Hair Weaving Techniques

Hair Weaving Techniques
Hair Weaving Technique

Hair Weaving Techniques

Hair weaving is a technique by which hairs can be permanently attached onto your scalp. There is some basic hair weaving techniques:

Hair may be clumped together in wefts or small bunches. In such wefts, hair is tied together or grouped together with threads. These wefts can be created by hand or on a machine, but as hand-tying can raise the cost of production of such wefts, machine wefted extensions are much more popular. Wefts can be fine, medium or heavy, but the most commonly used extensions are medium wefts. However, despite the added cost, some people prefer handmade wefts as these are lighter and also do not tend to shed as much as machine-made wefts.

Another important component of this technique is the use of bulk hair. This refers to hair that is not in the form of a weft but is in fact loose hair. Bulk hair is ideally used for stand bonding and braiding techniques of hair weaving. In the case of what is known as the basic cord tracking technique of hair weaving, thin cords are attached onto the scalp and the bond is further strengthened by stitching threads onto these cords. Such cord tracks are made to follow the individual’s natural hair style and must be positioned as close to the scalp as possible. This is important to ensure strong support. Next, the main weave is attached onto the scalp and the individual’s natural hair conceals the cords that were placed initially. This technique works well with different types of hair and can be used effectively for curly as well as straight hair types.

Next one is Invisible hair weaving or tree-braiding. This is a popular technique in which hair is weaved or braided into the client’s natural hair, near the scalp Invisible hair weaving offers a great alternative for individuals who prefer to avoid potent chemicals. The drawback with employing this technique is that it does not last for very long and frequent touch-ups are required to maintain the look.

According to the strand-bond-weaving instructions hair weaving requires strands of hair to be attached to the individual’s natural hair through the use of strong chemical adhesives. This method is ideal for extensions which need to be used for long periods. This method requires less touch-up and is long lasting with little maintenance.

A typical hair weaving kit would therefore consist of glue guns or glue sticks or may have both. There would be a fusion iron, pliers and needles and different kinds of hair as per you specifications.

Hair Weaving is more common for men as they tend to lose hair more than women, but in rare cases of women suffering from specific health conditions, certain women may also opt for these techniques. Although no celebrities have ever come forward to admit that they have had hair-weaving done, there is a lot of speculation that few Bollywood actors do employ such techniques at one time or another.

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