Top 5 Hair Straighteners

Here are 5 of the best hair straighteners as recommended by our recent surveys:

GHD Professional Ceramic Hair Straighteners

Visitors to this blog have overwhelmingly endorsed GHD for providing superb value for money compared to other hair straighteners on the market. Based on over 250 reviews GHD is the number one hair and beauty product at our blog. It receives an overall 76 per cent worth of recommendations. Based on averages of ratings submitted by customers, GHD Professional Ceramic Hair Straighteners are recommended as the best value hair and beauty product from a choice of over a hundred hair straighteners listed for review. The only straightener that really makes my hair poker straight & I love it!! Says one fan. I have tried many straighteners in the past but there is nothing that comes anywhere close, says another. As well as gaining a high 8.1 out of 10 rating for value for money, GHD hair straighteners have also rated very highly among reviewers for factors such as style (8.7/10) durability (7.5/10) and ease of use (9.2/10). Launched in 2001 UK firm GHD has made a massive impact on the hair and beauty industry with many of its products now a number one choice. GHD has also been helped by its celebrity fan base including the likes of Victoria Beckham and Jennifer Aniston. GHD is now the global leader in heat styling products and now offers a wide range of ceramic stylers & products, including its thermodynamics range which promises hair cleansing and nourishing results as well as styling. The company also recently launched its pink cancer aware straighteners with 10 from every purchase going to charity.

Remington Wet 2 Straight

The Wet 2 Straight has certainly proved popular among our blog contributors. 72 per cent of reviewers recommend the Remington Wet 2 Straight, based on over 50 reviews submitted. The Remington Wet 2 Straight is also endorsed by super model Cindy Crawford. The main selling point of the Wet 2 Straight is that it reduces styling time by styling when wet. It was the first hair straightener to also dry wet hair. This saves time because you don’t need to blow dry your hair because it will dry and straighten all in one. The system uses special steam vents which allow the product to be used on wet and dry hair. Some believe Wet 2 Straight products also cause less harm to your hair because moisture is locked in during the wet dry process. Because hair is more naturally straight when it is wet, by styling when wet you also get a crisp straight look. Reviewers do testify to a very effective product which is also very stylish looking. Described as a Wonder product by one, other reviewers regularly describe achieving results they have only previously enjoyed after a lengthy pampering in the salon! The Remington Wet 2 Straight achieves an overall rating of 7/10 for value for money and 7.5/10 for ease of use. Another advantage is that the Remington Wet 2 Straight hair straightener benefits from being available at bargain prices compared to some other leading manufacturers. Also you can trust in the reliability of purchasing from one of the major hair and grooming product companies worldwide. Have you used one or a similar product? Why not write a review in comments section?

Babyliss Pro 230

This hair straightener is recommended by 100 per cent of users. It’s well priced and scores a perfect score of 10 out of 10 for value for money, based on all reviews submitted; as well as high average ratings for ease of use (9.9/10) style (9.6/10) and durability (9.8/10). Using advanced ceramic technology the Pro 230 rises in temperature very quickly reaching 215C in one minute and promises super straight hair in a single attempt. The temperature is maintained at 190C during the session, to the exact salon style degree, says Babyliss who guarantee a very professional quality session without frizzing plus good protection for your hair! Reviewers at Review Centre do enthusiastically confirm this is a very professional product achieving a high standard of results. One reviewer describes it as good value for money, working very well and easily while other users testify that it is very quick to maintain good results. It only takes about ten minutes several times a week to maintain healthy looking straight hair, according to one fan. After about ten minutes to heat up you can then use it. An absolute bargain, according to Review Centre users and when you consider the superb prices these are available for it’s hard to disagree. What do you think? If you own, use or are about to buy a Babyliss Pro 230 hair straightener why not share your thoughts on it by writing a review in comments section?

T3 Tourmaline Straighteners

T3 Tourmaline Straighteners are recommended by 86 per cent of users, based on more than 70 reviews. This specialist salon product is available as a wet or dry straightener in different colors, including groovy pink. Although it’s not the cheapest brand but it is testify as a high quality product. T3 Tourmaline Straighteners score very high ratings, based on the large number of reviews submitted by users. The product is highly effective across all criteria, according to our contributors, scoring 9.2/10 for ease of use, 8.7/10 for durability and 8.3/10 for value for money, based on all reviews submitted, suggesting that in this case you do get what you pay for. I have had so many straighteners in my life and they have got to be the best so far says one owner who is typically impressed. T3 uses Tourmaline, a material pioneered by T3 for use in hair straighteners. Tourmaline is a gemstone naturally producing huge amounts of infra-red heat and negative ions which protect the hair from burning during the straightening. According to users they are highly effective products which leave your hair in great condition - smooth and soft without static, frizz or heat damage. Tourmaline also works by closing the cuticle adding extra protection to your hair from heat damage. The company sells to salons and private customers via their website and offer free next day delivery. The T3 Tourmaline Wet to Dry Straightener is especially recommended. It’s designed to dry and straighten the hair in one step utilizing a special channel and vent system that evaporates excess water, leaving the hair very shiny and smooth. These work by locking in moisture and long lasting glossiness while drying hair to a pristine finish. T3 products are also finished to a high exclusive standard and are offered with two year manufacturer's warranty. The company also prides itself on excellent customer care. What do you think? Have you used T3? If it’s worth the money? Let us know!!

Nicky Clarke Ncs15 Frizz Control Ceramic Straightener

100 per cent recommended by reviewers at Review Centre Nicky Clarke’s Ncs15 Frizz Control Ceramic Straightener is a good budget choice. The Ceramic straightener from the very popular Frizz Control range is available at one of the lowest prices for a well known hair straightener brand and users here confirm the devices offer great value for money. Ncs15 Frizz Control Ceramic Straightener is the most popular straightener at Review Centre from celebrity hairdresser Nicky Clarke’s range. Users say it is very effective, long lasting and does not cause damage to your hair. It’s also very versatile, ideal for holidays and traveling. The product provides a variable heat option to maintain the condition of your hair and is quick and easy to use. It’s recommended for both everyday use and holidays on account of its easily storable shape and worldwide voltage. Nicky Clarke’s Frizz Control Straightener has also recently been re-designed for a more professional impact with a higher temperature - 230C, extra long cable and auto shut off amongst the new features. It scores especially high ratings at Review Centre for value for money (9.4/10), ease of use (9/10) and durability (9.3/10). They are described as very resilient, bringing squeals of delight to one user once she had seen the results. Have you used one or any other hair and beauty products from Nicky Clarke’s range? If so write a review and let others know about the best beauty products to be found !

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