False Eyelashes

Applying False Eyelashes: False Eyelashes give you an instantly glamorous look - and they're easier to apply than you'd imagine

There are two types of False Eyelashes: full lashes, which add density to the entire lash line, and individual lashes, which can be used to fill in sparse areas or dramatically open up the eye area. Full lashes are easier to apply and don't look as natural, but individual lashes require a steadier hand and a bit more practice. Whichever style you choose, follow these tips to make your lashes look as natural as possible: 

False Eyelashes
•Before you apply the lashes, line your upper lash line with mahogany eyeliner and smudge it slightly to create a smoky effect. This will help to conceal the lash band.

•Apply the glue to your finger, lightly pull the lash band through it, and wait a moment. With individual lashes, dip the end of the lash in the glue.

•Apply the false lashes as close to your natural lash line as possible; press the lash down for a few seconds on the outside of the eye. With individual lashes, apply them to the outside corners of the eye and work your way toward your nose. For the most natural look, all you need is a few individual lashes per eye.

•After you've applied the false lashes, curl them along with your real lashes and apply mascara.

It's best to reserve this look for special occasions; long-term use can lead to eye irritation from the glue, and even infections.

Tears are pouring out of my eyes and an unbearably bright light makes me squirm, even with my eyes closed. Karen Betts is coming toward me with a pair of sharp tweezers -- I can hear the tinging of the pincers as they pinch together. They say it's not easy being pretty and it's true. I'm weeping and flinching under interrogation-level amps for the privilege of having long lush lashes

Imported from the US, 3d Lashes are purported to look more natural and wear more comfortably than the spiky versions that have come before. Unlike the DIY kinds that you apply in strips or clumps, these are individual lashes, attached to your existing lashes one by one and made of a synthetic material so light they don't weigh lids down. They supposedly last three months, although Betts, who trains aestheticians in applying the lashes, estimates two months is more realistic. Even so, the possibility of having eight entire weeks of forgoing mascara, looking alluring at dawn's first light and having fluttery feminine lashes a la screen goddesses of old is incredibly tempting.

I do have apprehensions, but Betts puts these to rest. Can I wear my contact lenses with these extensions? (Yes.) Will my longer lashes hit the lenses of my glasses? (No) Could I possibly have an allergic reaction to the adhesive? (It doesn't touch the skin, as the lashes are glued to your own rather than the lid.) Would I look like a spider-eyed goth freak? (Er, no, although I did have the option of different lengths up to 14mm and colours, including Velvet Purple and Mountain Green.)

So I stretch out on a table and put myself under her power. Betts sits at my head, tapes down my lower lids and over the next hour and a half painstakingly applies lash by lash in standard black. My sensitive eyes water, my closed lids flutter and from time to time I can feel her picking at my lashes in search of the "youngest", shortest one to attach the falsies to, so they will last as long as possible. Despite all this, the procedure is entirely painless. I doze off a couple of times. Finally she says, 'Ok, all finished,' and I sit up to gaze at long Bambi lashes, inky, thick and natural looking. I flutter my lashes. The gamine girl in the mirror flutters hers back. My eyes have graduated to femme fatale status.

Of course, a girl's going to put some effort into looking this good. That means no getting the lashes wet for the first two hours ("Yours may not last as long," says Betts, "because they were wet the entire time."). No using waterproof mascara or oily make-up removers, no curling your lashes, no rubbing your eyes, no steaming your face - the list goes on. Upon first reading, the list seemed onerous, but hewing to it was easy. I found I didn't even need mascara to emphasise my eyes. I began washing my face with a washcloth. I adapted my routine to accommodate the glamorous visitors on my lids and as a result they've been looking beautiful ever since. Six days after the first application one of the lashes did come out, as I was removing eyeliner -- it looked like a thick spider's leg. I placed it carefully on the edge of the shelf. I ponder getting a touch-up - Betts recommends having them every two to three weeks to keep the extensions looking full.

And the best thing about these lashes: while I notice the effect immediately, it's days before anyone else remarks on them. 'They look so natural,' purrs one friend, studying me intently. 'I didn't even notice!' cries another who's a critic of obvious beauty enhancers, before asking me where I got them done. It's brought a hopeful image to mind, of Betts, tweezers in hand, coming toward me under a bright white light..

Here are a few possible reasons why the eye shadow colour may look different than it did in the package once you’ve put it on:

•Your eyelids are hyper pigmented, or a darker colour than the rest of your face.

•Your eyelids may be oily. Oily skin can make any colour look blotchy and darker.

•Your eyes may be deeply-set. If this is the case, it will be hard to see the true colour of the shadow because it will be mostly hidden when your eyes are open.

All of these situations have the same remedy. First, after you have properly cleansed your eye area, apply concealer to your entire eyelid. This should instantly brighten up the entire space between your eyebrows and lash line. Then, brush loose powder onto your lid. This will set the concealer and control oiliness.

If your eyes are deeply-set, apply a highlight shade to the lid and a medium neutral tone to the brow bone. This will give you a more balanced and brighter look. Good luck!

How do I figure out what eyebrow shape is best for me, and how do I pluck my way to that shape?

Look at your natural arch and follow that. Your eyebrow should start at the base of your nose, and then arch over the middle of your eye and end at the corner of your lid.

The easiest way to see this is by taking a pencil and holding it straight up against your nose and the inside part of your eye. This will give you your starting point. Then moving only the top of the pencil, move it to the centre of your eye.

This is where your arch should be. Moving the top again to the outside corner of your eye, this is where your brow should end. Pluck the little strays around your natural shape. If you're still tweezer shy, go to a professional and have them shaped professionally the first time.

From there it is really easy to maintain the regrowth by tweezing or waxing. Hope that helps!

What's the best way to shape my eyebrows - plucking or waxing?

Plucking is the best way to shape your eyebrows, although some women prefer waxing. But be warned: this is best done by a professional unless you want to wax off half an eyebrow! Some salons also offer 'threading' specialists.

To pluck eyebrows, first apply an astringent such as witch hazel to anaesthetise the brow area. Brush your eyebrows into place, and then pluck stray hairs underneath the eyebrow arch and anything else outside the natural brow line. Rub some soothing cream onto the area afterwards.

Good grooming for eyebrows! Whether you spend four or 40 minutes on your make-up, well-groomed brows are the difference between looking OK and looking fabulous

A well-shaped brow can lift and open your eyes, making you look younger, more sophisticated and more rested. If your brows are truly unruly, splurge and get them done by a professional, then be diligent about removing new growth to maintain the shape.

Essential tools

•A large mirror near a window (natural light will allow you to see each brow hair clearly)

•A good pair of tweezers (Tweeze man are our personal favourite)

•Grooming scissors

•A small brush (either a baby toothbrush or an old mascara wand that's been cleaned will do)

Grooming tips

•To reshape your brows yourself you'll need about 40 minutes. Don't rush. Once you pluck a hair, it takes a long time to grow back.

•Remember, less is more. You can always go back and pluck again.

•Before you pluck, determine what your best shape is. In many cases, nature has already given you an arch that will become more obvious when you remove hairs along the bottom of the brow.

•Don't try to copy someone else's brow - work with what you have.

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