Best Hair Tips

Best Hair Tips

Here are some great hair tips:

One of this falls more flattering hairstyle is the asymmetry bob. With its extremely angled sides and full front this style looks good on lots of face shapes. After washing, simply use some volumizer at the roots and blow dry with a round brush and lift as you dry.

Beauty Tip: What hair product was used on Lisa Kudrow's lightened hair to keep it healthy-looking during her “Friends” days? It is Potion 9 by Sebastian, and it is in our opinion, the ultimate product for silky, shiny hair. This product contains highly concentrated conditioners and makes even damaged hair look healthy and shiny. Since it is on the cutting edge of salon technology, it doubles as a leave-in conditioner and styling product, so you can have the best of both worlds. It is found in salons nationwide and now is available in select drug and discount department stores.

Beauty Tip: Want the latest technology in your hair care for healthy, shiny hair? Try Ojon Hair Styling Cream ($25,

Beauty Tip: Be careful when using styling products. Read the instructions first and use the smallest amount called for as a test. You may need more or less, but applying too much will make your hair look oily, unwashed and even dirty. If you do apply too much and have no time for a fresh wash, pull it all back and pretend you were going for the slicked back look. Don’t try using dry shampoo, it will just clump up and look even worse. Remember, more of a “good thing” isn’t always best.

Beauty Tip: What's hot in hair color right now? Brunette hair is back, but this time around, caramel highlights are all the rage.

Beauty Tip: For hot-right-now hairstyles, you might want to try a side part. Hairstylists say that this hair style flatters any face shape. Try a diagonal side part, by parting the hair at the front of the head at the side and then dragging the comb toward the center of your head at the back. Also hot right now is a half-up-do. Part your hair in the middle of your head from side to side so that your bangs hang flat in the front. Side swept bangs look best with this look. Then tease the hair at the back of your head to give it a Bardot-esque lift. Pin the teased hair up and then let the hair in the back and the sides hang down. Curl the ends for extra retro drama and be sure to don a few coats of mascara to complete the mod-romantic effect.

Beauty Tip: If your hair is normal to course, thick, color-treated, permed or damaged, select styling aids with silicone, oils, resins, plant mucilage (often in styling lotions, shine sprays and pomades) and the words gentle or moisturizing. Use sparingly.

Beauty Tip: Here's a great beauty tip - To be rid of fly-aways, rub a wire coat hanger across your hair, gently, or for more serious cases, rub a fabric softening sheet on your brush bristles. Use moisturizing products.

Beauty Tip: To be rid of hat hair, make finger curls with the long hair on top of your head, which the hat will be sitting on, by coiling hair around the fingers and clipping. When you get to your destination, take off the hat and uncoil the curls. Your hair will not be flat but will have soft waves instead.

Beauty Tip: If you forgot to wash your hair, but have to go somewhere, and it feels oily, sprinkle a little talcum powder on the scalp and then brush through the hair, being sure that it is no longer visible on the head. This is referred to as a dry-shampoo and should be used only in emergency situations. The talcum powder will absorb the oil. Wash your hair when you come home that day. A great trick for last minute invitations!

Beauty Tip: If your hair is oily or feels oily, after shampooing give it a vinegar or lemon rinse (lemon will smell better). Combine one part vinegar or lemon juice to 4 parts warm water and pour on the scalp. Rinse it out well. If your hair is chronically oily, do this once a week

Beauty Tip: Make your last rinse a cool one. This will help seal the cuticle, so that the hair will absorb more light and will shine more.

Beauty Tip: When your hair is in rollers, before taking the rollers out, blast them with cool air from your blow-dryer. This will help the curl hold longer.

Beauty Tip: Do not brush hair that has just been curled with rollers. Instead, use a pick. Pick from underneath to make curls springier and to give hair more body.

Beauty Tip: If you run out of conditioner you may use your facial moisturizer until you get a new one (basic moisturizers only, not ones with harsh "treatment ingredients" like AHAs, retinoids or anti acne ingredients). Do not, however, use your conditioner as a facial moisturizer; it may irritate your skin. You may also use conditioner if you run out of shaving cream.

Beauty Tip: To make your hair glisten beyond what shine enhancers can do, ask your salon if they give cellophane treatments. A gloss is applied to the hair which remains on the hair shaft for up to 6 weeks, before a new treatment is needed.

Beauty Tip: If you need to apply hair color to only certain sections of the hair, there are tools available at Sally’s Beauty Supply that resemble paintbrushes, but are used to apply hair color. Visit for a store near you or to get more information.

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