Caring Hair Weave

Caring Hair Weave

Wash the hair before application. This will remove any residue from processing. Wash the hair in the shower taking care to keep the hair hanging loose.

Avoid using cheap shampoos and hair products when you care for a hair weave, because these tend to dry out the weave. Also they contain more detergent than conditioners.

Avoid cheap conditioners as the conditioners tend to be watered down giving less than the needed amount of conditioning to keep the hair from drying out. Remember that this hair is not growing out of the scalp and is not being replenished with natural oils.

Apply shampoo and condioners evenly throughout the hair. Squeeze the product through the hair. Avoid scrubbing, rubbing or bunching the hair together. Condition the hair well with a good cream based conditioner. Care weaved hair by always being gentle with products and handling. Use a quality spray on conditioner that is meant to be left in. This will help keep the hair weave soft.

Pat excess water from the hair and allow the hair to dry completely before going to bed. Never sleep with the hair wet or damp. Let the hair air dry whenever possible. If you use a blow dryer, dry out the wefted part of the hairpiece first. Then finish drying the hair from the ends up. Avoid pulling the hair while wet. Avoid using excess heat.

Loosen hair every morning and before going to bed. Most tightly curled styles should never be combed. Shake out curly styles, comb through straight styles and use a wide tooth comb or fingers to loosen wavy hair.

Avoid applying direct heat to the bonded area.

Salt from perspiration, if allowed to buildup on the hair will strip the hair making it hard `and brittle. If you exercise, make a practice of rinsing and conditioning the hair after each workout. Shampooing after a workout is not always necessary.

Use a mild stringent on the scalp in between washings. Witch hazel works well.

If you use a blow dryer use one with a diffusing tool to better circulate the heat.

If you have bonded extensions, avoid applying heat to the bonded areas.

Most hair extensions have been processed. For this reason, we don't recommend you color hair extensions. If you find you must color to get a better color match, try coloring your natural hair to match the hair piece. Additional chemical treatment on hair extensions can make the hair frizzy dull and difficult to manage.

More about Braids and Weaves

Braids and weaves look great, and give you many styling and color options.

Care Tips for Braids

You don’t let your hair be pulled too tight during braiding. This can result in hair loss. When you have braids, you will have to shampoo less often than with other styles. Frequently shampooing may lead to frizzing and loosening. Moisturize your scalp daily. Cover your hair with a silk-like scarf or bonnet when you sleep. Never use cholesterol-based conditioners. Avoid human hair extensions if you swim frequently.

Care Tips for Weaves

Treat your weave like your own hair.
Comb and style your weave daily.
Avoid using gels.
Avoid weaves with glue and adhesives.

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