Human Hairs for Braiding

Types of Human Hairs for Braiding

French Refined Bulk Braiding

This texture appears straight, Wet & Wavy, natural, versatile. Spray with water to achieve a wavy natural look. French Refined Bulk is ideal for Box Braids, Micro-Braids, Cornrows, Tree Braids, & Extensions. Perfect for braiding and leaving ends loose.

Super Deluxe Bulk Braiding
Super Deluxe Bulk is a fine texture of Beautiful quality. Relaxed Texture. smoother, flowing, high grade hair. Especially processed for extra soft relaxed or thermally treated hair (hot combed). This texture of hair is a perfect choice if you are braiding some and leaving the balance loose. It is also an excellent choice for Latch Hook Braiding, French Lacing, Fusion, and Wig Making.
Premium Wavy Bulk Braiding

Premium Wavy Bulk measures approx. 22". The only loose hair that is wavy on both sides; no straight ends when hair is folded over, just soft flowing waves. Arrives straight. Spray with water to wave or set in your favorite style. It's finest quality hair for braiding.
Afro Weave Texture Braiding

These textures hair for the "Natural Look". Wefted for weaving - add to your natural hair for a fuller Afro or create your own hairpiece. Also In bulk form (loose) for braiding etc. For natural hair designs. Length 8-10".

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