Hair Weaving V/s Hair Transplant

Hair Weaving V/s Hair Transplant
Weaving of Hair is as the name suggests where new hair is woven on to scalp. It is the addition of hair which can be real or synthetic and the science of adding this hair (any kind) to the existing scalp is called hair weaving. It is a boon to those who suffer from hair loss. Hair weaving is a sure way of additional hair and it looks good as well. Yes, the effects of hair weaving can be defined by the way the hair looks after weaving is performed / done.

Hair weaving, if done amateur or by a person who is not a pro/professional, then the effect looks fake and the hair looks very artificially placed and gives out an impact of un-real hair. Hair weaving is a good hair job that is done as an aid to help hair look full and to assist those with the problem of hair loss of any kind on scalp.

The difference between hair weaving and hair transplant is very obvious, is it not? The definition of hair weaving involves new hair –whether real (human) hair or artificial (synthetic hair) (synthetic hair is seen on wigs) which is attached to scalp or woven on the scalp to add to the existing hair structure, whereas Hair Transplants or hair transplantation is done by removing hair follicles that exist on one’s own scalp from the behind area of the head to be placed at the area of hair loss (mostly people experience it in the front of the head, since the front of the head has hair follicles that are not bald-resistant like the follicles at the behind of the head).

Since hair transplant is done with one’s own hair follicles there is the scope for hair to look more natural and more individualistic as the follicles are part of one’s own head. In the case of hair weaving though, the effects can be superb and very natural looking, the truth is the key lies in the expert who’s hand it is done by, because he or she, as a surgeon or doctor would understand, which hair will sit and blend the best with the present hair type or hair of the person undergoing hair weaving.

All those men and women who are suffering from random hair loss; Hair weaving is a process by which hair is woven on to your scalp permanently by some artificial method. There is ideally no proper medication or cure for hair loss. Excessive hair loss gives rise to baldness which is ugly and socially unacceptable. Moreover you may lose your self confidence and may be unwilling to socialize for being bald suddenly. Hair weaving is a boon for all such people. Several hair weaving institutes have come up in different parts of the world. Be your old self once more by undergoing hair weaving at any of the reputed hair care salons.

Hair weaving can be done by both men and women. Surprisingly hair problems are more prevalent among men and consequentially hair weaving is more popular with them. But women can always go for it without any hesitation.

Essentials of Hair Weaving
Essentials of Hair Weaving: Hair is weaved on to the scalp in wefts. Wefts are prepared by tying hair together with thread. Wefts can be either hand made or machine made. Hand made wefts are quite expensive. Usually the customers go for artificial wefts as they are very affordable and easily available. But if you want your woven hair stay on for a longer duration hand made wefts are the best choice.

Weaving hair is a very fine process. Wefts are the basic requirement of hair weaving. You can choose from heavy, medium or light wefts. The medium wefts are the most popular among the three varieties. In some techniques bulk hair is required instead of wefts. Braiding and stand bonding are the two hair weaving styles where bulk hair is commonly used.

Cord Tracking Technique: The cord tracking hair weaving technique is applicable for both curly and straight hair. In this process thin cords are fixed on the scalp and threads are stitched on the cords. The cord tracks are prepared to retain an individual’s natural hair style. Finally the main weave is attached to the scalp which covers the cords weaved at the outset.

Tree Braiding Technique: This technique is also known as the invisible hair weaving technique and is perhaps the most popular among hair weaving styles. In this technique hair is woven or braided amidst your natural hair. This technique involves no chemicals and thus is preferred by many. Tree braiding hair weaving technique does not last for a long time and needs recurrent touch-ups.

Strand Bond hair weaving technique: Strand bond hair weaving is a process in which hair strands are interwoven in an individual’s scalp by using strong chemical adhesives. It’s a very enduring process sand requires very little maintenance.

What should a hair weaving kit have?

An ideal hair weaving kit should have iron pliers, needles, different variety of hair strands, glue gun and glue stick.

Hair Weaving is a trendy style statement in this era. From celebrities to common man, hair weaving is gaining popularity with every passing day.

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