5 Essentials to Taking Care of Your Weave and Maintaining It

While wearing a sew-in weave may be really convenient, it's not totally carefree. Ignoring these tips could leave your hair looking a "hot mess". To make matters worse, you can damage your natural hair to a point weaves and wigs are a requirement and not a choice. The good news is it doesn't take a lot of time or money to maintain a fresh look and preserve the health of your natural hair while it's braided.

First, be sure to brush your hair with a paddle brush ONLY. Bristle brushes cause the hair to shed away from the weft.

For best results, braid or plait the extension hair and place a pony tail holder on the ends.

Be sure to tie your hair down each night before going to bed. Sleeping on your extensions only loosens the braiding underneath. Also, if it's not completely dry at the tracks, it could start to smell.

For general maintenance, I recommend a silicone-based glosser for shine and moisture but avoid using too much oil. Excessive oil can make the hair heavy and cause it to tangle. If it starts looking and acting unruly, it's time to get it shampooed. Get your hair shampooed and deep conditioned by a stylist every two to three weeks. If you do wash your hair on your own, be sure to condition your own hair not just the weaved hair. Do not let the hair air dry because this loosens your hair underneath. Pat the hair dry to remove excessive water and then blow dry it. Be sure to blow dry the tracks also as this retightens your braided hair underneath.

When combing your weave, hold the base close to your head and comb downward. Do not comb the hair without holding it close to your head or you could loosen the tracks or pull out some of your own hair. Your weave can last up to 2-3 months with proper care but can be retightened during this time as your own hair starts to grow.

The results of following the easy steps should result in a great look, weave hair that can be reused (if you're using human hair), and most importantly, healthy hair of your own. Until next time, have a GREAT HAIR DAY!

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