Natural Hair Weave

The benefits of rocking a weave whereas remaining chemical-free are often one among the foremost appreciated and healthiest choices for your natural strands. It permits for low maintenance styling, protects lovely curls from daily wear-and-tear, and permits natural ladies to experiment with completely different hair textures and colours while not the permanent commitment.

But on the drawback, to avoid excess heat harm, natural ladies have to be compelled to create an extreme effort to properly mix their curls to straighter weave textures. And therefore the constant use of flat irons and curl irons isn't the answer! Take a glance at these five protecting hairstyle tips each Juicy naturalist ought to follow once adorning weaves or extensions.

Try protecting designs
Your 1st alternative of mixing should be a protecting hairstyle. Straight away braids area unit in, thus use them to your advantage. This look may also work with flat twists, loose braids and cornrows. Or use your inner ability and play with hairstyles that decision for cute headbands, colourful knit caps or funky accessories.

Splurge On Keratin Treatment
If you need to wear bone-straight weaves, schedule an everyday Keratin treatment together with your journeyman to assist straighten and swish your natural curl for a better mix. raise regarding Keratin COMPLEX'S Smoothing medical care categorical Blowout. This revolutionary smoothing system infuses Keratin deep into the hair cuticle, eliminating up to ninety fifth of frizzle and curl whereas deed the hair swish, shiny and splendid. Results usually last four to eight weeks reckoning on hair kind.

Use A Thermal Protectant
When all else fails and you are dying to curve or straighten your natural strands, be sure to use a heat styling protectant. This may facilitate control unmanageable frizzle and build a protecting barrier against heat harm caused by high temperatures from your styling tools. 

Always Use Low Heat Settings
We can't stress enough however necessary it's to use styling tools on low heat settings. Believe it or not, natural hair is incredibly fragile and cranking the flat-iron to 450 degrees can do nothing however fry it within and out. Optimum heat settings for natural tresses and human hair weaves ought to vary from 300-325 degrees; taking tiny sections at a time, and spending through the hair solely as needed!

Proper haircare Technique:
Use correct haircare techniques once haircare your weave. Begin from the ends and work your thanks to the basis of the track. This can add longevity and reduce the quantity of shedding of the weave attributable to less stress by haircare your high towards the track.

Free & Loose:
 Another advantage to sporting weaves is styling your hair free and loose without worrying of protecting designs. once styling your weaved hair in updos, twists, braids and ponytails concentrate to the quantity of stress your vogue creates. An excessive amount of force or action once making a mode will cause redundant stress that could lead on to hair loss. Pick looser weaved updos and designs that don't produce stress to the track.

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