looking for a pretty long hair style with a unique version of using a barrette try out the folded barrette hair style.

Long hair can also be put into many different hair styles once you know how to make a simple three strand braid. You can even braid in shorter pieces of hair once you know how to French Braid. A simple ponytail can be braided for a classic look. Lara Croft from Tomb Raider looks very grown up with her classic French braid for long hair. You can adorn a braided hair style with flowers, hair springs or hair snaps for a stunning look too.

Hair sticks have always been around as an excellent choice for long hair styles. Buns, twists, chignons and many other hair styles can be held in place with these pretty hair accessories. You can use them as hair jewelry for adorning your hair style or use them to hold a pretty classic bun in place.


Anna Harris said...

Long hair may take extra time to manage them but it look more beautiful and stylish.I love To bind pony tail and it is given over there that If your hair is long enough a simple pony tail works every time.

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