Hot Huez Hair Chalk Review

Having a teenager can be rough, and it's even rougher when you have a teen girl. Every dad knows that. There are a lot of reasons that's it's difficult, and it can be difficult to know just what to do with your teenager, or where you can find common ground. It seems like they're always testing you, and you are always trying to find ways to get along.

For example, my daughter wanted do dye her hair like a lot of her friends are doing. I didn't want her to dye it permanently, of course. She has gorgeous chestnut brown hair with golden highlights, but she wanted to dye it black and purple and pink! I wanted to make sure that whatever she did wasn't permanent, but I couldn't seem to find a good solution. Everything her mom found seemed to bleed or run, and she hated everything I tried because it seemed like it wasn't working. Finally, I found Hot Huez.

Hot Huez is a lifesaver, it really is. It's so simple to use, all my daughter needed to do was "draw" on her hair and the color stuck until the next time she shampooed her hair. They have enough colors to keep her satisfied, and I don't have to worry that there will be permanent damage to her beautiful hair.

That was just the start. After she had been using Hot Huez for a while, she asked her mom if she wanted to use it. Now, mom is a very conservative person. However, anything to strengthen the relationship right?! She tried one or two of the darker colors in her hair. Both she and our daughter loved it, and told all her friends. Now they think she's "cool" and so does our little girl (LOL).

Now, I let my daughter color her hair for school, which I know some parents don't do. The reason I do it is because I think of it this way: she doesn't have a full-time job, so why not let her be a kid! Coloring her hair is something that is simple and doesn't cause her any trouble. As long as her grades are fine, I will let her wear what she likes and go to school the way she likes.

She does run through the Hot Huez chalk rather quickly. It works out pretty well anyway though, because they are rather inexpensive. I've actually been really pleased with how affordable Hot Huez is, since it does wash out quite nicely when we shampoo our hair.

We're interested to see if there are more colors forthcoming, since we have liked all the colors we've tried. I've even tried a few other brands with different colors, but the quality was terrible and we always come back to Hot Huez.

It's not easy living with a teenager. So when I find something that works well we stick with it, and Hot Huez is great.

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