Hair Thinning

Hair Thinning

Your hair could be thinning for many reasons, and exact reason can only be tell after a thorough medical examination. We are aiming to address the most common reasons on the known causes of hair loss, hair thinning and its treatment.

Most common reasons for hair loss or thinning are:

1. Genetics.
2. Illness.
3. Poor Diet.
4. Stress.
5. Medications.
6. Post-partum Alopecia.

Hair Thinning can be more or less caused by above mentioned reasons, but the most common reason in men and women is hereditary male and female pattern baldness. This accounts for 99% of all prematurely thinning or balding scalps.

According to an estimate, hair loss affects over 60 million people in American, in which 2/3rd are men. So, if you are getting a little 'thin on top,' you are not alone! Approximately 50% of men after the age of fifty experience this type of hair loss. Thankfully, medical science has got some dynamic breakthroughs that can help you to maintain your hair you've got left and possibly restore some of your lost ones also.

There are also some myths about causes of hair loss. Scientists have now determined that genetic male and female pattern hair loss is not caused by poor scalp circulation, 'clogged' hair follicles, microscopic scalp mites, the wrong shampoo or wearing hats or helmets, despite what the late-night infomercials may say. In addition, different hair-care products can affect the manageability and styling of your hair, and even hair breakage, but have no effect on the hair loss process.

Although itself hair seems simple, think of the incredible number of combinations of hair on different parts of his body. For example, your eye lashes are different from your eyebrows, the hairs on their arms, apart from the hair on his head. This genetic code in each and every one of his hair follicles (the small organ in the skin, hair products) requires that each hair color, length, curl, diameter of the shaft, etc. It is also genetic code; the hairs on various parts of the head react differently to the presence of certain hormones, as these two types of hair to start "looking exactly the same thing.

It is your DNA inherited from both parents at some point to see that your hair loss. For purposes of this article, you just have to know that with current technology, your genetic code evade your control, even if it can change in ten to fifteen years. However, you should be aware that even today, more than any other time in the history of medicine is in a position, the safe and effective management of treatment of alopecia.

The Hair Loss Process:

For men, hair loss may cause at any time after puberty, which, in general, adolescents, in the late 20 until early. Male Baldness begins as a typical recession in the hair of some depletion of the crown. This may finally progress over the years or decades, until confidence 'Mönch's Ring "of the hair.

Broadly speaking, women tend to see something else, and other models time of the outbreak of alopecia. Model female alopecia began in the late 40's to 50's, which typically without a recession in the hair. Some women are currently going through a shortage of density upwards, and the other rather thin from all major regions or on the entire scalp. Scientists are uncertain about the exact causes of female role models in the hair loss, but the feeling is it in relation to the hormonal changes.

As we have already mentioned, the process of hair loss in men is better understood. As an old man, "genetically susceptible" follicles on the scalp begin to miniaturization, in the presence of normal levels of hormones. These follicles in the frontal part of the hair and renewal of the head of the crown and head, and produce less become a hair, thinner and less progressive pigmented.

DHT also has an impact on the growth of follicles of these cycles, what they produce, their hair shorter and shorter, until finally follicles "die". It is the location of production are no longer always in the hair follicles and microscopic will heal. The hair on the sides and back, head is relative, because follicles standing in this area are not susceptible to the effects of DHT, and that is why almost all men alopecia ends in the same "model" to enable the `model of male pattern baldness. Given that the genetic code odd hair growth rates may vary with age and hair loss usually occur not on other parts of his body. That's why a man might still strong and full beard, when he lost hair on his head.

Hair Restoration Options For Men and Women

Though in history, artificial hair replacement in the form of a hairpiece might have been a balding person's only option. But now a myriad of cosmetic creams, sprays and powders are also currently available to those who would like to camouflage their hair loss. However, men and women who once might have chosen to cover their hair loss with attached artificial "systems" of wigs, hair weaving, toupees or hair extensions, now have truly viable medical and surgical options available to restore and maintain their hair.

Expertly done transplants is a simple method but exacting process, it requires an expert surgeon who has the expertise to perform the process, and the level of sincerity and attention to detail that is necessary for successful results.

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