Prefect Wedding Hair Style

Prefect Wedding Hair Style is something which we have to look forward along with the wedding gown. Choosing a style that will suit the shape of your face, you need to decide whether you want to wear your hair up or left down. Different variations to the bun like pleats, twists and plaits. The crown is a circle of flowers that can be worn with the hair up or down. Bun wraps are circular headpiece It looks best with long thick hair. Tiaras are in diamonds and can be worn with the hair up or down.

Hairstyles you can choose depending on your personality

•Sleek and Blunt

A balanced look is important that match along with your make up and dress. It is also important to match your style according to your face structure. While choosing your Wedding hairstyle you need to ensure your tiara and veil will compliment, there are different wedding hairstyles like the medium wedding hair styles, long wedding hair styles and short wedding hair styles

Medium wedding hair styles: In medium wedding hairstyles we have the following.

1940s Curls wedding hair style: It is the classic 1940s wedding hair style and looks perfect for a formal wedding with 1940s Crystal Themed Wedding.

All On the Sides wedding hair style: It is possible with medium and long hair with loose curls that are teased It would look great for a daytime wedding.

All twist wedding hair style: It is a unique wedding hair style that features twisting hair which is pinned for an elegant updo. Choose a veil that drapes over the hair for the best look.

Child-like Empress wedding hair style: This hair style is to show the features of your face. The wedding dress should be plain and simple.

Crazy Curl wedding hair style: This hair style is of gorgeous spiral curls with a veil and a tiara, this wedding hair style shines.

Curly Pull Back wedding hair style: This hair style is unique and beautiful for any hair type without all the accessories.

Curly Updo wedding hair style: It is a great hairstyle for a formal wedding with a traditional clip veil and tiara.

Elegant Updo wedding hair style: It is different from other hair styles which is a perfect choice for a formal wedding.

Half Updo wedding hair style: Your face has to be seen with this wedding hair style in a elegant half updo any hair accessories will work with this wedding hair style.

Loose French Twist wedding hair style: It is a very popular wedding hair style. An elegant style for any type of wedding is easy to manage throughout the day.

Lovey Locks wedding hair style: With layers of loose locks with a classic veil and a simple wedding dress look great for a spring summer wedding.

Modern Bob wedding hair style: It only takes minutes to style a modern bob with hair clips, flowers, a tiara or veil to add looks.

Red and Curly wedding hair style: The hair style is the color, long bangs and side part in front. It is a perfect wedding hair style for a person with natural curly hair.

Simple Twist Updo wedding hair style: The simple twist updo hair style is a perfect style for a person with straight hair and looks great with pins or clips.

The Whip Updo wedding hair style: This hair style features a French twist in the back and bangs that make a whip twist in the front for a unique and daring look.

Uplift wedding hair style: It is a cute wedding hair style you just have to part hair down the middle and curl up the ends.

Long wedding hair styles: In long wedding hair styles we have the following styles.

All At the Bottom wedding hair style: it is a beautiful southern wedding hair style that fits both a formal and casual wedding perfect for people with straight hair.

All Out Updo wedding hair style: It is a classic beehive wedding hair style which is a unique wedding updo that gives an elegant look.

All Straight wedding hair style: A quick and easy hair style works with or without a veil but should have long hair and bangs to put off look.

All Tight Curls hair style: This tightly curled hair style work perfectly with a tiara and a veil and is great for either a formal or casual wedding

Angel wedding hair style: This wedding hair style is parted on the side and layered back to a loose French twist which looks great as a bun

Beautiful Locks wedding hair style: A lovely head full of draping locks can be easily done and look elegant.

Braid and Bun Updo wedding hair style: The hair in the back is draw up into a simple bun and pinned. And the hair in the front is divided into large strands then braided and placed around the bun and pinned.

Bun Updo wedding hair style: This unique bun updo is a perfect look for a formal wedding .Avoid wearing a veil and use colourful pins

Classic Curls wedding hair style: Lightly twined curls drape the back a great hair style for a backless wedding dress.

Fairytale Princess wedding hair style: Perfect wedding hair style for a Cinderalla themed wedding with a tiara for a formal wedding.

Fall Curls Updo wedding hair style: It is a messy hair style where the long curls can show loose ends.

Nicole Smith wedding hair style: Long hair is transformed into thick wavy hair that really brings out facial features.

Princess wedding hair style: The long hair is curled and parted to the side to give an elegant princess like look for a formal fairytale themed wedding.

Twist and Curls Updo wedding hair style: A wedding hair style that radiates a renaissance feels this is great for a medieval themed wedding.

Wavy Layers wedding hair style: Layered hair that is crimped into waves makes a simple elegant wedding hair style. It gives a classic look for casual wedding.

Short wedding hair styles: In short wedding styles these are the following styles.

Egyptian Princess wedding hair style: It is a hair style that works with both short and medium hair. It features lots of curls that are pined to the top back of the head and flowers are used for decoration.

Small Curls wedding hair style: An elegant style for a vintage wedding theme with just a bunch of loose curls and a few bobby pins

Glamour of hairstyles depends on the shape of a face. Hair is the mirror of our looks. Learn more about the hairstyles that suit your face structure.

An oblong face Or slender face: People with oblong faces have high forehead and long chins, therefore they require haircuts that add width and volume to their hair. Too much hair length will make an oblong face long. Suitable short style includes the Wedge design, while long manes in full styles that falls at, or above the shoulder. Your hair type will also determine the best style. Look for the texture of the hair before you cut it into shape. Best hairstyles for this shape often have width through the jaw line.

A diamond shaped face: Most hairstyles suit people with a diamond shaped face. Avoid all hair styles that leave your forehead completely exposed. Your best look is a rounded shape where there is no hair on your neck and with fullness at the bottom. Wide wispy bangs help to create a oval look for the diamond shaped faces. The classic look for diamond shaped faces is a graduated bob that falls to the chin. Try a wispy design to soften the edges.

A triangular shaped face: People with a triangular shaped face should have shorter hairstyles that balance the prominent jaw line. Avoid full hairstyles that draw attention to the jaw line. Since you have a triangular shaped face, you want to narrow the chin and widen the forehead. Keep your hair away from your face and ear to widen your forehead. You should keep your hair length at least up to your chin. Also if you let your hair loose tuck it behind your ears so that it will help to highlight your eyes. In addition, instead of parting your hair in the center, try parting it off-centre and see the model look you have always loved.

Another trick is to have your hair cut into a v-shape so the length is mainly at the back, whilst the sides and front of your hair are shorter and will fall around your face. For a perfect wedding look it is important to match three things a perfect haircut, right hairstyle that matches your personality and hairdo suitable for your facial structure.

Just like a bridal gown and bridal shoe, Hairstyles play a vital role for giving that perfect bridal look. Today varied bridal hairstyles are being experimented in parlours and salons. The main aim behind such hair arrangements is to give the Indian bride a traditional yet trendy look. While choosing an appropriate hairstyle factors like the type of hair, the face structure, height, persona, wedding dress, etc. The first step for attaining a nice hairstyle is to have an appropriate hair cut. Now even most of them opt for hair colouring. This not only gives a new look but also suits for those having grey hair. Remember while choosing a hair colour take into consideration your complexion and the natural colour of your hair. The fair ones should go for bright colours while those having a dusky completion can opt dark shades such as dark brown, copper etc. Choose sober and matt colours as it suits any look and appears decent for a formal occasion like wedding.

Types of bridal hairstyles:

Long smooth curls: This is perfect for beach weddings. if you have selected an outdoor venue for your wedding this is the best bridal hairstyle. This consists of loose curls covering longer layers of hair.

Loose messy up do: This hairstyle brings your face in focus instantly. For those who love to experiment with different hair dos this could be a perfect choice. However drop this hairstyle if you are planning to wear a veil.

Long hair with curls: This is a simple hairstyle and has a plain mid-part with curls towards the hair end. A tiara will enhance the entire look of this elegant bridal hairstyle.

Short and sassy cut: This is suitable for brides who sport short locks. This gives a stylish look to the hair.

Polished hair up do: This goes well with a tiara and veil. This convenient hairstyle is not very bulky and gives a classy and elegant look.

Bridal side ponytail: This looks very elegant and is also easy to manage. For brides wanting a flashy hair this is a great choice.

Buns: This has been prominent in traditional days. You can select from a variety of styles of bun, depending on the shape of your face and the texture of your hair. Messy buns are very popular nowadays. They are very soft and pretty and leave enough room for creativity with hair pins and ribbons and flowers.

If you have a narrow, oval face then you can choose a bridal hairstyle which will add some volume to your face. If you are short, then a French bun would be a very good choice for you. Use hair accessories, like flowers, ribbons and pins with pretty stones, to make your bridal hairstyle look even more gorgeous. So select the perfect hairstyle and look gorgeous on your wedding day!!!


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