Bohyme Hair Weave

Bohyme is a trusted name in the hair extensions market and is trusted by all salon professionals all over the world. It is the first 100% remi hair human hair available in the market with the highest quality standards and ensuring highest customer satisfaction.

Bohyme Hair Weave is exclusive and a lot of effort is given to assure every strand of hair to be perfect to produce a magnificent hair weave which is preferred by all the women. Bohyme begins with choosing the best raw material and the putting it through the extensive control methods to ensure the best quality. Each strand is handpicked to assure that the cuticles are aligned in one direction and are of the same length. These extensions are being used by women all over the world and are highly satisfied with the end results. These hair extensions make sure that they blend in the natural hair very well and nobody can point the difference between the natural and artificial hair. These hairs can be treated like your natural hairs only unlike the artificial synthetic hairs which are very difficult to handle and have problem of entangling.

Bohyme hair weave is available in different variants like Gold Collection, Platinum Collection, Bohyme Pro Tip, Clip-in Extensions, Skin Weft, closure etc. and there are different tools and accessories available. Gold Collection offers high class hair extensions styles like Body Wave, Deep Wave, European Body, French Body, French Redefined, Ocean Breeze etc. Platinum collection offers Brazilian Wave, Egyptian Wave, Natural Wave, Sahalian Wave, Texture Smooth and Platinum Yaki. Bohyme Pro Tip can be used as a full head extension or can be used as highlights. Clip-in Extensions are available in different colours and can be easily used by anybody. Clip-in can be worn in 6 simple and easy steps. The Skin Weft is available with a professional grade adhesive for a quick and easy install.

Bohyme hair weave is an amazing product for women who have less hair or are interested to play with their hair by throwing in some contrast colour extensions and highlights. These hairs are used by lot of women these days as they are so much better than the artificial hairs. Bohyme is very professional when it comes to the hair extensions as they do not only make the hair extensions but also provide tools and accessories for the correct installation. They provide Pro Release tool which helps in applying and removing the micro links efficiently. Made of high quality stainless steel it caters from the textured grip to the rounded edges and every aspect of the tool is made to ensure hassle free use. They also provide tolls like 3 in 1 pro pulling needle, micro link threader and Bohyme pro Tool kit. Bohyme hair weave is top of the class product in the hair extensions market and being extensively used without any complaints from the users so go ahead and have fun with your hair by buying Bohyme trusted hair extentions.

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