French Braiding Style

French Braids

French braids are an elegant hair style with endless possibilities for unique and creative variations. While most people are familiar with the techniques for traditional hair braiding French plaits often intimidate even experienced braiders. With care and patience, this braiding method is easy and can lead to beautiful styles

How to Weave French Braids

Basic weaving techniques for French styles are not difficult. To create a standard style. Begin with a small, thin ponytail at the top of the head where you wish the braid to begin. Braid the hair in small, even sections, adding slight amounts of hair at each level to the left and right sections of the hair. Scale hair proportions according to the hair’s thickness and the desired thickness of the braid.

That’s all there is to creating french braids, but how you vary your technique can create a wide range of different styles. Adding greater amounts of hair, for example, will create a thicker, chunkier braid, while using slender, delicate amounts of hair will result in a thin, elegant braid. Two braids can be created on either side of the head, and they can be woven together in the tail to create a single braid.

Styles for French Braids

Braids are a versatile hair style, perfect for women of all ages. Young girls can wear a French style regardless of what activities they’re engaged in, and their hair will stay neat and secure. Cheerleaders and other teen girls appreciate the wide range of variations they can create with French variations, and many adult women prefer the style for its practicality while still presenting an elegant and sophisticated appearance. Cornrows and micro braid is a specific type of intricate French style, and many types of braids can be easily accessorized with pins, ponytail holders, clips, and other creative accents.

A simple up do style can be created by turning the tail of the braid beneath the plait and pinning it out of sight, though this works best with shorter braids. Braid ends can also be wrapped around the individual’s head in a crown or horseshoe arrangement, or twisted into compact buns. A more complex styling technique is to create the braid by drawing each strand beneath the overall style rather than using an overhand weaving method. This will create a smoother style against the head while forcing the braid to stand out more distinctly. Regardless of the type of French braids you create, they can be arranged into elegant prom or wedding styles with just a few accents and accessories.

French style braiding is an elegant and exotic alternative to traditional braids with extensive possibilities for styling and personalization. With care and practice, anyone can learn techniques to create fabulous French braids.

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