Types of Hair Weaving

Types of Hair Weaving

The Lace fronts Hair Weave

All women are mostly self conscious when they want to get a hair weave. For this reason only the lace- front hair weave has grown in popularity. It is also known as a “lace front weave” or “lace front weave” or “lace front wigs”. This is the hair weave gives the illusion of wearing natural hair.

Most likely, a weave hair is sewn into the cornrow, but, with a lace front hair weave there is neither fear of exposure of wefts, tracks, nor glue. This is very versatile form of lace front hair weaving. A woman can pull the hair weave into a pony tail or part her hair. She can even swim in a lace front hair weave.

What is Lace front hair weaves?

Lace Front Hair Weave appears as your own hair but it is generally a wig. With special adhesives, this hair weave is attached to your hairline. Your head measurement is first thing to do, as it ensures a good fit.

They can be made by lacing high quality remi weave hair into the lace base. High quality hair types usually include African American hair and European hair. No matter what your hair type is, the weave hair is altered chemically to make certain that it is the texture, which you desired.

It is great because now woman can wear any hair texture without worrying about their own hair is colored or permed. If you have thin hair, you can have the same thick hair in no time and or you can have straight hair, curly hair, or wavy hair in a flash. It is a great technique to allow your own hair a break. And it can be taken off or put back on at any point of time.

Backgrounds on the lace front weave

The details for creating a lace front weave are pretty intricate. Each of the hairs is hand-tied to the lace, which is your choice of color, to give the appearance of hairs coming out of your scalp when properly applied. Each of the hand-tied knots is bleached to aid in the illusion of the hairs growth. Think of a pair of pantyhose. You are able to go into the store and purchase them in any skin tone you like (just as the lace wig). Then when you place them on over your own leg, it blends as your own skin (just as the lace wig would when placed over your head). The lace used to make lace wigs is a bit more durable than pantyhose, and very fragile, but the idea is still the same. Imagine each little hole on the pantyhose being used to tie single strands of hair onto. Then you place the pantyhose over your skin and it blends with your skin, only now there is hair hanging down. Now just imagine that pantyhose being placed onto your own head with a flesh toned wig cap underneath to cover the color of your hair and camouflage as skin. Now, you have the concept of the lace front weave.

The Stich-n-Go Hair Weaving Technique

This technique is most often used with the Beverly Johnson Weaving Hair
Weaving Instructions

1) Prep your hair

Prep your hair by corn rowing the full head. Secure the “Stitch-n-Go” to the perimeter of the head by using hairpins.

2) Stitching the weaving hair

Using a “C” shaped needle and thread, begin stitching the pre-styled weave at the front and work your way around the perimeter.

3) Once you have reached the back, make sure the front of the cap is even and aligned with the front of the head.

4) Rethread the needle and beginning stitching the top of the cap to the cornrows. Add as many stitches as need to ensure that the cap is secure and tight on the cornrows.

Instant Hair Weave

The Instant Hair Weave is a ready to wear hairstyle. Instant Weave blends with your own natural hair and has smooth, finished, polish look. It is easily applied and fits comfortably.

Instant Hair Weave Reversible

Two instant styles in one piece. Versatile and stylish fits for every woman, any occasion.
Instant Hair Weave Plus

This is sort of a new look. It has an added removable bang piece. This added bang piece provides for a new look in just a matter of seconds.

Totally Instant Weave

This weave type is secure and comfortable total cap. It generally comes with the standard cap structure and a flexi-ball tip comb.

Hair Weaving

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