Hair Weave Extensions After Care

Hair Weave Extensions After Care:
Hair extensions can give you that Hollywood look that you are after, long thick volume hair with texture. As one of the secrets of Hollywood stars, hair extensions has become one of the most popular treatments in improving how the hair looks, feels, moves, falls down and goes up.

There are others ways to achieve hair improvement through adding hair. The methods available include clipping, sewing, tubing and gluing. However, the most preferred method of hair weaving is hair extensions through fusion.

Fusions hair extensions became popular because of its painless, non-surgical procedure that lasts only about fifteen minutes, but could provide longer lasting results of up to five to six months. If you wish to have extensions attached to your roots, then you might consider this method to produce a more natural look.

Fusion can be used for either hot or cold fusions hair extensions. While hot fusion uses hot glue to attach the extensions, cold fusion hair extensions are attached by using keratin-based polymer that is attached to your roots one stand at a time. Cold fusion works by using ultra-sonic waves or rapid impulses, no heat is required.

Why Is Cold Fusion Hair Extensions So Popular?

People who love weft hair prefer cold fusion hair extensions although it is a relatively a new method. Even though both hot fusion and cold fusion extensions provide lasting results with a more natural look, the popularity of cold fusion hair extensions is becoming more evident - and this is for a valid reason.

Hot fusion necessitates the use of hot glue to attach the extensions to the root of your hair. Some people have reported burning and scalp damage.

Also cold fusion hair extensions last longer than the hot fusion hair extensions. Your hair extensions will naturally blend in with your existing hair because the keratin based polymer used to bond the extensions is a flexible substance. What this means is your hair will not look stiff, making it more natural!

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