Hair Weave Styles and Natural Hair Growth

If you're looking for hair weave designs to change up your look, be familiar with the procedures included and how they may influence natural hair growth. Recall successful hair care entails successful preparation in your hair's benefit.

In accordance with dermatologist, Dr. Susan Taylor's at, there are four factors to caring for this design:

Thought 1: What sort of hair would you enjoy?
There are artificial (plastic) and human hair weave designs. If you would like a fashion that causes your hair to "swing," human hair is the greater option. Faux hair may also irritate natural hair and skin. Recall any hair weave substance which can create friction against your natural hair cuticles will result in damage as time passes.
Likewise be mindful of the weight of the hair for weaving. Applying an excessive amount of hair can break it away or cause grip alopecia and place added pressure on your own natural hair.

Thought 2: How do you want to put on the extensions?
Will your extensions be used within a fibril system or in tracks (wefts)? The one fibril technique includes taking a tiny group of hair fibrils, and using it to the natural hair. This hair is attached by waxes, adhesives, clamping or heat fusion for the hair to be bonded to your own.

Tracks resemble a curtain of hair, that's fluid in the base. They come in two types: machine made and handcrafted and could be connected to the hair by adhesives, heat fusion, or stitching.

Thought 3: Will the fresh hair be braided, bonded or fused?
Tiny cornrows are involved by a braided weave braided in flat rows on your own scalp. Subsequently the hair is sewn in the braids having a hefty weaving thread so there is an all-natural blending and also your natural hair is combed over.

Since if the braids are excessively tight, or whether the hair weave is extremely hefty, your natural hair may be damaged, nevertheless, take note of grip alopecia.

Bonded weaves entail the hair being sectioned and bonding adhesive is utilized to attach the close to the entire scalp. Weaves used in this fashion should be eliminated carefully or your natural hair may be damaged. The skin on your own scalp might have adverse reactions to pastes or alternative adhesives applied to your own hair additionally. So examining your skin's response to these items before styling is advised.

The hair was also involved by fused weaves being sectioned and the extensions are attached using hot wax.

Assembly having a professional before your extensions are applied is also highly recommended. I have experienced way too many court shows including botched weaves using the litigant wearing a hat or scarf contending with her former hair dresser needing damages for pain and suffering.

Thought 4: How do you want to preserve the fashion?
One essential note that Dr. Brown points out is that after get your extensions, treat them as your own personal. That means in case you don't because your natural hair and weaved hair can be fragile and dry wash the hair and scalp often. When it is not kept clean additionally bacteria can form in your hair weave. Hair weave designs have a definite lifespan so expanding them beyond their deadline could mean serious harm to your own hair.

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