Good Hair Care

Regardless of its length or style, we all want one thing: a healthy, great looking head of hair. But the first step to having healthy, luxurious hair is to know its exact type. Is it oily, dry or normal? Is your hair naturally curly or straight? Are you troubled by dandruff? Has your hair been processed in some way? Is it brittle or strong? Knowing your true starting point will allow you to better care for your hair and keep it looking its absolute best.

6 Essential Hair Care do’s:

- Do gently brush your hair each night before going to bed as it will stimulate blood flow to your scalp and promote healthy hair growth.

- Do be sure to hold the hair dryer at least six to eight inches away from your hair and keep it moving at all times to avoid scorching the hair.

- Do gently wash your hair using a mild shampoo suitable for your type of hair with lukewarm water.

- Do use a conditioner to keep your hair manageable, healthy, and free of tangles.

- Do be sure to drink plenty of water and follow a balanced diet. Many people aren’t aware of the important role that proper nutrition plays regarding healthy hair care. Water is essential to keep your body and hair properly hydrated.

- Do try to avoid touching your hair unnecessarily as the oils from your hands can cause your hair to lose its luster and become dirtier faster.

6 Essential Hair Care Don’ts:

- Don’t brush wet hair; use a comb instead to avoid pulling and risking breakage.

- Don’t blow-dry your hair every day; the constant heat will cause it to become brittle and prone to breakage. Likewise, use your curling iron on the lowest possible setting.

- Don’t over process your hair using strong dyes and chemicals. If you do relax your hair or have it permanently waved, be sure to wait as long as possible in between treatments to avoid over processing and damage.

- Don’t change your hair color to more than three shades, in either direction, lighter or darker, to avoid excessive damage.

- Don’t wash your hair in extra hot water, instead use warm, and use cool water for the final rinse. - Don’t allow stress to adversely affect your health, including your hair.

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