Sedu Hair Styles

You can achieve that same sleek Sedu Hair Style that Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce and Sarah Jessica Parker have by using their secret weapon: the Sedu hair style flat iron.

Straightening frizzy, curly or wavy hair has never been as safe as it is now with the new technology of using the new Sedu hair style iron that projects negative ions that keep your hair frizz-free and makes damaged hair look healthy. The Sedu hair style irons have been rated the best flat iron because of their ceramic/tourmaline plates that produce six times more negative ions than regular ceramic irons. Negative ions are important because they keep the hair smooth, eliminate frizz and keep damage at bay. The Sedu Hair Style iron has consistent heat and several heat temperatures, which allows you to adjust the iron to your hair type.

It's important to use your flat iron for your new Sedu hair style only after your hair is completely dry. Damp or wet hair is fragile and can break off when heat is applied. First apply a heat safe leave-in spray to help protect the hair shaft and bring out the most shine. Always use the flat iron on clean hair. Never use the iron over hair that has product on it like hairsprays, gels, mousse or thickeners. These products leave a sticky coating on your Sedu Hair Style iron that make it less effective and not slide through your hair as easily causing damage both to your hair and the iron.

Flat iron small sections of hair and keep the iron moving down the hair shaft. Don't let the Sedu flat iron sit on one spot of your hair or you will burn it. The important thing to remember is to keep the consistent heat of the iron moving through your hair in a slow and steady pace. This will keep your hair evenly straightened and ultra smooth. Your new Sedu hair style will look great.

Once your hair is straightened you can decide what Sedu hair style you want whether to wear it down or create a stylish updo with it. If you decide to wear it loose consider making a side part on the hair and add a little hair jewel or small flat barrette to the heavy side for interest. If you decide to make an updo here is an easy to do bun. Take all or half a head of hair and twist it onto the top your head, secure the ponytail with a snag-free elastic band. Wind the length of the hair around the band and tuck the very ends into the band underneath. Secure the easy to do bun with one or two short hair sticks. You can also use mini claws or fancy hair springs to bring attention to the cute bun.

When looking for the perfect Sedu hair style for straightened hair thinks about what look you want to achieve. Sophisticated Sedu hair styles would include Audrey Hepburn classic French Twists and buns. Gothic or Victorian Sedu hair styles would include sleek updos in back with long pieces of hair brought forward and curled into two sleek ringlets on each side of the face. Celebrities like Jennifer Aniston and Beyonce are best known for their casual loose Sedu hair styles.

Remember too that the right hair cut is important for making the most of your Sedu hair style. Hair should be trimmed and even on the bottom whether you opt for layers or not. Have your ends trimmed by a stylist to best suit your needs. This will bring out the best look for your new Sedu hair style.


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